Christian singles in LA have gathered together on a single platform. Is it safe to use for relationships? Can a person with Christian beliefs find a friend, a spouse, a lover, a wife, or a husband there?

About LoveAndSeek Dating Site

The website has been created to give people with Christian beliefs a hope for finding other people for relationships.

What is LoveAndSeek for?

The platform connects people and makes them forget about loneliness or difficulties in finding likeminded people.

For whom service?

Christian singles who experience difficulties in talking to others or finding friends are welcomed to join the platform.

Site Description, ease of use

The idea of the is to create a community where everyone shares the same Christian believes in love and friendship. Such a community would be useful for everyone who for some reason feel uncomfortable talking to other people in the hope of finding soulmates.

The service has nothing in common with the mail-order-bride platform. Here you can find any type of relationship. The registration process is simple and understandable. The Help and FAQ sections are detailed. Due to the informative articles, it is easy to form the correct expectations and avoid disappointment.

The design of the website is not the best, but functional and understandable. There is no mobile application, but people can open the service on a browser of any device.

How to register

The process is simple and takes up to five minutes if you have photographs prepared to upload. Fill in the form on the homepage and follow the instructions. Remember to create a strong password to avoid unpleasant data leaks. After the email verification, there is an option to upload your photo. People with serious intentions always have a profile picture where their face is stated clearly with no classes, blurred effect, or other people. Next, the system will offer you to answer a few general questions about yourself, your personality, interests, believes, and hobbies. You can skip these steps and complete them later. The registration process ends up on the payment page which can also be skipped.

How to use

Before buying a membership, it is recommended to explore the service and take a closer look to the people who have already created accounts there. It is possible to read their information, view their photos and even use a search option to see how many like-minded people of your age are located in your city or town. If no interesting members are found in your area, you can always stick to online communication and fulfill the social aspect of your life.

Navigation site

The navigation is simple. On the right, you can find your profile and its settings. On the left, there are menu tabs. On the top, you can find an important search option with a hidden advanced search button. The feed shows your visitors, newcomers in your area, people who are online, and other information.
There is an informative section where you can find articles about relationships, believes, and other Christian topics.


Due to the filtering, it is possible to find a person of a certain appearance with certain beliefs and with a certain appearance in your area or in the area where you can theoretically travel. To reach the advanced filtering it is necessary to choose filters in a dropdown menu next to the number of search results under the Search tab.

How to pay

It is not necessary to pay right after the registration. The amount is not big, but there is an option to explore all the pros and cons of the website before paying. Find a person you would like to meet face-to-face and buy a membership to have a chance for a date.


The prices for memberships are low. One month cost $14 or $7 if half a year is prepaid.

Payment systems

The service accepts Credit Cards and order-in mails. The payment system is secure. The membership can be canceled anytime.

Girls Profiles on LoveAndSeek

Not only Christian girls create profiles on the LoveAndSeek dating site. Every person with the same believes can join the community and start finding a soulmate or a friend. The privilege of the platform is that it is not limited to romantic relationships. Here you can find friends and join them in the church. Find out how people in other cities and states celebrate Jesus. The other idea gives people a chance to start a romantic relationship without being afraid of failure due to religious views. Here you can find people of any age, appearance, number of children, and number of previous marriages. Everyone deserves happiness.

User Region

The homepage notifies that the service is oriented to the LA, however, the registration process allows to fill in any ZIP code of the US or Canada.

Sexual orientation

Christian tradition has its rules, however, the website has various options and possibilities. You can try your destiny here.

Possibilities of filling and correspondence

Correspondence via email or chat is unlimited and free for paid members of the website. You can find a person and start chat sessions whenever you want. Communication online despite the prejudices have plenty of advantages. One of them is honesty that cannot always reveal itself during face-to-face communication.

User Security

User security is protected by various certificates and automated systems which are enlisted in the Privacy Policy. It is a duty of every newcomer to get familiar with the documentation in order to acknowledge the risks. The detailed information of the gathered data is mentioned in the document. It is safe to use the service.


Personal safety is the responsibility of every member. There are certain rules to follow not to get into trouble:

  • Never use unprotected public WiFi, especially when logging in or making payments.
  • Never share personal data like credit card details, address, or full name via private messages.
  • Never send money to anyone.


Scam accounts can appear on Christian community due to the low prices for the memberships and high level of trustworthy. When using the service it is recommended to follow the tactics that help in recognizing a scam account, for example, asking personal details and then mentioning them in a conversation after some time, making informative notes, and other.

Advantages and disadvantages of using service

There is an obvious privilege for the advantages of the LoveAndSeek dating site that connects people with Christian beliefs.

Advantages of LoveAndSeek

  1. Understandable design
  2. Safe environment
  3. A community of like-minded singles with the same aims
  4. Low prices
  5. Great ideas and aims


  1. Risk of scammers
  2. No guarantees

In the nutshell

LoveAndSeek reviews have approved the reliability and usefulness of the platform. Online dating for Christians is a great place to meet people for love and friendship. The world is big and there is no need to limit yourself with unnecessary prejudices. There are thousands of people who can make you happy.