About LoveSwans Dating Site

LoveSwans looks like a modern service for modern people. It is stylish, well designed, and impressive at first sight.

What is LoveSwans for?

LoveSwans is treated to give people another chance to find their love.

For whom service?

LoveSwans is for those, who have tried to find a spouse in real life but failed and want to give it a second try. The service is for those, who appreciate time and efforts.

Site Description, ease of use

LoveSwans has a pleasant interface, modern design, and high-quality and convincing content. The service has a registration form, the general rules and regulations, the idea of the site, and everything needed to start searching for a candidate for long-lasting relationships.

How to register

Every page has a ‘contact us’ form so you can use it any time to ask questions. The registration process has a few stages:

  • Registration
  • Moderation
  • Information about yourself
  • Adding photos
  • Read to go.

The process needs manual moderation because they are trying to create a safe environment and accept only loyal members with serious intentions. Scammers will not pass this stage. The service doesn’t require professional photos, but encourage users to upload videos to give potential partners better sights on your voice, gestures, and intonations. All these elements can be decisive in love affairs.

Navigation site

Due to the stylish design, LoveSwans is easy and pleasant to use. The service is understandable; everything needed for successful experience can be found on the homepage and during the registration. It is recommended to read Privacy Policy and another document called Risk Notice, which includes informative content for the safe and appropriate experience.


Looking for spouse among thousands of other accounts can appear exhausting. That is why filters help to find the best match faster and more efficient. The list of filtered candidates is generated according to the taste and desires of a client. For example, it is convenient to sort the only person who lives nearly only 30-34 years old, or people with non- traditional sexual orientation.

How to pay

Like many other similar services, Love Swans has free and paid options. Members can register for free, get approved, and upload personal information. However, chat, watching videos, sending emails, and other privileges are paid. It is another stage of protecting the environment from scam accounts with inappropriate intentions. The payment system is convenient and secure.


The service has a credit system, which you can buy on the website under your account. Credits can be used to:

  • Send virtual gifts
  • Share contact information
  • Send flowers
  • View videos and other personal media
  • Chat online
  • Read and receive emails

Payment systems

The service accepts most common credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. If there is no convenient method to buy credits, contact customer support.

Members Profiles on Love Swans

Members of the service are motivated singles who are selling for love. All of them have tried in real life and failed. According to the policy of the service, they believe, that online dating is a modern and efficient method for building relationships, especially when people have no time and efforts for this. Today in the busy world there is no time for a trustful and honored relationship. Profiles of the members contain much useful information and, what is more important, videos which give the first impressions about a candidate.

User Region

There is not a single mention of the region of the service. It means that online dating service has no borders and connects people all around the world. With filtering, it is possible to find people who are located nearby.

Sexual orientation

During the registration, it is possible to choose who are you and who are you looking for. It is possible to state that you are a woman looking for a woman and the same option for men.

Possibilities of filling and correspondence

There are a few options for communication. If you like your potential spouse, you can send a gift or flowers via the website. The service offers video chat communication which is the best way to discover the partner. Mobile application helps to stay connected every time. Live chat can be involved, but with a mobile app, it is possible to talk the whole day long.

User Security

According to the Privacy Policy, user security is one of the most important values of LoveSwans. Every new registration is checked personally, and every suspicious activity is banned. No personal data shared with third parties. The information is safely protected from any possible leaks. However, it is always recommended to take care of personal safety.


LoveSwans provides a site that is safe to use. The payment procedure is protected, service contains no viruses, but however, it is necessary to always keep an eye on what to share and what not to share. It is not recommended to use pubs WiFi to proceed payment or upload any personal details on the site.

Anti Scam

Personal verification process paid services and details int eh account helps to protect the environment again scam and fraud users. People with negative intentions can be found everywhere, therefore, do not send any personal details, like a surname, address, email, phone number, or credit card detail via private messages of the system. Any request for this information should be reported.

Advantages and disadvantages of using service

Love Swans is a well designed and trustful service which has its pros and cons.


  • The service makes a positive impression a first sight. It is:
  • Well designed
  • Trustfull
  • Full of high-quality content
  • Service with a manual verification process
  • Rich filtering options
  • A collection of singles with serious intentions all over the world


Love Swans is a paid service where you have to buy credits to enjoy all the advantages. The method is not convenient.


Short description

Love Swans is one of the safest and most trustworthy dating services for singles all over the world. It saves time and money for those people who prefer using efficient services for creating family instead of intuition and the audience for the nearest pub. Dating site like LoveSwans s a noise of busy, successful people who appreciate their time and modern technologies in building relationships.