About RomanceTale Dating Site

RomanceTale is designed by professionals for other professionals who selling love.

What is the service for?

RomanceTale is one of the most trustful and secure services today.

For whom service?

The website is made for people with serious intentions, strong desire to build fulfilled relationships, and for those, who believe, that modern technologies can help in personal life.

Site Description, ease of use

RomanceTale has a convenient ant trustful homepage which welcomes new visitors with a registration form. The service has plenty of information about the website, who they are, what are they doing and why. Here new visitors can find testimonials which encourage new users for creating an account.

How to register

Registration process starts with the verification of the email. It takes time for the members of the site to approve every new registration. They check data to provide members with a safe environment and protect from scammers. After the verification, it is necessary to fill in the personal details, photos, and other information. Once the account is created, new users can start finding love. It is recommended to find the best photos of you which are not professional but live and hones, which represent personality. The service doesn’t require professional photos but homemade videos to share the voice, a manner of speaking, and other decisive fo love elements.

Navigation site

After your account is verified, it is time to start finding love. The process is simple with such a convenient navigation system. In your personal account you will see the list of candidates who you can see, but not chat. Fro chatting, viewing videos and additional media it is necessary to buy credits.


Filtering option is accessible under a personal account. It is possible to set up desired appearance, religions lever of English, come, occupation and many other. With the option of finding love experience becoming much faster. It is created for those who appreciate a few spare minutes of their Time to look through best matches and choose a few of them to communicate. The modern world has a modern tempo.

How to pay

There is a system that requires buying credits is implemented on the webpage. Credits are not real money and can be used only for buying services on RomanceTale. They include:

  • Live chat with a partner
  • Sending various gifts
  • Video chat
  • Emails
  • Media sharing

The service proceeds through the step-by-step instruction on how to pay for the credits. It is mentioned that the payment procedure is secure.


All the purchases onto the website can be made only with credits. It is an internal currency that has nothing in common with real money. It is not possible to buy anything for those credits outside RomanceTale. It is not a real currency or cryptocurrency. Purchases can be made only on dating websites among the offered options.

Payment systems

RomanceTale accepts Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards. The system is verified by SecureCode and safe encryption.

Members Profiles on Elite Singles

Members, new or existing ones, of the service, has plenty of options to share personal and stand out. There are personal media files which can include video, short description written personally, photos, and information requested by the site like age, appearance, and other. The more details members share, the more chances they have for finding love. A video is the most efficient way to share information. It can be decisive in most cases because it gives plenty of information about voice, gestures, intonations, and others.

User Region

The service is created for worldwide usage. Personal account filtering options allow finding the best match in the nearest cities. However, it is not a secret for many couples that distance does not prevent spouses from loving and caring relationships.

Sexual orientation

The service supports diversity and people with all sexual preferences will find a couple here.

Possibilities of filling and correspondence

Video chat, live chat, email, sending flowers and gifts, all these methods of communication are available for registered and approved members. The mobile application keeps the flow of messages active, and you will never miss anything from your potential spouse. It is convenient to chat on public transport, on a taxi, subway, pro buss, when having a lunch or coffee break. I’ve to chat via private messaging can appear involving.

User Security

The homepage of the service shows that RomanceTale is certified and secure. No personal data is transferred to third parties. The encryption methods are used for payment as well as for personal details. The service is McAfee secure, has an SSL medal, Norton verification website, PCI DSS certificate, MasterCard and Visa approved.


RomanceTale is one of the safest websites because every new profile is manually checked and verifies, every suspicious activity is banned, and every attempt to share personal details is banned. It makes the user not only secure but also safe. There are no ads or viruses. More information is stated in the Privacy policy.

Anti Scam

The manual verification of every new profile on the website is the best evidence of anti-scam policy on the service. The staff members care about a healthy and safe audience with serious intentions for love and relationships. It is not recommended to share contact details, second name, address, plans, and other private information via private messages.

Advantages and disadvantages of using service

RomanceTale is a dating service with pros and cons like any other, however list of pros os considerably longer.


  • It provides certified safe environment for communication
  • It has convenient filtering options
  • It has a mobile applicate
  • It supports diversity
  • It allows finding a life partner within the shortest period


RomanceTale has a credit system which is complicated and not always understandable.

Short description

RomanceTale is a safe and secure place to find your match somewhere in the world or nearby. Modern world dictates strict rules to follow one of which is to take any effort for finding love without wasting five, ten, or twenty years of life. Online dating is a choice of modern people. RomanceTale is a safe and convenient representative of the services.