About JapanCupid Dating Site

JapanCupid dating service has collected Japanese people over the world willing to build family relationships. 

What is the service for?

The service is founded to help Japanese outside Japan find love and for those who would love to meet a lovely spouse. It is perfect for busy people who have no time for love in real life.

Who is using the service?

The website gives a chance to business people, people with lack of time of confidence, shy people to meet their spouses online. It gathers people with the same nationality and same family values. 

Site Description, ease of use

The website is convenient and has a cute video showing how it works. There is enough information on the homepage such as general description, photos, and feedback from happy couples to get inspired and want to have the same destiny. People looking for love are everywhere. JapanCupid gathered them in one website neglecting the distance and borders.

How to register

Registration is simple and lasts a few minutes. It is essential to pick the right photo for having more chances of being noticed. Description section has enough place to deliver the most intimate or general information about yourself, your interests, wishes, plans, values, and other. It takes a while to define them and express naturally. Registration form allows joining via Facebook; it is not recommended though for those who care about personal privacy and data proceeding. It is advised to get familiar with terms of use  and   privacy statement before creating an account.

How to use

Once the registration process is completed including photos and personal information, it is time for browsing. The site doesn’t allow people without photos look at the profiles of other users. Filtering helps in finding the best match and various communication methods can define the level of intimacy. It is recommended to send an email, then offer a chat, and if everything goes well, try video chat to hear the voice and see the mimics of a person on the other side of the screen. 

Navigation site

The navigation is simple. The design of the website is modern and user-friendly making the experience more pleasant and positive. The profiles look detailed and bring enough information to the end user. Everything starting from the color scheme and up to the photos makes the service enjoyable.


Filtering doesn’t have a lot of options unless you have a membership. You can find ladies around you and set up the age limits. Advanced filleting options are accessible to those members who have upgraded the membership. There is also a Japanese desire photo gallery which provides another selection of women.

How to pay

If you have decided to use the service for finding love, you have to upgrade membership. With basic free membership, it is only possible to send interests, communicate with paying members and discover base matching. 


It is possible to buy gold and platinum types of memberships on the website. Gold reveals you from adds, gives a chance to proceed video calls and instant messaging, while platinum grants with additional privileges such as marking a profile as VIP, ranking over other profiles, and even translate messages to your language. Yearly gold costs $119, and yearly platinum membership costs $149.

Payment systems

The service accepts credit cards, PayPal, YandexMoney, and Skrill.

Girls Profiles on JapanCupid

JapanCupid has plenty of girls’ profiles. All of them willing to meet a loving spouse, a reliable husband, a person to have kids and build a house with or to have a chat with. Every girl is special and needs attention. However, all of them have created accounts in search of love and trustworthy relationships. 

User Region

The website doesn’t limit the users to a certain region. You may be located in the US and willing to find a Japanese bride or a husband there. Convenient filtering can show you profiles of people who are located close to you. 

Sexual orientation

JapanCupid supports only traditional relationships.

Possibilities of filling and correspondence

There are various types of communication. First, a person should send an introductory email explaining personal interest, personality traits, values, a reason for writing. After receiving a positive answer, it is worth to arrange a live chat. The video chat came last when the first communication took place. Video chat brings the couple to a new level of interaction. They have a chance to appreciate the voice, speech habits, mimics, hear the laugh, appreciate a response to jokes and enjoy the communication on a closer level. 

User Security

Every user has to get familiar with the privacy policy and terms of use of the website. While scammers prefer to use the trustworthy of those who hope for love, the team of JapanCupid recommends not to share any personal details in private correspondence. Not being able to see the users’ profiles unless completing the own one is a good sign. It means the service cares about the clients.


JapanCupid has a set of recommendation on how to care about safety. Rules and regulations are stating that every account will be deleted when refusing to provide personal data. At the same time, it is not recommended to include a phone number, address or last name to your profile. 

Anti Scam

The team is taking care of scammers by filtering accounts. However, every registered user have to be keen on the possibility. It is not safe sharing any personal details over the private messaging. 

Advantages and disadvantages of using service

JapanCupid has a noble mission on the internet as well as a few cons.


JapanCupid offers Japanese to find each other even when located outside the other country. The website is user-friendly and well designed. Many user accounts are liking for love. Introductory video and positive feedbacks on the home page inspires for having the same positive experience. The website is definitely worth using for business people or those who don’t like crowds.


The service doesn’t provide the full safety, and every user has to be keen on the scammers. On the other hand, they are everywhere on the internet, and people have to be careful all the time. 

Short description

JapanCupid connects hearts for creating loving and caring families. It is a noble aim. Plenty of users have already appreciated the privileges of online dating. Today, in the middle of an informational era, it is a part of everyday life. Why not trying it if you are single?