About Victoria Hearts Dating Site

The service has three main principles: absolute safety, high quality, and friendly support team. The principles seem to be noble, but still, every client hopes never to talk to the support team when using the dating website. 

What is VictoriaHearts for?

The service, like many other dating services, is oriented to looking at love. It supposedly has a community of singles who have already determined that they are ready to have a family based on love.

Who is using the service?

VictoriaHearts are created for singles around the world where there are no borders between countries and cultures.

Site Description, ease of use

The main page of VictoriaHearts is impressively pretty, responsive and well designed. The photograph of a happy couple hives hope, but the photos of user profiles seem to be too professional at first glance. It is oriented on Lon term online relationship with no borders. The principles state that the members of the service believe in love beyond any limits and distance, which means there is no particular location orientation of the service. Love exists outside any borders according to the team of VictoriaHearts.

How to register

The registration form is located on the homepage o the website and includes only a few fields. It offers visitors to join for free. There is no option to merge your VictoriaHearts profile with other social networks. Visitors who want to become clients should spend a while filling the profile questionnaire. Another issue is markable. Clients have to disable AdBlock before reaching any content of the service.

How to use

The first step of the registration form offers you to choose the type of relationships you are looking for. There are online flirting, marriage, panfried, online friendship, women who are good with kids, long-term relationships (yes, it is different from marriage), and casual relationships. I look like the team of VictoriaHearts.com believes that love exists everywhere, including casual relationships. However, clients can choose one, a few options, or skip the step.

How to navigate VictoriaHearts

The website is user-friendly and intuitive. It is easy to register, no need to upload photos to use the site if you haven’t decided yet.


Filtering helps to find the best match. However, despite the list of countries, most profiles, more than 1600, are from Ukraine.

How to pay

There is an option to buy credits on the upper right corner to have a live chat and video options. Sending gifts requires credits as well. 20 credits cost $10.


Credits are used to receive additional benefits. However, there is no pricing of what can be done with 20 credits on the website. 

Payment systems

Only one Credit Card payment method is available.

Girls Profiles on VictoriaHearts

VictoriaHearts seems to have only Ukrainian girls. The photos are professional and look very attractive. There is always someone online to chat with. Ukrainian girls are known for their outstanding handmaids’ skills and family traditions. If you are looking for a reliable loving wife, it is a perfect option. However, moving from Ukraine to another country may cost a considerable amount.

User Region

Though the website offers only Ukrainian user, it positions the service as ‘online love’. For people, who have serious intentions, who want to create a family and fins a loving life spouse, online love is not a sufficient option. Before starting the correspondence, keep in mind that you might have to go to Ukraine to meet your beloved person. 

Sexual orientation

The registration process doesn’t allow choosing sexual orientation. It is oriented only on traditional couples.

Possibilities of filling and correspondence

If a user has no credits and tries to type a message, he or she is redirected to a payment page. It seems to be impossible to have any type of conversation without having credits. It helps to save the service from spam and scam. When receiving a message, a user already knows that a chat initiator has paid for it which grants additional safety. However, after the registration, a user gets around 20 messages in a few hours and continue continually receiving messages. One email costs 30 credits, which is $15. 

User Security

The website has ‘risks notice’ and ‘safety tips’. It warns users not to send money, to ignore requests to reveal payment details or send money. The service provides full confidence when using a service. There are no verification processes which last more than 24 hours. Information like credit card details is stored safely and is not revealed to any third parties.


Ignoring any requests from users which include money transfer, sending gifts, and others will grant you with an appropriate level of safety. The service is working on preventing clients from scam and fraud accounts who are using the service for personal benefits.

Anti Scam

According to the safety tips, the mission of VictoriaHearts is to help people build strong loving relationships build on trust, respect, and love. The aim of the web service on online dating is to help people overcome their fears and borders on creating families. There is no place for scammers. 

Advantages and disadvantages of using service

There are pros and cons in using VictoriaHearts online dating service website.


Once you are registered, you will definitely find a person to chat with. Every new client receives plenty of messages from other accounts. Despite the high prices for chatting, it may become a motivation to pick only a few persons and chat with them constantly. The service cares about safety and prevents it from fraud or scam. The website is responsive, user-friendly and well designed, which motivates for using it. 


Receiving plenty of messaging after a few hours of registration may seem to be suspicious. The mailing price is high, so you have to think twice before sending an email. Most accounts are registered in Ukraine, so you have to be ready for that as well. 

Is VictoriaHearts real? 

VictoriaHearts have a definite mission of connecting hearts from different parts of the world. It is oriented toward loving, caring, respectful and safe life relationships. As you can also read in other victoria hearts reviews, high prices may serve as a filter for scammers and those who want to benefit from love seekers. There are chat, video chat and mailing options for registers user. The registration process takes less than 10 minutes and is built conveniently to provide new clients with a better experience. The website itself is comfortable and user-friendly.