About FilipinoCupid Dating Site

The website is the largest dating site which connects singles from the Philippines. 3,5 million members are seeking for love and healthy relationships. 

What is the service for?

The service is created to ease the hard times of singles and help them finding love online. Thousands of couples have already started their relationships in the web and later in real life.

For whom service?

The service is oriented for Filipinos and singles from other countries who are ready to build meaningful and trustworthy relationships and later families. 

Site Description, ease of use

The website is formatted in lovely shades featuring fun pictures. It makes the service friendly. The registration form is located on the main page with a quick ‘Join with Facebook’ option. A profile is ready in a few minutes. Users search spouses by photos and sending an introductory email to connect. After the initial connection is set, there are chat and video call options for getting to know each other at a closer distance. The service is mobile friendly. Everyone can join the website for free. There are no reviews, long registration procedures or required deposits. If you are single and seek a Filipino partner, go for it.

How to register

Registration takes a few minutes. If you don’t want to share your FB profile, it may last a little longer. The form can be found on the home page. Photos play a decisive role.

How to use

Members can browse photos, find people based on lifestyle, interests or location. This variety of filtering helps to find the best match within a shorter period. After highlighting favorites, people are starting communication and getting involved in it.

Navigation site

On the upper right corner members adjust the language. After the registration, members see the list of the candidates and a filter on the left bar. The website is responsive and user-friendly. It is also relevant for people who are older than 60. 


After setting up filters and filling out your profile, visitors and members find the list of best matches. There are special selections like “Filipino Bikini Photo Gallery” and others.

How to pay

Clients can stand out from the crowd by upgrading account. There are one, three and twelve-month options platinum and gold accounts. Yearly membership costs up to $160. 


Memberships give privileges like no adds, receive and send messages, live chat, and other. Platinum members get advanced translating algorithms and translation. 

Payment systems

The service accepts credit cards, Pay Pall, Yandex Money, and Skrill. 

Girls Profiles on Filipino Cupid

The website seems to be full of profiles of people who are seriously looking for live spouses. Most profiles are located in the Philippines. However, there are profiles from Japan, Arab Emirates, China, United States, Bangladesh, and many others. The most popular countries are the Philippines and Ukraine, but unpaid profiles can find only six Ukrainian profiles at the moment. But filtering helps to find partners in any location. 
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User Region

Users are setting location on the profiles. Advanced search Helps to find matches instantly on the left menu. Otherwise, it is possible to find best matches only after feeling the profile. Setting up the region is only possible after uploading photos which takes a while. Although the website is oriented on Filipino Cupids, it is possible to find a partner from all over the world. The chances to find a wive or a husband in the Philippines are much higher, but there are always other options.

Sexual orientation

The website supports every type of relationships, but there is no evidence of sexual orientation in profiles.

Possibilities of filling and correspondence

It is impossible to watch other’s profiles until filling the own one. Photos are required first. Members can use the Facebook account or create another one to mind privacy. The photo shouldn’t have other people or nudity, should have a clear smiling face of a member. The profile information includes personality information, interests, and hobbies, photo gallery, tags, match criteria and verify your profile. It will grant you full access to the profiles of other people. 

User Security

The security includes appropriate personal data proceeding. If you feel like not sharing your personal information, it is recommended not to use a Facebook account to create a new profile. The website guarantees appropriate data proceeding in compliance with GDPR. 


The website is oriented on people with serious intentions. Registered users would prefer having an adult, trustworthy, and joyful relationships build on trust, respect, and love. It means you are supposedly safe from any kind of abuse. However, being aware is always a good idea. 

Anti Scam

User verification system allows anti-scam processes to filter irrelevant accounts. It keeps the verified and deletes scam profiles. Paid membership adds safety as well. Read the Privacy Statement for more details.

Advantages and disadvantages of using service

For every person, there are pros and cons to using the services for finding spouses. 


Pros of the usage are dealing with men and women from the Philippines. It does have profiles from other countries, but most of the users are concentrated there. When dealing with paid profiles, there is almost no risk of being diluted. There are only people who are looking for serious relationships and clients don’t have to be shy to make the first step. There are no limitations, ‘the right’ moment, and other time killers. Here clients always find what they are looking for.
Members are not able to watch other profiles before filling their own and can’t chat before paying for membership. These measures help to keep only members with correct intentions and no scam.


For those people who’re not from the Philippines, it will appear more straggling to find relationships. There are a few non-Pilipinos, but in contrast to local people, there is a much fewer selection. You will have a few accounts to chat with, but there might be better services for locals in your region. 

Short description

Filipino Cupid is user-friendly, relationship-oriented safe services who are looking for family relationships. It is user-friendly, intuitively understandable, adaptive to any device, and convenient. Clients can create an account within a few minutes or with one click by sharing FB information. Every profile must be verified. All these and other measures are implemented to provide safe, pleasant, and productive communication.