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The fame of Ukrainian girls’ beauty travels far and wide – but Ukrainian girls do not travel quite as much. They are a bit of a Rapunzel type of girl, so if you are not lucky to have met an immigrant in the place of your residence, prepare to perch the traveling hat on the top of your head, put on your blue suede shoes – and leave for Ukraine. If you are still not convinced, read one of the most unbiased Ukraine dating sites reviews.

Ukrainian brides – who are they?

Key features of Ukrainian girls

Speaking as a person who spent 5 whopping years in the country, I can say for sure that I did my homework on Ukrainian women, their mindset and their expectations from men… But that didn’t help one bit, because when I left the country, I was just as puzzled (if not more) as I was on the day when my boots first kicked the Ukrainian ground. This is in itself a “key feature” that speaks volumes about local women.

Apart from being controversial and enigmatic, Ukrainian women strike foreign suitors as being highly intelligent and markedly intellectual, with the majority of them having at least one master degree – and yet they agree to be underpaid. They can cook like there is no tomorrow, but given a chance they demand that you take them to the most extravagant restaurants in the city. They act very independently, but they are looking for a man to depend on financially.

How do they usually look like?

A typical Ukrainian woman is good-looking, fiercely fashionable, well-dressed and groomed beyond everything you’ve seen in your life leading up to that moment, mortal. Many of them are taller than average, and an average here is 5.5ft, and almost every single one is in good physical form – joining a gym is a trend here, and you will have no shortage of “gym bunnies”. They have good skin and great Slavic hair, and regular facial features that range between pretty and scandalously beautiful.

What kind of men do they prefer?

Definitely, beautiful Ukrainian girls are looking for a man who does not see them only as an arm candy. They are very family-oriented, so they will evaluate you from that perspective. Ukrainian brides choose men with strong makings of a leader, since virility is something that is highly appreciated in this part of the world. A husband should be able to provide for the family – a traditional outlook that is not changed by the fact that more and more Ukrainian women find their fulfillment in professional life.

Why do Ukrainian girls become mail order brides?

Let’s agree that this is all very individual. Some women join mail order bride sites because they see it as a viable way to broaden the scope of their search, others are under the impression that the grass is greener on the other side, and there are some whose cultural demands exceed domestic offer.

What are these girls good at?

An average Ukrainian woman is strikingly well-versed in a variety of topics, she is sporty and oftentimes she will join you at a sports club, sharing a beer or two with you and cheering for your favorite team. It is not uncommon for Ukrainian mail order brides to be fluent in English. They are skillful cooks and are generally well adapted to both family life and staying single.

How can you impress a Ukrainian girl?

Trust me on this one: if you are able to read their mixed signals, you will already make an impression. Be honest about yourself and the future of your relationships, offer to pay for her on a date, be courteous, considerate and caring. You don’t have to have deep pockets to make an impression, but it won’t hurt if you send the message that your financial life is taken care of.

Where you can find your ideal Ukrainian bride?

When actually on the ground, it is best to hook up with beautiful Ukrainian girls downtown in the city, at a night club, or, surprisingly, at a gym – you will see a lot of them wearing makeup and outfits that flash a lot of skin, which is an open invitation.

If, however, you are looking for a less massive plan of attack, online dating space is just right for you. Best Ukraine mail order brides sites often come with an actual brick-and-mortar agency that can facilitate your accommodation once you decide to travel to the country for a personal meeting.

Be prepared that the competition is tough here. Ukrainian mail order brides are actively sought after, so you better be prepared to put your money where your mouth is, and come over to meet the girl whom you clicked with in person before she thinks that you are just another chat buddy to help her hone her English skills.

How to choose the best Ukrainian mail order brides site?

You should exercise double as much caution when confirming your registration with Ukrainian mail order brides sites. Here, like nowhere else, you are likely to be scammed. Double-check everything that concerns safety of personal information, SSL encryption, security of payment information, and pay attention to the tightness of their personality validation. If something falls short of excellent, bounce off in search for pastures that are safer, if not greener.

Ukrainian singles can be found on international dating platforms like, as well as on websites created domestically. I strongly recommend that you use sites like Match and Tinder where you can filter your matches by preset categories tuned for finding Ukrainian mail order brides – while still having all of the benefits of a website with servers based in the West.

If you do wish to try your luck with specifically Ukrainian and Russian brides, I recommend that you consider joining VictoriaHearts, which is one of the top-rated Ukrainian dating platforms teeming with beautiful brides. Closely following it in terms of reliability and great customer feedback are MatchTruly and LoveSwans.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a Ukrainian wife

What if you have met the Slavic beauty of your dreams, and are ready to give her your name? First of all, congratulations are in order.

You are one lucky guy, because…

…Beautiful Ukrainian brides make beautiful wives
…Ukrainian wives are great companions in whatever your hobby is
…A Ukrainian wife is an awesome conversationalist
…She is most likely to be loads of fun to be with
…Ukrainian wives are pedantic in questions of household (she can even do most of it herself without missing a beat)
…Ukrainian wives are great cooks
…Ukrainian wives can be practical, if need be

You might feel a bit challenged, because…

…A Ukrainian girl will always invest in the way she looks, hence…
…Ukrainian wives are exceptionally high-maintenance. She will see you as a ticket to “all you can have” kind of store in life – no matter how genuinely she loves you, she was raised on a notion that her husband’s role is to give her the moon. And the fishing rode of the DreamWorks guy. Because it comes with the package, right?
…Mood swings of a Ukrainian wife are sometimes difficult to understand. Could it be nostalgia? Could it be PMS? But after all, aren’t all women out there like that?

Take-home message

In order for your future with a Ukrainian mail order bride to work, heed my advice and approach the problem of choice responsibly. Do not get sold on stereotypes, rather keep your eyes peeled for the slightest clouds on the horizon of the relationship that could be a harbinger of stormy weather as you sail along further into this sea.

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