Interracial dating: the international stats

Black men who are “liked” by Asian women respond more than once in four, while they only meet 16% of black women. These figures were published by the developers of the Facebook app “Are You Interested” from their own users, tells Quartz.

“Are You Interested”, or AYI, is one of those dating apps that, like the recent Tinder, reduces online dragging to its simplest expression: users just have to “like” or “like” pass “photos of other members, and have the opportunity to respond to the” Yes “(the” I like “AYI) addressed to them. Of course, the first interactions are exclusively based on appearance, members can only choose from physical criteria.

DateAsian Women
Monthly Visits: 5.50 M
User Raiting: 4.8
Monthly Visits: 1.60 M
User Raiting: 4.7
Monthly Visits: 1.80 M
User Raiting: 4.65
Monthly Visits: 2.80 M
User Raiting: 4.5

And by analyzing 2.4 million “likes” or “AYI” between men and women for 2 months, AYI discovered that “unsurprisingly, most of the “yes” remain unanswered, but there are reasons recurring”
“Unfortunately, the data reveal winners and losers. All men except Asians prefer Asian women, while all women, except black, prefer white men. And black persons, both men, and women have the lowest response rates for their respective genders. What is perhaps most surprising is that among men, all ethnic groups prefer an ethnic group different from theirs.”

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Quartz’s article states that “two-thirds of AYI users are over 35, according to a spokesperson.” In 2009, the very popular OKCupid dating site (more sophisticated than IAYI) had conducted, via its blog OKTrends, a similar study of its own users, which it aptly describes, “according to [their] own measurements. As “better educated, younger and more progressive than normal”. Although the two sites do not converge on all the points, we note that as on AYI, the white men have more answers, the blacks receive the least and the men, all ethnicities mixed, prefer the mixed relations. OKStats drew a pessimistic conclusion:

“We’ve analyzed the email trends of more than a million members and are about to prove that, despite what you may have heard from the Obama campaign or organic cereal boxes, racism is alive and well and in good health.”

More recently, at the beginning of November, another similar study of OKCupid users was released: Time noted that “minority groups (those who identify with OKCupid as black, Hispanic, Indian or Asian) were more likely to remain in their own ethnic group in their search for online partners. For sociologist Kevin Lewis of the University of California, author of the study, users of dating sites do “preventative discrimination”: they “avoid those from a different ethnicity, because they think that these people will not be interested. ” Although the study also shows an increase in “inter-racial” messages after the first exchange between two contacts of different ethnic groups, the discussions remain segregated overall, as noted by USA Today: “this inter-ethnic interest does not last long – just one week – before users return to their mono-ethnic preferences.

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Do Asian girls prefer white men?

There are a lot of white guys who have slightly distorted ideas about what Japan is and about what “Asian girls” are, so I’d like to get some clarity. Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion on the part of those who do not know any Asian girl or worse yet they only know 1 or 2. In this article, I would like to analyze some aspects of the “foreigner in Japan” even if it is obviously such a vast and abstract topic that it is impossible to analyze in depth.

To understand the situation, it is necessary to go back to 1998 when short stories in very interesting comics were published in the magazine Alien (now called Japanzine). The protagonist is Charisma Man, a Canadian man who in his native country is considered a loser while on his arrival in Japan is transformed and becomes very popular among women. This story has a shred of truth (and perhaps more than a bit) but stays with your feet on the ground.

The most stupid mistake a foreigner can make in Japan is to think of “Asian girls” as a single entity. In reality, you cannot generalize thinking that all foreigners like, as you cannot think that all Japanese eat sushi or that all Italians eat pizza.

So eliminate from your mind any generalization and focus on individuals, not on stereotypes, otherwise, the mistake you make is similar to that of considering that “all dogs are good” and then get bitten by an angry pit bull and lose a hand.

I met various foreigners for whom in Asia actually has “sold out periods”, with a lot of contacts from girls who want to go out with them. They are people who in their country of origin would not have all this success. I know it is hard to believe in but it’s really like that. At the same time, there are perhaps even more interesting people who do not find any.
It is said, and I repeat “it is said” that some Asians do not pay much attention to girls and are sometimes a bit cold. They are not my words but they are words heard many times by many people (men and women), and it is said that foreigners manage to be more romantic. The only sure thing is that “the tourist is not ashamed”, as an ancient Japanese proverb says, so the foreigner in Asia can perhaps try to have more romantic (but also more direct) behavior than he would have in his country of origin.

In my opinion, however, it is not at all true that the Asian are not very romantic, indeed! I have the impression that Asia is full of places and activities where you can bring your own half to spend a few hours together: gardens and parks, theme cafes, special restaurants, karaoke, love hotels, etc. in short, the possibilities to spend the time I think are much more varied than there are in Italy and an Asian could know better than a foreigner for this reason, in my opinion, maybe in ways could be colder but with regard to the possibilities to spend the time are far ahead of us.

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The mutual attraction between Asian women and Western men

Dr. Ed Morrison, a professor of developmental psychology at Portsmouth University, argues that the most popular theory for partner selection is “optimized outbreeding” – really that “the best partner is one similar to you, but not too similar.” Usually, we choose a partner of the same race, but we avoid our blood relatives so as not to incur the risk of genetic mutations in the offspring.
It makes sense that white men can be attracted to Asian women because they are sufficiently different on a genetic level. But other elements come into play, especially in the case of men attracted exclusively by Asian women. According to Morrison, “Even in multicultural societies, it is easier for unions to take place within the same race.”

If the “yellow fever” does not depend only on biological issues, where does it come from? As in all the great mysteries of human behavior, there is another ingredient that comes into play. And that ingredient is obviously culture.

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