About DateMyAge Dating Site

Valentina from DateMyAge

“Love, respect, passion. I am waiting for a step from you to impress you with myself”
Valentina, 49
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DateMyAge is a special service for people from 40 to 90 years old who are looking for loving and caring relationships.

What is the service for?

DateMyAge is created to give the aged audience another chance for love and relationships.

For whom service?

The website has gathered the audience from 40 to 90 years old who willing to have another opportunity for relationships, love, care, and respect.

Site Description, ease of use

DateMyAge is created for beginners in modern technologies; it is easy to navigate and to find best matches.

How to register


New members can use a Google account to create an account in the fastest way possible. However, it is necessary to proceed a few steps.

  • Approving email address.
  • Stating the nickname and date of birth to show how old you are
  • Telling your story
  • Telling who are you looking for and why to ease your search and improve chances to find matches.
  • Uploading photos.

It is possible to skip any step and get familiar with the service first. The account without confirmed email, personal stories and photos give a chance to see who else is registered there, how does navigation work, and to decide will it be useful or not.


Navigation site

Many people who are 40+ are far from being advanced users of computers and gadgets. The developers of the website knew that and decided to make the simplest design and navigation possible. Right after registration user receive plenty of mashed accounts which the can talk to and potentially build relationships. First, ten live chat sessions that last less than three minutes are free of charge. There is a chance to get familiar with the service and make a decision whether to use it or not.



The website is created for the certain auditory, but inside the community, it is possible to find even better matches depending on the age, personal interests, and availability online. With filtering it is faster and more convenient to find the person that stands for the initial expectations.

How to pay

There is an option that offers new users buy 20 credits for $2,99 and buy it every time the user is run out of credits. When buying, their automatic membership is activated which is free of charge for the first month. The regular price for membership is $9,99, and it is automatically charged at the beginning of every month. Credits are needed to pay for live chat, video chat, emails, and gifts when communications reach a certain level. More details on pricing can be found on the website.


Galina from DateMyAge

” I’m looking for a man here with an open and kind heart”
Galina, 44
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Credits are the currency that is valid only on the website. It is used to buy additional services needed for successful and profitable communication. It is important to know that once a user uploads his credit card details, membership is charged automatically every month unless canceled. Here are the privileges of being a full member of the services

  • 20 credits cost $15,99 for members instead of $32
  • 160 credits cost $96 for members instead of $192
  • 1000 credits cost $399 for members instead of $798

Prices are significantly different, but it is important to acknowledge how long are you going to use the benefits of DateMyAge.

Payment systems

DateMyAge accepts Visa, MasterCard, and JCB. It is possible to request an alternative payment method by contacting customer support service representative. The contact form is located on every page.

Members Profiles on DateMyAge

Members of the website must have invested much time and efforts registering on the website, dealing with personal concerns, uncertainties, and other personal issues. It is very likely that many of them couldn’t resist the tension of relatives, children, or friends. However, there are many motivated and open-minded people who would like to meed soulmates. The account shows the age, location, personal information, interests, and texts which a person have written when registering on the website. This information helps to find the best match faster. It is recommended to be openminded and honest.

User Region

The service doesn’t limit users with a region. There are people all over the world, including the US, Europe, countries of the former USSR, and other people. Meeting an interesting person abroad can turn into a trip with the following adventure. New countries, mentalities grant people with unforgettable emotions.

Sexual orientation

The service is oriented for couples with traditional sexual orientation.

Possibilities of filling and correspondence

DateMyAge offers various correspondence options such as live chat, webcam share, email messages, and sending gifts. All the services are paid. Webcam share is the best option for partners to get closer to each other. It is another level of communication.

User Security

Every person who completes registration on the website must acknowledge all the security risks. The information is stored safely on the website, however, if there is something you would like not to share, don’t mention it. The service stores information provided during the registration safely, but is not responsible for private chats.


Natalya from DateMyAge

“I dream to travel all around the world with my beloved and share the world with him”
Natalya, 50
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There are a few tips to provide safe usage os the service:

  • Don’t use public WiFi
  • Install VPN
  • Don’t share any personal details in private messages such as second name, residence address, credit card details, and other.

Although the service is safe to use, it is always better to keep on mind personal safety measures.

Anti Scum

The service prevents scum accounts, namely users with negative and possibly illegal intentions. To recognize a scammer, pay attention to:

  • Misidentification
  • Requiring expensive gifts
  • Contradictions in data provided

If any suspicious activity was noticed, it is necessary to report the technical support team.

Advantages and disadvantages of using service

DateMyAge service tends to connect the hearts and souls of people 40+, which is a positive thing to do.


  •  The website is convenient and easy to use
  •  Registration is free to ensure that the service matches initial expectations
  •  It is oriented only for the people of the same age
  •  Convenient filtering assists in the search process
  •  Technical support cares about the members of the site


DateMyAge is not the cheapest dating service. However, the price makes people with negative intentions stay aside.

Short description

DateMyAge has created the place where people of the same age can have a chance for love, or at least company, friendship, support, understanding, and fun. The website has created the best conditions for people who are far from modern technologies.