About AshleyMadison Dating Site

What is AshleyMadison for?

Ashley Madison is a world-famous infidelity site from Canada, created in 2002, to allow people in relationships to have fun alongside. The site was immediately known to be the first page that specifically targeted men and women who were already in relationships. Of course, there is a great focus on integrity, confidentiality, and anonymity (if you wish), so that you can date outside your marriage or without your girlfriend/boyfriend needing to know about it.

Who is the service for?

Ashley Madison is aimed at anyone who is tired of their relationships and marriages – or who are singles and want to date someone who is in a relationship.


Site Description, ease of use

In the media, Ashley Madison has received both negative and positive pressures due to its controversial focus. With over 800,000 members only in Europe, it is undoubtedly the largest “infidelity site” – and one of the world’s largest dating sites in general.

Ashley Madison does not make a secret out of the fact that the site is for infidelity dating. It may be that you are married and have children, but the relationship has lost its sting, that your husband or wife is often away, that you suspect your partner is already cheating on you, or that you simply turn on being cheated. It doesn’t matter – there are thousands of like-minded members of AshleyMadison.com.

The Canadian infidelity site Ashley Madison has been around for over 10 years and is the most internationally renowned contact for infidelity and business. Over 36 million “suicides” have already registered here!

How to register

The principle behind Ashley Madison is simple: you sign up, create a profile and then search for others who also want a “business”. You can post photos in a secret area and give selected dating partners a key to it.

From the welcome screen of the site, it is necessary to indicate if you are a man or a woman if you have an ongoing relationship and the type of partner you are looking for. Before being able to see the results of the search, the site asks you to enter your data to register: an email address, name, password and various personal information such as height, weight, eye color, and hair. It is then requested to insert one or more photographs, visible by the other members. The site also offers a series of services typical of social networks: a system for sending messages, a chat and the possibility of sending virtual gifts to the person you came in contact with. The substantial difference compared to other dating sites is that in the case of Ashley Madison there is the explicit talk of people already in a relationship who want to betray their partner. This aspect is repeated in several sections of the site, partly also for reasons of visibility on search engines through the use of particular keywords: “Thousands of unfaithful wives and husbands register daily on Ashley Madison”.

How to use

Navigation site

Here is an easy-to-use interface that seems neat, simple and relatively innocent (when you first use AshleyMadison login, of course). It gives the impression that the website is trying to live up to its quest for discretion. You will see the same standard features available on all dating sites also on AshleyMadison, such as favorite lists and special block lists where you can block the one you want to stop emailing you.

There is also another interesting detail for women and men on the website: The Traveling Woman / Traveling Man feature created to help people on the move find other members in the areas they are traveling to.

You can search using a number of different specifications; including language, ethnic background, body type and of course the place to go. In the profile, you can describe your “perfect match” by selecting different factors and attributes from a list. There is also a place where you can list your “intimate desires”. Something that is also quite useful is that only members can let other members view their private photos. Often this means giving other members a “key” so that they can watch at any time. This privilege can be revoked by the owner when he or she desires.


Because Victoria Milan has a focus on people who are already in relationships, it also means that there are many security measures and anonymity tools built in to help you hide or mask your identity. No one wants to be discovered by their husband or wife? For example, you can choose to censor your face, turn on automatic logout, block users (for example, if you recognize someone), choose to appear only to users you have marked as favorites and so on. There is also a “Panic Button” that immediately logs you out and opens YouTube instead – if your partner would suddenly step in when looking for an exciting sex date.

Otherwise, the page is very user-friendly, stylish and functional. It is possible to browse by location, age, distance and so on. Security and privacy are top notches, so you can feel safe when you are naughty. The entire site uses strong encryption, sharp guidelines, and moderators to ensure that members behave sensibly. Tip: surf in incognito mode and never save your password in the browser!

How to pay


There are some features that AshleyMadison has that are free for all members to use. But there are not many. These usually involve simply creating a profile and searching for members. For women, however, the use of the portal is completely free. What is also useful to know is that most functions (at least for men) require the use of “credits” rather than paying a price in the form of a fixed membership cost. So you only pay for the features you use!

