LesbieDates is a place where you can freely experiment or find a lady you like and give a chance for deep feelings to her. Here ladies can show who they really are and be assured that they are in the community of the same people.

About LesbieDates.com Dating Site

LesbieDates has been created to give ladies a chance for finding a partner, lover, soulmate, and girlfriend in a single person. It is oriented only for ladies. Here cosmopolitan self-confident ladies meet each other for having a thoughtful and trustful relationship. The platform is oriented only for ladies.

What is the service for?

LesbieDates dating site is designed for making it possible to find love without any judgments, restrictions, and prejudices. You can visit clubs, special places, but they are oriented on flings and one night stands. Today, in the middle of the informational era, building relationships online with a further meeting in person is safer than barhopping.

For whom service?

LesbieDates is only for ladies. The service aims to make the search for the female partner easy and effective.

Site Description, ease of use

AmoLatina.com reviews have shown that the website is nicely designed, simple, and pleasing. The website that is going to become a daily basis place for chatting, must have a nice and satisfying design. LesbieDates.com is not only stylish but also smooth. You can easily navigate on the homepage and find interesting information in a few moments. Here you can find the main information about the philosophy of the service, its orientation, audience, and other.

How to register

The main page of the service offers a convenient form to fill for registering and further user experience. It is necessary to mention that the service is not available for certain regions. It works in Europe, the UK, and the US. After filling in your email, the system asks for an activation code that can be found in the inbox. After the registration you receive a request to share more info about you like:

  • Username
  • Ethnic origin
  • Status
  • Age
  • Location

Next, you are requested to upload a photo, but you can skip this step.

How to use

When you have created an account and spent a while for preparing the best photo, check the homepage and profile of others before upgrading to premium. Here you will find ladies who are looking for other ladies and therefore trying to put themselves into the best light. All of the candidates who appear in your feed are the age that fits you and are located nearby. It is reasonable to choose a few people you would like to contact and then to upgrade a profile for more opportunities.

Navigation site

The design on the homepage after the registration is not the best one. It is a bit confusing and old-fashioned. In spite of this, it takes a few minutes to find everything necessary for a successful experience on the dating service. You can find filtering options on the top, sending bulk messages on the left, and profiles of ladies down below.


There are filters for every feature and trait of the girl. The main toolbar offers to choose age and location while the detailed filtering offers to choose:

  • Photo check
  • Appearance
  • Tattoos
  • Religion
  • Education
  • Drink and smoke
  • Income
  • Body type
  • Sexual orientation
  • Marital status
  • Ethnicity

You can choose a few filters as well as all of the categories.

How to pay

If you have checked the service and found at least five people who you would like to talk to, it is time for upgrading account. On the upper right corner, there is an “upgrade” button. If you are lucky, you will get 30% off.


  1. Three-days usage costs $1,41 per day.
  2. One-month package costs $2,14 per day which is $66,34 per month.
  3. A three-month package costs $0,73 per day which is $67,89 per package.
  4. Six-month membership costs $0,59 per day which is $109 per package.
  5. It is reasonable to buy three months instead of one month for the same price.

Payment systems

LesbieDates offering only one payment method which is either with a credit or a debit card. VISA verifies the payment process on the service.

Girls Profiles on LesbieDates

LesbieDates’s feed of users has new members on the top result. Each profile shows detailed information about ladies. There is a trick that displays only those sections that are stated in your own account. It is recommended to fill in your account before looking for other members. Besides information there are pictures. No sexually explicit content is allowed on the service. Upgraded members can see big pictures.

User Region

The website is working only in certain countries which are the US, the UK, and Europe. There are no Slavic or Asian ladies, only those who live in the stated countries. The service helps to find a person that is located next to you or at least at your city, however it is possible to find a lady on the other country which would be the great reason for traveling to the other country.

Sexual orientation

LesbieDates welcomes only ladies who are looking for other ladies. They can be bisexual. No man are allowed on the website.

Possibilities of filling and correspondence

LesbieDates dating service is oriented on meetings in person. Therefore there are no live camera chat or writing emails option. Here you can only chat and wink to each other. For special occasions, it is possible to send gifts.

User Security

User security is an issue that bothers many of the members. Here all the manipulations with personal information are compliant with GDPR. The service offers the article with sixteen tips on how to date and not get into a trouble.


Safety is a personal issue of every member of the website. It is recommended to read Terms of Use before registering and upgrading the account. The main rules such as not sharing personally identifying information, address, real name, phone number, social networks, credit card details and other are recommended to everyone who registers on this or other dating platforms.

Anti Scam

The website is user-friendly and oriented only on an engaged audience. The staff members recommend to block the users with suspicious behaviors and report abuse if a person acts offensive or request personal information via private messages. Do not share credentials with other members.

Advantages and disadvantages of using the service

LesbieDates grand ladies with a chance to find a person among thousands of other women who are looking for the same.


  • The service is for the ladies only
  • There is a strong anti-scam policy
  • The prices are affordable


  • The design is old-fashioned
  • Poor choice of payment methods
  • No matching algorithms

Short description

LesbieDates has pros and cons as any other dating platform. On the other hand, this is the rare opportunity to join the community of ladies who are ready not only for sexual experiments but also for building deep long lasting relationships with another female. If you are one of them, the service is worth trying.