About SharekAlomre Dating Site

There is a special Muslim community SharekAlomre that helps to connect the hearts of Muslim people.

What is the service for?

SharekAlomre makes it easier and more convenient to find love. There is no more need to look for a husband or five elsewhere but the internet.

For whom service?

The website is designed exclusively for the Muslim community who are seeking to find love and not just husband or wife.

Site Description, ease of use

SharekAlomre helps young single Muslim people find the person they truly love to create a traditional family, raise children, and be happy for the best of the lives. No more spouses picked by parents or relatives. The service helps to create own happiness and find the true soulmate.

How to register

Users can browse the site without registering and look through profiles. However, the account is necessary to start communication. The registration process is simple and takes up to half an hour. It is necessary to describe yourself by writing a short story of your personality. Nest step is describing the perfect husband or wife. Here you can state everything you have ever dreamed about: sporty, music fun, traveling lover, photo maniac, gamer, or any other information. It is better to spend the life with someone who shares your passion, isn’t it? The last stage is uploading photos. It may take a while to decide which photo matches the bets to your presentation.

Navigation site

After the registered users can see profiles of people who are looking for a husband or wife as well as you do. You can choose some of them and write a message or an email. Messaging is free of charge only for ten first chats. There is a search option for better matching. In the upper right corner it is possible to change, add or delete information or photos to your personal account.


Search option on the top of the result window helps to filter users by age, hobbies, and interests. It is also possible to find out who is online right now and to place them on the top of the result.

How to pay

If you would like to talk to the person you have chosen, it is necessary to buy credits. For $2,99 you can buy 20 credits and write ten messages or live chats if they last less than three minutes. To buy credits is it necessary to provide credit card details to the personal cabinet. Once provided, the monthly fee of $9,99 will be charged automatically every month. It is possible to cancel the subscription. The first month is free.


Credits are needed to pay for that on the website. If you are a member (if you pay $9,99 every month) then you have 10 free chats online which last less than three minutes, each email costs 10 credits no matter is it incoming or outgoing. Video chat costs 4 credits per minute if only one camera is activated, and 6 credits per minute are both webcams are on. The prices for credits are as follows:

  1. 20 credits cost $15,99
  2. 160 credits cost $96
  3. 1000 credits cost $399

If you decide not to pay a monthly $9,99 fee, all the prices are twice as high as stated above.

Payment systems

SharekAlomre accepts most types of credit and debit cards. If for any reason you can’t upload credit card details, or want to use an alternative payment method, contact support representative for an online consultation.

Members Profiles on SharekAlomre

Members of the website share their personal information with the other users for finding the best match as soon as possible. Under personal account, it is possible to write a story about yourself and a description of your potential husband or wife. The more details you provide the better chances you have for creating a strong family. Profiles have plenty of photos. There are interests and hobbies, status, and other information. The best option to get familiar with the potential life partner is to talk to him or her or to organize a video chat.

User Region

Muslim people all over the world register here to create a strong and trustworthy dating community. It doesn’t matter what country do you live in, the service has no borders but as the same idea, values, traditions, and aim. People come here to find a loving soulmate to share the passion, hobbies, interests, and other privileges of marriage and happy life together.

Sexual orientation

SharekAlomre supports traditional Muslim families.

Possibilities of filling and correspondence

On SharekAlomre it is possible to share instant messages, long emails and enjoy video chat communication. Video chat is the fastest and the most convenient method to get familiar with your potential husband or wife. You can see the appearance in real life, mimics and gestures, hear the voice and recognize the secret language of love. If you would like to surprise the person you like, you can send flowers or a gift.

User Security

By sharing personal information during the registration process you acknowledge that everyone on the website can see and share this information. In rare cases it is possible to download certain personal data provided by you during the registration. All the information is stored securely.


SharekAlomre west is safe to use, have no viruses and doesn’t run any additionally hidden plugins on the background. To make sure that your experience is safe, install an antivirus program, don’t use public WiFi for communication and making purchases, and make sure your internet connection is safe. If you are still concerned about the safety, use VPN to have additional protection.

Anti Scam

In spite of the paid services, there are accounts who have harmful intentions. They can steal your personal data, demand to share or sell your password, or even ask to send money. Don’t answer this message and report the user the support representative. It is necessary to bun scum accounts.

Advantages and disadvantages of using service

SharekAlomre is a positive service for those who are looking not only for a Muslim marriage but soulmate and friend as well.


  • It is convenient to use
  • It is easy to register and find people you are interested in
  • The service is safe
  • It is one of the biggest community of Muslim singles who are looking for love


SharekAlomre is expensive in comparison to other dating services. On the other hand, it is a barrier for those people who don’t have serious intentions.

Short description

SharekAlomre has created a community of Muslims that are looking not only for husbands or wives, but also for soulmates, friends, lovers, and live spouses. The site is convenient and easy to navigate. Many people have already found their love.