About VietnamCupid Dating Site

VietnamCupid dating service is oriented for singles all over Vietnam and outside its borders. It connects more than 800,000 members who are currently looking for lifelong love. 

What is the service for?

The service helps Vietnamese singles who are busy every day, find their love online. It is fast, simple, and saves time and money.

Who is using the service?

Vietnamese singles are gathered in one place which is called VietnamCupid. Today people, who are very busy at work and have no time for surfing the bars, can go online and build long-term reliable relationships.

Site Description, ease of use

The design of the website looks modern and convenient. It is easy to find the necessary information or start looking for a potential life partner. The site is well structured. It grants users an opportunity to navigate fast and conveniently. The introductory video makes the first steps more comfortable and positive. To start the experience, you have to create a profile, browse photos and initiate communication. It is easy and convenient. 

How to register

Registration process won’t take a while unless you don’t spend hours choosing the right photos for your profile. Making a little story about yourself helps potential life partners get a better impression of your personality and start communicating with you. The website offers to join via Facebook which makes the process much easier and faster. The account needs no verification meaning you can start looking for profiles right after signing up. It is necessary to complete the profile to access all the benefits of the dating website. 

How to use

Register, browse photos and start communicating. The rules of the website are simple. Once your account is completed you can choose a partner using filtering and initiate communication. Usage of the site is convenient because of user-friendly design and filtering options. It brings a client to best experience with fewer efforts. 

Navigation site

The design of the website assists clients in finding the right spouse. Once registered there are filtering options on the left and a list of accounts on the right. Popular search can grant you with an exclusive selection of profiles such as latest photos, most popular, new members, and personal matching. The website is adoptive which makes it easy to use on the phone or tablet. 


Filtering profiles os the second step after registration. More than 800,000 singles are looking for spouses meaning filtering option is more than necessary. It allows finding partners with a certain age in a particular location. Unfortunately, there is no filtering by the color of eyes or hair. 

How to pay

There are different types of membership which grant users with different level of access. The most popular one is a three-month membership for $51.99 that that helps to save 33% of the monthly cost. 


Standard, gold, and platinum memberships have various benefits. Gold offers live chat, no ads and incognito mode; platinum has advanced search options, special VIP sign on the profile, and other privileges. Every type of profile has gifts or flowers option. 

Payment systems

The service offers a wide range of payment options including Skrill and PayPal. You can also pay your membership with a regular credit or debit card. It is safe, convenient and needs no additional activities. 

Girls Profiles on VietnamCupid

Vietnamese girls from all over the world are registered on the website. There are not only profiles from Vietnam, but also from the USA, Germany, and other parts of the world. If you are a foreigner it is a good option to find people from your country for building relationships. 

User Region

Filtering can help to choose a particular region and find partners there. VietnamCupid has collected singles from around the world. With filtering clients can find singles in any country or set the distance in kilometers and look how many single people are there nearby. 

Sexual orientation

VietnamCupid is oriented on the people with traditional sexual orientation. There is no sight of choosing a type of relationship during the registration process.

Possibilities of filling and correspondence

Once a new client has created an account, have downloaded photos or have connected the profile with Facebook which saves much time, it is time to start communication. There are a few options. Live chat requires both of the partners to be online, mail which can be sent and read anytime, and video chat which provides the highest level of engagement. Choose the one that matches your needs and start your experience. It is not recommended to start with video chat, trying mail or live chat is more appropriate.

User Security

There is no verification process during the registration. It takes a few minutes and grants access to the profiles right after it. No need to verify email address or to wait until a customer support checks the profile manually. It might be a warning sign.


VietnamCupid seems to be a safe place for users, but the appearance of scammers is not excluded. The website encourages all the clients to keep the privacy policy and not violate any rules. The safety depends on the clients and their responsibility. 

Anti Scam

The billing system filters users with non-appropriate intentions from interacting with those who are looking for love and serious relationships. Anti-scam policy of the website keeps the clients save, but warns that there is always a chance for delusion. Do not share any personal information including credit card details via private messaging. 

Advantages and disadvantages of using service

VietnamCupid is created to connect hearts, and this is the best purpose of the service. Although there are improvements to be made.


VietnamCupid is designed to make the internet a better place. Singles all over the world can find spouses and start making family due to the account on the web page. It is a perfect decision for those people, who are concentrated on career and have no time for sitting in a bar waiting until something happens. 


The website can implement better safety measures such as membership approving procedure, email verification, and other safety precaution.

Short description

VietnamCupid is an extensive network of singles from Vietnam located all over the world. People can find partners using filters and start building trustful relationships within a few clicks. Today family can be created that simple.