VictoriaMilan provides a confidential online environment for people who would like to have a friendly affair, one-night stand, or long-lasting relationships. It is anonymous. Here you can find relationships with the notes of a secret affair. If you prefer piquant emotions, it would be reasonable trying the service.

About Dating Site

There are only a few VictoriaMilan reviews. On the one hand, it is not a good sign for the service and creates an impression that there are a few registered users who have never succeeded in finding an affair. On the other hand, who would publicly tell about a secret affair on a piquant dating service?

What is the service for?

VictoriaMilan is made for new emotions and experiences that can only be freely expressed anonymously. Here people express their secret desires freely.

For whom service?

VictoriaMilan dating site is created for married or attached people who want to spice things up. Sometimes it works perfectly when a person has an innocent online affair and in the middle of it acknowledges how happily he or she is married. There is another situation when an online affair helps to acknowledge that the marriage is not successful and it is the right time to do something about it.

Site Description, ease of use reveals the passion and reminds people about their desires that can lead to an endless course of pleasure. The website is simple. The main rule is to keep things confidential and tell no-one about the affair. It is not recommended to post real pictures or reveal a real name. Playing the game requires some efforts. Keeping it confidential and private are the main principles.

How to register

When creating an account it is not recommended to use real name and email address. Create another email for this service and make it unique. No identifying photos, no names, locations, or address. The main aim is to feel yourself like a spy. There is an important issue to pay attention to while creating an account – you agree to join the VictoriaMilan VIP club for free and, what is more confusing, you agree to receive a cash gift at VictoriaMilan Casino. It is not recommended to check the second checkbox when creating the account. Skip additional services and websites like a casino.

How to use

After registering, you can find the list of ladies or men who came here the same reason you did. Some of them are curious, others are looking for a fling. Find a person you are interested in by using filters and start your secret conversation. You can choose the type of affair you are interested in right after the registration. The following options are accessible:

  • Something short term
  • Something long term
  • Erotic Chat
  • Whatever excites me
  • Just curious and looking

Choose your option and start your adventure. To access the website it is necessary to confirm your email address.

Navigation site

There is convenient navigation on the website. The best and the wittiest option on the service is the button “panic” which is located on every page of the website. You can find it on the right bottom corner in red. By clicking the button the service immediately redirects you to youtube. The developers of the website have not only witty minds, but also care about the ‘security’ of the members. The website is convenient and user-friendly. You can find messages on the right, feed in the middle, and all the other features on the left.


Go to search to access the filtering options. Here you can choose the location, age, and photos. To have more filtering options, go to advanced search and add more filters. Adding filters is free. Here you can find:

  1. Appearance
  2. Status
  3. Orientation
  4. Body type
  5. Looks
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Unhealthy habits
  8. Beard
  9. Other

In other words, it is possible to find any type of person with or without bad habits that live in your area.

How to pay

To buy premium, go to the left bottom corner and find ‘get premium’ next to your username. Here you will find all the options for a premium account and all the advantages of using premium. The most important advantage is the ability to chat with other. Choose the package and proceed to the payment page.


The advantages of premium account don’t limit to writing messages. You can view your visits and flirts as well. For additional credits, it is possible to send gifts.

  • Three-month cost $60
  • Half a year plan costs $90
  • The one-year premium account costs $120

Payment systems

The payment process is certified by:

  • DigiCert EV SSL
  • TRUSTe

It is possible; to pay with VISA, MasterCard, Discover Network, and American Express.

Girls Profiles on VictoriaMilan

In spite of the secret affair service, ladies post their real photos. Some of them are private and available only with a premium account. Premium users can request access to private photos and only after that view them if approved. Every lady has plenty of information on the profile. The photos look real. There are no messages right after the registration in your inbox meaning most of the members of the service are real people.

User Region

The service is available not in every country. It is oriented to Europe. However, after the registration, you can find many Slavic ladies there.

Sexual orientation

VictoriaMilan doesn’t have any limits on sexual orientation. You can filter people you like and experiment with both genders. You are here to free your best desires.

Possibilities of filling and correspondence

There is only one option to communicate – via live chat. No video chat and no camera share available here.

User Security

The administration of the website is monitoring the activity and ban members who violate Terms of Usage. It is possible to report abuse if you experience insufficient behavior.


Safety of the service is regulated by various systems and my the staff of the dating service. They are looking through the content the members are posting under their account and ban insufficient media. Safety refers to your personal data, credentials and payment details. Do not share any personal details via private messages such as name, surname, credit card details, and other.

Anti Scam

Scam accounts behave suspiciously and often ix information. There is a technique that helps to recognize a scam account – it is necessary to ask specific questions of the part of a person like What what the name of your first pet, how did your father proposed to your mother and make notes. After a while, it is necessary to ask a question referring to this information. If a person reacts quickly and understands what are you talking about, then everything is fine, if not – you are chatting with a scammer.

Advantages and disadvantages of using the service

VictoriaMilan has plenty of advantages and a few disadvantages.


  • Administrators monitor activity and check uploaded media content
  • There is a “panic” button
  • The accounts are detailed


  • No video chat for international affairs
  • Works only in Europe, the UK, and the US

Short description

VictoriaMilan web service is worth try gin if you re looking for piquant emotions and new online secret affairs.