Most AnastasiaDate reviews focus on the technical aspects of the service and people that you can meet there. However, we want to give you a better in-depth analysis and talk more about why you should take a closer look at this service for people from all over the world.

About AnastasiaDate Dating Site

This is an international service that emphasizes the importance of safety and protecting its clientele from fraudulent activities. This is a perfect service for people who want to meet people from an opposite corner of the planet without risking a chance of meeting a scammer. At the same time, the technological aspects of the service are just as flawless and offer an excellent user experience to all users of the website.

What is Anastasia Date for?

The service is for single men and women looking for partners to build strong lasting relationships with. One of the better websites in terms of usability and user base. However, there are some issues with the service. One of them is long loading times which can be an issue for some users. Another problem is that the website works wonderfully, but the amount of features is lacking compared to other websites with similar goals and target audience.

For whom service?

The service caters to an older audience of people who want to meet someone special. This is not a great option for people who want to be safe while dating online. On the other hand, technically savvy younger audiences may not be as interested in this service since the website does not shine in terms of functionality.

Site Description, ease of use

When you first land on this website, you think “simplicity”. The AnastasiaDate dating site is created with a single thought in mind: to make everything as simple and intuitive as possible. The main focus of the design is to present a concise, functional website that works well and allows for easy navigation.
There are several pivots of attention that the design team definitely emphasized:

  • Functionality is somewhat limited but very intuitive;
  • Everything is done in a very simple way;
  • The color scheme is efficient and neutral;
  • Texts are easily readable;
  • Important aspects are highlighted.
  • The website is intentionally simple in terms of design to focus on providing the most effective service possible.

How to register on AnastasiaDate

How to registe on Anastasiadate

The registration process is quite simple and won’t take much time. Just hit the “sign up” button and you will go directly to the registration form. The form contains several important fields that you must fill in:

  • Your first and last names;
  • The date of birth;
  • Your currently active e-mail;
  • A strong secure password.

Another option is for those who want a secure way to register. Use your Google+ account to sign up. This way only your publicly available information will be used. The registration does not require any additional actions. The verification process is conducted later on when you fill out your profile and add a picture of yourself.
After the registration form is filled out, you will receive a confirmation letter to your mail. Check the inbox and use the link provided in the letter to activate your account. Start from adding more information about yourself.

How to use AnastasiaDate

The website is quite simple. All important interface elements are grouped tightly in the top menu. You won’t face any difficulties when using the website.


Anastasia Date dating site has simple navigation with a couple of buttons on the top menu. There are only three important buttons:

  • Search. This button will send you to the search page where you can find a perfect match and set up filters.
  • My Account. You can use this page to edit your personal information, add photos, and manage your finances.
  • Log Out. Pretty much self-explanatory.
  • In the left side menu, you will see other functional buttons and hyperlinks. All of them are dedicated to controlling your account, browse the catalog of members, and add credits.


The variety of filters is not that great, but you will be able to sort people by appearance, nationality, ethnicity, geographical location, marital status, age, hobbies, and lifestyle choices. AnastasiaDate dating site offers you enough flexibility to find a perfect match that fits your preferences.

How to pay

If you decide to upgrade your experience and make a couple of purchases, you will need to learn more about the monetization model on this website.


You can get credits that are used to pay for additional services, talk to girls, and make gifts. There are also special appreciation tokens that can be purchased and gifted to a girl if you want to stand out. You may buy 20, 160 or 1000 credits at once.

Payment systems

Sadly, you can use only Discovery, Visa, MasterCard, and AmericanExpress cards. All other options are non-existent.

Girls Profiles on AnastasiaDate

Profiles are generally very informative and have images and media files.

Women Profile on AnastasiaDate

User Region

You can meet people from all over the world. Most single girls are from Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean regions. However, people from South America and Asia are also quite frequently register here.

Sexual orientation

The AnastasiaDate dating site does not have a feature to choose your sexual orientation. The website caters to straight people.

Possibilities of filling and correspondence

Communicational options are versatile. You can use the sitewide e-mail system and chats, but the true gem of the communication model is live Camshare chat that can be used by all users. You will need to pay for talking to a girl that you like. Exchanging files and images is also an option.

User Security

The company pays attention to security and makes sure that users are well protected from scammers.


Your personal information is well-protected. However, we still recommend you to use a separate pair of login/password to register here. To avoid problems on the cybersecurity front, we suggest you use the Google+ account to sign up.

Anti Scam Options

All accounts are verified by the administration. If you want to use a website with only verified users, please consider AnastasiaDate dating site. You can also use the Camshare option.

Advantages and disadvantages of using the service

The website has many upsides and downsides. This is not a perfect service, but it definitely has a couple of benefits.


  • Informative profiles;
  • Thousands of ladies from all over the world;
  • Camshare on demand;
  • Relatively inexpensive services;
  • A strict verification policy.


  • The website is somewhat limited in terms of functionality;
  • Loading times can be quite irritating.

The Main Takeaway

AnastasiaDate reviews rarely show the service from a bad perspective. However, this is certainly not the best service out there. It is a very solid choice for people who are concerned with safety and want to be directly involved with their matches.