Payment systems

Unlike most other dating sites, where you pay monthly, you instead buy credits from Ashley Madison, which you can then spend on contacting other members. It is not cheap if you want to contact many, but it also contributes to the anonymity and quality of the members.
Ashley Madison prices are different from single sites or betrayal websites you already know. Here you do not pay a monthly subscription, but purchase credits. With these credits, you pay the messages sent or access to a chat. The great advantage of this site is that you only pay for what you use, the credits do not expire and you do not risk “making money with automatic renewals”.
The cost of sending the first message to a man or a woman is 5 credits. All messages that are subsequently sent to this person are free. Depending on the options selected, five credits cost one or two dollars. It is worthwhile first of all to observe that site well. Furthermore, if you choose to use it to find an extra-marital relationship, we advise you to buy one of the packages with more credits.

You can pay conveniently and discreetly with a credit card (a discreet entry will appear on your statement, which obviously will not be “Ashley Madison”) or with PayPal online payment service.
Here is a table of the cost of the full membership of Ashley Madison:

  • Activation $ 19 / one-time cost
  • 100 credits $ 49
  • 500 credits $ 145
  • 1000 credits $ 240

Girls Profiles on AshleyMadison

User Region

AshleyMadison dating site has existed since 2001 when it was founded in Canada by the company Avid Life Media as an online dating service. For the brand, two very popular names from Canada and the United States were chosen, thinking that in this way the site could be more familiar and able to attract more registrations. In the following years, the service has evolved and has taken on various characteristics similar to the more traditional social networks. Ashley Madison immediately makes things clear on her welcome page: “Life is short. Have an affair”, specifying that the service is for adults and that it is” the dating agency outside the most famous marriage”. In addition to North America, the service is active in many other countries in the world, including Italy, while it was banned in Shanghai (China) because it is contrary to family values and because it promotes adultery.

Sexual orientation

AshleyMadison is available in the homosexual edition. You can choose “man seeking man” or “woman seeking woman”, but in this case, you will not be able to specify your relationship status.

Possibilities of filling and correspondence

Subscription to Ashley Madison is free, but for most of the activities, it is necessary to sign up for a subscription, which among other things makes it easier to get in touch with other subscribers to the service. Through credit card payments, members can purchase various credits which can then be spent on the site in various ways. To start a conversation with someone it is necessary that at least one of the two members pay 5 credits to start (almost always it is a man because there are more men registered than women). After the start, the rest of the conversation does not require the payment of additional credits. Among the options available there is also the one to talk in real time via a chat, always for a fee. Other credits can be spent on virtual gifts to be given to the people you came in contact with. Through this system, the site collects the money needed to maintain its activities. Ashley Madison says she has almost 38 million members, but it’s not clear how many of these have paid accounts.

User Security


Ashley Madison suffered a cyber attack organized by a group of hackers who claim to be called “The Impact Team”. Hackers claim to have stolen large amounts of personal information from subscribers to the service, which are almost always recorded anonymously since it is a site aimed at extramarital relationships. So far it has not been possible to reconstruct the extent of the damage and the details of only 2,500 subscribers on the millions of people who have registered with the site in these years have been disseminated online at different times. A few days later Ashley Madison released a statement saying she had secured the sites, “closing unauthorized access points”. The company also said it had contacted law enforcement to give information to those conducting investigations into the violation of its systems. Fast forward to 2019, the site is safe to use again and as popular as ever.


Ashley Madison is serious about protecting the anonymity of your information. This is guaranteed by Ashley Madison. No one can see your e-mail address or other personal data like your real name (with Ashley Madison you hide behind a nickname/pseudonym of your choice).
So the only way to be discovered in your betrayal is your profile picture. On Ashley Madison, you also have the ability to create a profile without photos or you can decide whether to make your photographs public or visible only to certain people. This is a good compromise if you want to avoid being recognized, but still want to register (based on our experience, profiles without any photographs are much less effective than those with a visible photo).

In a nutshell

In recent days, especially in North America, there is much talk of Ashley Madison, the social network used by married people to get in touch with each other and start an extramarital affair. Victoria Milan is a well-known and reliable dating site for those who want something extra besides – or are interested in busy men and women. If you are looking to try something outside your relationship then you can register today discreetly and safely.

High security and seriousness characterize the Ashley Madison portal. The operation is simple and the costs can always be kept under control thanks to the transparent credit system. The fact that it is not necessary to sign a subscription and that all information can be viewed for free gives this site more points in our comparative test. Due to its increasing popularity, its number of members and the fact that the percentage of women is increasing rapidly, both sexes have a good chance of combining a fling, a betrayal or a night of sex. Try it now!