GaysGoDating is a place for bi- and homosexual men who are looking for thoughtful and strong relationships. Today, when the time is going faster, people are not willing to make family until they are fully realized in life. What about an online romance that can turn into something bigger? Online dating services are underappreciated today, especially for homosexual people.

About Dating Site

GaysGoDating reviews are mostly positive. There are couples who have found each other here and have created a family. Other people are members of the service but are still looking for love. Most of them are satisfied with the services and its quality.

What is the service for?

GaysGoDating is created to connects the hearts of homosexual men. It successfully exists for a long time.

For whom service?

The website is not workmen in some countries, it is oriented on the US, the UK, and European countries.

Site Description, ease of use makes it possible to easily find a person to talk to with the potential of a personal meeting and further relationships. The service is minimalistic and easy to use. Here you won’t find camera share option, chatrooms, chatbots, and other engaging measures that keep members pay a monthly fee. The service gives guys a chance to upload personal information and find a person for further communication. It is oriented on meetings in the real world. Here you will find available filters, messenger, and some information on the usage of the dating site. No sexually explicit content allowed.

How to register

Creation an account at dating site doesn’t take a while. On the first stage, you have to provide our email address and create a secure password. After the email verification, you will her access to the service where you can adjust your personal profile and filters of the feed displayed on the homepage. It is recommended to fill in the personal account after you are assured that you will stay there for a while.

How to use

The registration process ends with a feed of candidates sorted by popularity, location close to yours, and age that you have selected. The filtering options are adjustable. Feed helps you to find a person you like and start communication. Here you will find additional services as sending winks, watching who have checked up your profile, and other. All these features help shy people to start communication.

Navigation site

The website is easy to navigate. Every necessary feature is accessible on the homepage. You will find a messenger, filters, and feed. There are a few more opportunities that can appear helpful during your experience, but in practice, it is often not that important. You don’t receive any messages unless your profile has information and pictures. No one will react on a new profile. Receiving zero messages after registration means that there are real people, not chatbots and trained staff.


Filters help members of to find people they are interested in faster. Say you don’t like smokers and tattoos, you can filter these people from your feed by checking appropriate checkbox. There are general filters that help members to regulate the location and age of the candidates and detailed search that opens endless opportunities. Here you will find many filters including salary and religion.

How to pay

Payment method is simple and convenient. Follow the instruction and provide your credit card credentials. Do not use public WiFi when filling in the form with personal credit card data. It is not safe, and you may get into trouble.


Sometimes there are various discounts from 10% to 50% on all the membership plans. Pay attention that one-month membership that is marked as a popular one costs almost the same $65 as three-month membership. It is reasonable to take the second one. Membership offers newcomers to:

  • Chat with no limits
  • Watch bigger photos
  • Receive premium customer support
  • Share media via private chat

Payment systems

Only credit card payment method is available on the service. It is verified by VISA and has a MasterCard SecureCode sign. The website offers the money back guarantee if something goes wrong. For more details read terms and conditions.

Boys Profiles on GaysGoDating

Boys are trying to impress each other utterly, therefore, they upload the best photos and provide detailed information about themselves. Some of the users are verified. It means that a customer support representative has approved that the person n the photo and the one behind the avatar is the same person. There is a place where members explain who are they looking for and who are they. This information is available only for paid members.

User Region

The website is not working in post-Soviet countries and Asian countries as well. It is oriented on Europe and America to make people able to meet each other in person. The aim of is to connect to people in a couple that will proceed in real life.

Sexual orientation

GaysGoDating is purely gay service for man only. There are bi- and homosexuals though.

Possibilities of filling and correspondence

There are not many options for correspondence:

  • Live Chat
  • Winks
  • Emails encourages people to meet in person but carefully.

User Security

Security is one of the questions that other people all over the world for the last decade. Some regulations make web services reconsider data proceeding, and GaysGoDating is compliant with these regulations.


Safety depends on the users and how do they care about personal information. It is necessary to take care of the data you post online and keep in mind that sharing real name, address, phone number, credentials, or credit card details is not recommended either publicly or via private messages.

Anti Scam

Recognizing a scam account by a suspicious behavior is easy. They are mixing data, repeat the information, forget about previous conversations, and request personal information. If you believe that an account can be a scammer, report it immediately. It is recommended to chat only with verified profiles.

Advantages and disadvantages of using the service

GaysGoDating is an affordable and reliable service with its pros and cons.


  • User verification system
  • Affordable prices
  • Convenient design


  • No swiping option
  • No wire transfer and PayPal payment methods

Short description


GaysGoDating web dating service is a place where gays can be who they are and rely on the possibility to build deep and strong relationships. In comparison to Tinder where you can set up a free account in a few swipes, at it is necessary to invest time and money to be able to chat with others. By investing time and money, people treat the opportunity in a different way making it more valuable.