By allowing us to better understand the distinctions between extraversion and introversion, Carl G. Jung invites us to overcome prejudices in order to awaken to the complementarity of these two forms of attitudes in our society and in the workplace. Extraversion and introversion are attitudes describing how we come into contact with the world. The attempt to classify human beings into types has a long history. Carl G. Jung’s contribution to a description of the psychological types presents a rich understanding of our functioning.

Two attitudes towards the world

Very often, each type underestimates the other, seeing the negative aspect rather than the positive qualities of the opposite attitude. This causes eternal misunderstandings, polarized values, and very different lifestyles. Balanced behavior would include extraversion and introversion evenly, but more frequently one attitude is widely expressed while the other remains unconscious. It should be noted, however, that no one lives exclusively in one or the other mode. A man who is usually calm and reserved, that is, introverted, may show considerable enthusiasm for something that really interests him, but the impact in his environment will be very different from the extrovert type.

1 - Things To Know When Dating An Introvert

One distinguishes the difference of attitude very early in childhood. Extroverted children and other introverts can be found within the same family, which is sometimes difficult for the latter, who tend to be obliterated by the sociability of the extroverted brothers and sisters. The first brand of extraversion in a child is his rapid adaptation to his environment. The extroverted child tends to develop rapidly because he is less cautious. He risks more, tries to make a good impression and all that is unknown seems to seduce him. It is often the type of child popular with parents or teachers. The introverted child is shy and hesitant. He likes less new situations and prefers to play alone and have only one or a few friends. This attitude sometimes worries parents. Introverted children are more reflective and their imagination is rich. They need time to develop their qualities and feel comfortable in the world.

The extroverted adult is sociable and is interested in a variety of topics. He likes meetings, parties. Usually active, he likes to take care of business and social life. Extroverted intellectuals have similar qualities and give the best of themselves by working as a team or passing on their knowledge in any way. Their good relationship with the world allows them to do it effectively and energetically. Extroverts are usually more optimistic and enthusiastic, although their manifestations may be rather ephemeral. It is the same, sometimes, of their relations. The weak point of extroverts is a tendency to superficiality. Also, not liking loneliness, they think that reflection or introspection is rather difficult and sometimes lacking in relation to themselves.

2 - Things To Know When Dating An Introvert

Conversely, the introverted adult is more withdrawn and discreet. With a preference for reflection, it has a good concentration ability. Less comfortable in society, he can be reluctant in terms of relationships, which is often misinterpreted by his environment. Since the best of his energy is directed towards the inner life, he will tend to be very conscientious, critical and will keep hidden his best qualities, which can make him misunderstood by others. Not investing his energy to impress others or to disperse in a multitude of activities, he often possesses uncommon knowledge and more easily develops his gifts, far beyond extroverts. Introverts offer the best of themselves in solitude or in a small group. Their own judgment is more important to them than a generally accepted opinion. An introvert will repel a popular book and deprecate anything that is widely applauded. Its lack of conformity may be relevant when it is invested in the benefit of creations, designs, for example. Despite their lack of ease in society, they are loyal friends, friendly and easily develop their ability to empathize.

10 Tips For Dating An Introvert

People who are introverted are reserved and steered much more by their own perceptions than external events. Something that can cause them to be perceived as emotional, but actually they have a strong emotional life. Something that can be very good to think about if you as an extrovert date an introvert. What is different is that introverts collect energy by being alone, while extroverts do so by socializing with others. There are ten things that are really good to think about if you date or are with an introvert.

1. Don’t worry about wanting to be alone

It’s not personal. It doesn’t have anything to do with you. She is not angry, she does not hold anything and does not need to “talk about it”. She just needs to recover and when she is back, she can be with you 100 percent. If you give her space, you will both win in the end.

2. Don’t talk – encourage more in-depth discussions

Small talk is really not an introvert’s strong side. However, deep discussions on meaningful topics are much easier for an introvert to engage in. They can both talk on, and listen properly.

3. Don’t try to change them

CM Dimen: “Just let your introvert partner be yourself. Understand that our personalities are different and that we have our own ways of loving.”

3 - Things To Know When Dating An Introvert

4. Help get out of their “shell”

Although introverts can complain and whine a little, it is good to have them go home. It balances the relationship between intro- and extroverts.

5. Embrace silence

It’s okay not to talk all the time. And sometimes the best intimacy is just to be together in comfortable silence – whether you are chatting with one another or lying in separate directions.

6. Be patient

“I may seem serious first, but once I am comfortable around you I will open up and show off my nonsense and ridiculous side.” – says an introvert I know. “I’m really a friendly, odd person who wants long friendship and a boyfriend, but I need to be invited to participate in a discussion or an event because otherwise I feel annoyed or intrusive.”

7. Understand their needs

Understand that introverts need to calm down and relax after a long day. Most are tired after a long day at work, but introverts need special silence and time to reload. Give your partner 15-30 minutes to recover before you talk about how the day has been.

8. Do not point out that they are silent

Do not point out how silent an introvert is – they already know it. If they want to talk, they will.

9. They need more quiet evenings

An introvert needs more home nights in front of the TV than club nights. Don’t challenge your partner’s need to spend a few nights at home by pointing out that” normal people “go out on weekends.”

4 - Things To Know When Dating An Introvert

10. They are happy to gather their thoughts

Introverts are happy to gather their thoughts before they think out loud. If a new topic or conflict arises, it is easy for the introvert to not participate as much as you do. Introverts would like to have some time to reflect – only then do you get the conversation you want.

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