Today plenty of single busy men prefer finding love online instead of barhopping and waiting for the best. More and more people acknowledge the privileges of online dating services and use them to find a partner to build a family with. It is not a coincidence. Dating services and agencies exist to help people who failed to find the one and only love like it has been shown in movies. It is more effective to join the community of people with the same aims and values. While finding a partner on one of the platforms has become simpler, finding a reliable, user-friendly, and safe platform takes time and efforts.

About AsianMelodies Dating Site

According to AsianMelodies reviews, there are satisfied and disappointed people. Many of them forget that this is only a platform that gives the opportunity to find love which doesn’t guarantee any success.

What is AsianMelodies for?

Asian melodies have been created to make people happy in marriage. People come here in a hope to change their lives once and forever.

For whom is the service?

It is beneficial for both men and women. Ladies who can’t get married in Asia register here to find love abroad and change life for the better. Men want to get a loving and carrying wife.

Site Description, ease of use

AsianMelodies dating site looks smooth, pretty, and nice. It is well designed and easy to use. The homepage includes plenty of general information that is necessary for every newcomer to get familiar with the service, its principles, rules, and values. Here you can find a short overview of the AsianMelodies history, and other. The topics that are highlighted on the homepage, is the evidence of the main principles of the platform. They are

  • High-quality service
  • Safety
  • Best support
  • Large database
  • Matching algorithms
  • Scam free area

Besides these principles, there is a notice that the platform is not created for online affairs or flirt. People come here to find a partner for the rest of their lives.

How to register

The registration process is simple. The homepage includes the form where you can fill in the form and get started with the search. The first question is who are you looking for:

  • For a man
  • For a woman

Both homosexual and heterosexual relationships are possible here. There are people from around 30 countries over the world on the platform. Each of them has serious intentions. Every person can find someone here. Next, you should mention your name, birthday, email and password.

How to use

There is a questionnaire on the starting page. It is necessary to provide information about yourself and about your preferences. There are questions like a number of kids, appearance, religion, and others. Every step can be skipped. The more detailed information you provide, the better it is for the further matchmaking process.

Navigation site

The service is easy to navigate due to the smooth, understandable and minimalistic design. The profile homepage is not overloaded with disruptive options, pop-ups, and tabs.


There is a convenient matchmaking algorithm that chooses the best profile in a few clicks. Two tabs allow two various feeds for searching the best profiles.

How to pay

There is a credit system on the platform. You need to buy credits and use them for communication or other options. The answer to each email or message is charged.


Making a purchase is simple. There are 20 bonus credits for newcomers. It helps to understand how the service works.

Payment systems

The platform accepts various payment methods, but the safest and the most convenient are ones via credit card.

Girls Profiles on AsianMelodies

Ladies on the website seem to be professional models. The photos are polished and the ladies look like trying too hard. The photos look like a professional shooting. However, Asian ladies have a mentality where they are trying their best in a search for a perfect man. They are not likely to post random photos from life with a soap face. They acknowledge the importance of the chance and try to represent themselves with the best light.

User Region

There are users from more than 30 countries all over the globe. People can find partners in their cities as well as on the other continent. On the other hand, there are mostly Asian ladies who want to find European or American men. Asian ladies are not necessarily the residents of their hometowns. They can be students or emigrants in any country which makes the search easier. The platform gives a great chance to make different nationalities with the same aims closer to each other.

Sexual orientation

The platform allows a representative of any sexual orientation to find a spouse or partner. The questions about orientation are included in an introductory questionnaire.

Possibilities of filling and correspondence

The introductory test takes a few minutes. It is necessary to upload a photo and to write a few sentences about yourself. The information makes further search more effective. Right after registration, you can start your first correspondence due to bonus credits.

User Security

User security is the topic that is highlighted on the homepage of the service. It is important to acknowledge the risks. The platform provides security of your personal information, but there are no guarantees that every user has no harmful intentions. Therefore it is recommended never to share your:

  • Real full name
  • Credit card details
  • Home address
  • Phone numbers
  • Other private information via private messages.


There are four documents you need to get familiar with:

  • Terms of Use
  • Risks Notice
  • Cookie policy
  • Privacy Policy

Here you can find information that the platform creates Staff Profiles and use it for various purposes on the service. I mean that not all messages you receive are from real people. Another important fact is the presence of translators whose gender can be different than the gender of the person you are talking to.


Due to the email verification process, the questionnaire which is necessary to fill in, and the prices which are higher than average, the scam level is a lover than on the regular dating platforms. It is recommended to report any suspicious behavior to a technical support representative.

Advantages and disadvantages of using service

AsianMelodies dating site is one of the most trustful today. There are many users, the platform is smooth, and it connects people over the globe.

Advantages of AsianMelodies

The privileges of the platform are obvious:

  1. Smooth and stylish design which is important for the service of everyday usage
  2. People from more than 30 countries
  3. Qualitative matchmaking process


  1. There are Staff Profiles that you can accidentally spend your credits for
  2. There are scam accounts, like on any other dating platform

In the nutshell is a perfect place to give yourself a chance for finding real love outside your surrounding. There are more advantages than disadvantages, therefore the service is not cheap but effective.