GaysTryst is a place for gay people to register and try to make relationships. The place allows newcomers to come round, register with a few clicks without creating an account, and check out what is going out there, who are using it and are there any chances to meet someone special.

About Dating Site

The place is oriented to creating deep and joyful relationships. No sexually explicit content, cam share, naughty pictures or requests, can be found here. Only chances for something serious, long-lasting, emotional, supportive, and deeply intimate.

What is the service for?

GayTryst is made for encouraging gay men that there is a safe place with plenty of people looking for serious, steady, and healthy relationships.

For whom service?

GaysTryst dating site is oriented on gay and bisexual men. It is created for shy men, those with lack of self-confidence, and those who would love to feel like home. It is the place which men want to visit first thing they come home after a long evening with a cup of tea or can of lager.

Site Description, ease of use looks stylish, pretty, and easy to use. It is a great place for having an affair as well as hoping for something more than that. GaysTryst is a convenient and pretty place that allows gays all over the world feel like home here with the right people and supportive web service.

How to register

Creating an account doesn’t take a while. It requires an email address and its further verification. Note that that the website sends plenty of emails. If you are not a fan of email notifications about every message you receive, unsubscribe right after the registration. During the process, you have to provide your age, orientation, type of relationships you are interested in, interests, and a photo during the process. You can skip filling the form and check the service without a profile.

How to use

The main page of the service after the registration offers a feed of guys that might appear interesting to you in terms of your age, location, and interests if any. With a fully completes profile the system brings best matches to the top of the feed. New accounts always appear on the top. Choose a person you like and discover which the first message might interest him. Take a moment to write something personal to hook his attention.

Navigation site

The main page of GaysTryst consists of three main parts. Toolbar and settings on the left, main feed in the middle, and messages on the right. It is easy and convenient to reach the features you need and enjoy the best user experience together with romantic conversations. The Help, Terms of Use, FAQ, and contact information can be found on the very bottom of every tab.


Filters are necessary if you are not quite satisfied with search results the matching system has generated for you, or you see the same faces and profiles day after day. Adjusting the feed is possible by applying filters. The general ones are age, location, and photo. The advanced search offers to filter more:

  • Appearance (like hair and eyes color)
  • Unhealthy habits
  • Interests
  • Body type
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation
  • Other

Personalizing the feed helps you to find new people every day. Who knows who can appear your next love?

How to pay

Payment system doesn’t require much time and efforts. It I possible to pay with any debit or credit card, however, wire transfer is not applicable. The payment system is secure and protected. It is not recommended to use public WiFi for making any transactions online due to the safety measures.


The service is affordable. Monthly subscription offers you to use all the privileges of the service including unlimited chatting with other members. Ain special occasions for special people it is possible to buy a gift for additional credits and send it to the other person. Wouldn’t it be better to beet in person and prepare a real gift?

Payment systems

The is only one payment method on the service – you can only pay with a credit or debit card, American Express, and other. No wire transfer, Western Union, PayPal, or cryptocurrency accepted.

Boys Profiles on GaysTryst

If a newcomer has decided to stay on the service and try his luck here, it is necessary to invest some time and efforts for creating an attractive account. Remember that paid members with a fully completed profile and a few photos appear higher in the search result. It is necessary to choose the best of the interests offered in the settings and write a short description of yourself as well as your future partner, lover, soulmate, or friend with benefits. People with attractive and completed profiles succeed faster and leave the service together with another person.

User Region

GaysTryst works not worldwide. It is forbidden in some regions such as eastern Europe, Asia, and others. It is oriented on gays from Europe, the UK, and the US. Representatives of all nationalities, religions, and political beliefs are welcomed.

Sexual orientation

GaysTryst is a pure homosexual web dating service that welcomes gays and bisexuals. No people in doubt and those who are looking for an experimental fling are wanted here.

Possibilities of filling and correspondence

There is no video chat, no option to write a long email or to share the camera with the other person. The service is oriented on personal communication and the meetings outside the dating service.

User Security

The renegers fo the service coordinates the activity of the users and ban this who violate terms of use. For that reason, it is recommended to read terms of use before registering. No sexually explicit content is allowed on the service.


It is recommended to block and report users whose behavior seems suspicious or not appropriate. The service offers a certain level of security and proceeds personal information in compliance with GDPR. In spite of this, your safety depends on you. Do not share personal information or other important data via private messages of the service. Do not use public WiFi when making payments.

Anti Scam

GaysTryst, like any other popular dating services, attracts scam accounts whose aim is to violate respectful members somehow. To detect scam account, ask him personal messages and make notes. After a while ask the same questions and compare the answers. Reports scam accounts immediately. It is important to keep a safe environment for the service.

Advantages and disadvantages of using the service

GaysTryst reviews are positive with a few disadvantages.


  • The dating service is convenient and user-oriented
  • There is a community of homosexuals who seek serious relationships
  • Sexually explicit content is not allowed


  • No wire transfer in payment methods
  • No mobile application

Short description

GaysTryst offers homo- and bisexuals to join the community where personal values, communication intimacy, and other values are appreciated. Here you have a chance to find a life partner, friend, a soulmate, or a person with the same interests. GaysTryst is worth taking that risk.