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When you are young, you are overwhelmed with all possible matches you can get on Tinder or any other modern app on your phone that always finds a partner for you to spend a night out. However, as the years go by, you get older and start looking for a sense of stability that secures you from the rest of the world. That is where marriage and the bride comes into play. Because you were busy having fun, you didn’t even notice that you are older now but the girls felt it straight away. All the hottest and foxiest fall for younger lads and you feel left out. However, there is plenty of fish in the sea as well as ways to catch it. One of them is to meet a fresh foreign girl that can come from all around the world who will cherish you regardless of your age. Here I will share some thought and tips about treating a Viet girl that was an eye-opener for me and may be for you, too.

Vietnamese brides – who are they?
From the very start, you know that a girl you have just met comes from Vietnam and not any other Asian country. You know not just because she casually mentioned or you are currently in that country, duh. You can literally sense it. She is like any other Asian girl but with a sprinkle of western culture on top. For instance, she speaks English fluently and occasionally some English words are woven into her speech even when she speaks with friends in her native language.
Key features of Vietnamese girls

On the shy side
Have some western influence
Easy-going and chatty
Follow traditions
Not promiscuous
Getting married young
Loyal and family-oriented

How they usually look like?
All girls are beautiful and charming in their own way but there is always something that is special to a certain culture When it comes to Vietnamese, they are rather petite but having rounded ladybits. Luckily for you, they don’t shy away to show off the forms their mamas gave them. Keep in mind that you are like in the museum and should treat them as precious masterpieces otherwise their families break you both into pieces. If you don’t want it to happen, then don’t drag marrying your beautiful Viet girl. As it is been sung in one popular song if you like it then you should put a ring on it.

What kind of men do they prefer?
As a rule of thumb, a family-oriented, mature and solvent lad will get plenty of attention from females. If you are already in Vietnam, do not act like you are on vacation getting drunk, messy and you know what happens when we turn our minds off to relax. If you are just texting on a dating website, restrict from being flamboyant with your words and keep your chats simple but informative without creating false expectations. Either way, just show the ladies who you really are to make them want to hang out with you for the rest of your lives or at least your marriage.
Why Vietnamese girls become mail-order brides?
To give you a broad perspective, Vietnamese girls are raised in a society that expects them to marry young so that they do not waste their potential of becoming mothers if you know what I mean. As I have been told during my visit, most girls are dating with a clear intention of marriage. So if a girl goes out with a boy, their families know that is time to make arrangements for the wedding ceremony. What is more, it is not unusual to find a girl in her early 20’s who is still virgins and honestly thinks that holding hands is the first sign that a guy wants to marry you.

Knowing this, you can get an understanding of the reasons a Vietnamese girl can have to become a mail order bride.

What are these girls good at?
Beyond any doubt, Viet girls are among the most charming Asian girls. But their natural beauty and stunning looks are not the only things they can do. They are good at being loyal and dedicated because have been raised to take care of her husband as well as create a stable and robust family. Personally, I have seen my bride going an extra mile for me multiple times both when I just caught the flu or was overloaded and edgy at work. A Viet girl will become your personal angel who will be with you not only at your best times but also share your lows.

How can You impress Vietnamese girl?
Be serious about your intentions and stick to your words to impress your crush. Wine and dine her but under no circumstances invite a Vietnamese girl to spend a night in your hotel room. Check some travel advisory for your country and you will get an abundantly clear warning. Given the fact that your visitor is of the opposite sex, staying overnight implies some naughty activities, which are to be avoided by a young girl in Vietnam unless married. As far as I get it, it somewhat a governmental policy to prevent Vietnam from following the footsteps of Thailand notorious for its prostitution. It is in the best interest of all hotels to abide. So if you are having serious intentions, you can impress your darling by not inviting her into your room. Sure, you can also marry her before doing so. It is absolutely your decision.
Where You Can Find Your Ideal Vietnamese Bride?
Given to the family-oriented society, most girls don’t go to bars or clubs not to mention one-night-stands that is almost a taboo concept. Thus, you have to be inventive to find your way to attract the opposite sex. The most reasonable way around that comes to my mind is to register on a dating website where local girls can act freely without fear of being caught chatting or making out with a boy and publicly shamed for it. Although it appears so challenging to meet them, Vietnamese women can kill for a foreign man.

How To Choose The Best Vietnamese Mail-Order Brides Site?
Being an active dating platforms’ user, I have spent long hours reading so many reviews and comparing them so that I lost the count as well as my patience to carry on. By the rule of thumb, all of the dating websites share more similarities than differences because their main aim is to connect lonely hearts. The only things that vary from the platform to another platform is a way to let this match happen. Most of the websites come with a so-called special feature that distinguishes them among the others on the market. Some collaborate with psychologists to create questionnaires that ensure your compatibility with a spouse you find attractive. Others skip all the forms except for the basic registration and connect users by the means of swiping pictures. If you are generous enough, you can try out all of them to see what is best for you. If not, you can pick up any of the start dating websites and you will get a match.
Advantages and disadvantages of having a Vietnamese wife
Marrying a Vietnamese girl may sound like a dream with nothing else but sheer happiness and benefits. Let’s take off your pink glasses and face the reality of such a marriage that includes both pros and cons.
Tenderness and care

Given their upbringing, I can tell you that Viet girls are always caring about their spouses even if it means to put their interests first and go an extra mile. When I met my beloved girl, I was surprised not to say irritated when she asked dozens of questions during our meeting to check whether the food was ok, her company and my satisfaction in general. After living together for a while, I have got used to it and find it loving.


It is not common for Vietnamese to rage or shouts out at each even when the quarrel gets hot. Unlike Koreans, they have rather soft not high pitched voices, although their language may sound similar to western guys. Generally, it is not typical to have a quarrel at all. However, your spouse can make some double-sworded comments so be aware of their passive aggressive attitude that might become an issue.

Passive aggressive nature

In traditional cultures like Vietnamese, the girl is raised to accompany a man who is the breadwinner setting the rules of the family life. From an early age, she has been told that her husband should be pleased with any cost, even when it means to bury her own needs and expectations deep down. No wonder she will try to resist such demands in the only way available for her by making a subtle insult at any occasion, being grumpy or stubborn or without any good reason to name but a few. Remember the last time you thought she gave you a compliment that you did a good job repairing the tap or whatever else you did but then added shortly after that it was almost as good as her father would do? It is a first sign that your bride is acting passive aggressive towards you and it is not good for your relationship. Try to talk about it and maybe it will fade away. If not, it is better to consult with a specialist to keep a healthy marriage.

The expectation from her extended family

Somehow if a Vietnamese girl getting married to a foreigner, the rest of her extended family thinks that they got the golden ticket, too. They see you like Willy Wonka who is so wealthy that can take care of the whole family and find a place for every one of them in his chocolate factory. Trust me, it is almost next to impossible to convince them that reality is different and there are no Oompa Loompas at your home or exhausting 9 to 5 work.

Short conclusion
By and large, Vietnamese women are traditional girls who are patiently waiting for the love of their lives and do not hook up with foreigners just for fun. Instead, they want you to marry them and start a family. Although they appear gentle and shy, they tend to be sexually active and make you sweat in the bedroom. Beware of them being passive aggressive and spot such behavior from the beginning of your relationship.

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