About Find Bride Dating Site

Find-Bride dating service is created for the male part of the humans who are looking for brides-to-be online. It is simple, fast and safe – the perfect decision for the modern busy world. 

What is the service for?

FindBride is created to save time and efforts for building relationships that have no future. The website has a collection of profiles with single women behind each of them, who have only serious intentions to make a family.

Who is using the service?

The site is designed for men in search of a reliable, trustworthy, caring and loving spouse as well as for women who dream about a stable, honest, caring and loving husband.

Site Description, ease of use

Despite the old-fashioned design of the website, it is well structured and user-friendly. The upper left corner hosts a registration form with options to sign up with Facebook and Google plus accounts. Clients can find a blog on how to date Russian women because there are definitely particularities in traditions and mentality. The home page offers a selection of ladies which non-registered users can see. 

How to register

Registration can proceed with Facebook and Google plus account. It saves time and efforts significantly. Most men and women spend hours choosing the right photo or writing the correct description of their personalities. With a quick registration option, there is a chance to avoid all this. However, entering a name, email, and date of birth grants users with an account that can look through other profiles and start communication. There is no verification process and no lengthy forms to fill in. People find the best match manually by using filters. 

How to use

After the registration, it is recommended to get familiar with the privacy policy and terms of use. There is other important information like antiscam policy and blog explaining how to communicate with a Russian or Ukrainian woman. It is recommended to read the blog because Russian mentality is different from European or western. They have more family traditions which are supported until today. 

Navigation site

The website is old-fashioned and is quite complicated that user-friendly. However, it is not difficult to start using it and looking for a bride. The FAQ section has all the information every beginner needs to start the search and communication. There is a section called New Ladies which allows you fin the beginner, just like you are. 


Advanced search has plenty of filtering options including astrological sign and Chinese zodiac. With this filtering system it is straightforward to find women with the color of eyes and hair you like, the height you prefer, with or without children, smoking or not, educated or not. Advanced search allows men to find exactly who they are looking for. Note that it is impossible to filter personal traits. 

How to pay

There is a credit system on the website meaning you have to buy credits before using the service. Newly registered users have a few credits as a bonus. There is only one payment method with credit or debit card.


Users can buy different sets of credits for advanced features like chatting, video chatting, sending gifts, and emails. There are also different memberships which grant users with lower prices for chatting, video chatting, tips, and emails. 

Payment systems

The only payment system is acceptable. Buying credits with credit or debit card is possible. 

Girls Profiles on Find Bride

Find-Bride.com service is designed for men. It has a collection of ladies who are willing to get married and build trustworthy relationships, but they have to wait until men choose their profile. The website shows who is currently active, and who is ready to chat. The photos of girls seem to be made professionally and they do look like models. 

User Region

The website collects only Russian and Ukrainian women. However, if you are ready to have a fascinating journey to one of the countries of beautiful women, you are welcome to join the community. Russia is big and has many single women as well as Ukraine. 

Sexual orientation

Find Bride specializes in traditional relationships.

Possibilities of filling and correspondence

There are different ways of communication on the website. You can chat online with ladies who are currently online; you can send an email to find out if she is interested in chatting at all, it is also possible to organize a video chat for those who want to bring the relationships to a new level. Note that not all women can speak English. Membership grants users with fair discounts for all of the mentioned services. If you are staying for long, it is definitely worth it. There is an option for an introductory email. It explains why are you interested in a partner, interests, and other information about the personality which might be interesting to a potential spouse.

User Security

There is a privacy policy to read before using the website. It is important because dating websites are the favorite place for scammers who rely on the user’s trustworthy. Do not share any personal details in private messages, especially CC details.


Find-Bride doesn’t verify users before allowing them to chat with ladies. However, membership might filter those who are not ready to pay for the services. It makes society safe from those whose intentions are infantile. 


There is a special section devoted to anti-scam policy on the website and this is another document to read before using the service. On their side, the team of the service promises that all the girls are reliable and have serious intentions. It is stated that every candidate has to visit a local office personally. 

Advantages and disadvantages of using service

Find-Bride has its good and not so good site as any other dating site on the web.


Find-Bride has collected spectacularly pretty women from Russia and Ukraine, wrote the “instructions” on how to communicate with them without hurting their traditions or mindset, and represented this opportunity online. Russian and Ukrainian women are well known for being honest, caring and loving wives. That is why the service Find-Bride concentrates only in these two countries.


The website is old fashioned, and there is no verification process during registration. Another difficulty is a credit payment system combined with different membership types. 

Short description

Find-Bride was founded to give Russian and Ukrainian women a chance to meet a foreigner and get married. For many of them, this is a lifetime dream as they rarely travel. For men, it is an excellent chance to meet caring, loving and skilled in household wive under the circumstances of lack of time.