Stylish. Brave. Confident. These words come to mind after visiting Adam4Adam dating website. It makes the statement on the homepage and encourages men to create profiles. The platform that improves self-confidence and assists in searching the only (or not) partner.

About Adam4Adam Dating Site

The website is created for gay men who would like to start their online affair.

What is Adam4Adam for?

The platform is for boys who are looking not only for their love, friend, romance, or affair but also for self-confidence.

For whom service?

Boys who have doubts, who are shy for going to a gay club, for those who are looking for new emotions or want to experiment.

Site Description, ease of use

The website is stylish and pretty. The design makes a visitor to create an account from the first sight. It has qualitative pictures, links to mobile applications, pleasant to an eye color scheme, the overview of what is waiting for newcomers after the registration, and many other exciting and inspiring visual effects.

The homepage informs the user that there are more than 66 thousands people online. 27 free filters help in navigation among them. The homepage is adaptive to any type of screen. The chat is not limited.

The first impression is positive and makes everyone want to move forward. Registration is only legitimate for those who are at least 18 years old. It is necessary to read Terms and Conditions, at least most important parts of it, before signing up.

How to register

Getting started requires a username, email, and password. There is no option to register with any of the social networks on Adam4Adam dating site. It is evidence that the platform supports and respects privacy on the service. It is not recommended to fill in your real name. Next, read Terms and Conditions, mention are you a man, a trans, or a couple, your age, choose your location, upload a primary photo, verify that you are at least 18 years old, and you are all set.

How to use

The homepage of the main profile page looks like the feed of those who are online in your area. You can look through the profiles and choose who would you like to talk to. After making sure that there are enough people in your area, you can upgrade your profile and start communication. It is important to verify your email and upload a photo asap otherwise the account will be suspended.

Navigation site

The navigation is very convenient and offers tabs that other dating services don’t have. For example, there are sections like LiveWebCam or Movies. There is a SexShop where you can explore many interesting investigations for your personal life. The feed of messages is on the right, where you will receive at least two promotional messages right after creating the account. The website is stylish and simple.


There are 27 free filters that help in navigation. By applying all of them the chances are high that you will find a few people who will look like your perfect matches.

How to pay

The reminder for upgrading the profile is everywhere. It is very simple to follow the instructions and buy VIP membership. The service accepts credit cards and other payment methods by request. It is necessary to mention that all the functions of the service are free. You can chat whenever you want with anyone but VIP accounts. There are adds and other paid features, but all the communicative features are free.


VIP account allows user getting these:

  • Remove adds
  • Add more pictures
  • Get priority support
  • Receive verified profile and forget about risks

The last function is the most important for any VIP account. There are no doubts that you are talking to a real person because his account has been verified by another real person on technical support.

Payment systems

The payment system is secure. The membership can be canceled anytime.

Guys Profiles on Adam4Adam

Every profile must have a photo, otherwise suspended. There are plenty of information on one account, and no information on others. If you came here for communication, it is necessary to upload as many personal data as possible. Mention your hobbies, interests, food, books, TV show, sports, and anything else you would like to share with your partner.

User Region

There are all countries that you can choose but not all of them are popular. Chance your location is the area you have chosen is empty. There are always more than 50 thousands of gays online.

Sexual orientation

Only Gays, trans, or gay couples are allowed.

Possibilities of filling and correspondence

On the one hand, all the correspondence is free and unlimited on You can contact any person you like and meet some of them tonight. On the other hand, free correspondence may attract people, who may have harmful intentions. It meant either you upgrade to VIP ant talk to only personally verified users, or you talk carefully to every person and never see any personal data.

User Security

Security of the service is provided automatically. No data are secured on the internet, but Adam4Adam dating site employees are doing their best to protect everything newcomers share under their profiles.


It is necessary to acknowledge the risks and get familiar with the safety measures when talking intimately to someone online. The best advice is:

  • Never sharing real first and last name
  • Never send money to anyone
  • Never provide a real address or phone number
  • Never give credentials to other people
  • Never use public WiFi, especially when making payments
  • Never give credit card details to anyone online

It is recommended to report any suspicious behavior to a technical representative. These accounts are suspended or blocked.


No one knows how many scam accounts are there among 60 thousand who are online. The opportunity for free communication attracts scammers. Acknowledging the risks is necessary.

Advantages and disadvantages of using service

The service is stylish, well designed, and great, but it has disadvantages like any other dating platform.

Advantages of Adam4Adam

  1. The design
  2. Mobile applications
  3. Free chats
  4. Informative blog
  5. Personal verification for VIP accounts
  6. No adds for VIP


  1. High rises of scam accounts due to the free chats
  2. Adds and promotions for free accounts

In the nutshell

Adam4Adam reviews are positive and encouraging. The service makes people want to create an account after 10 seconds on the homepage. There is definitely a wow-effect that plays a certain marketing role for emotional perception. The website is free. Everyone can register and start chatting today. However, for those who have higher ambitions, there is an option to upgrade to VIP account and talk to verified users without any risks. The platform has plenty of unusual options like sex shop and Web Cam. If you are gay, it is worth trying.