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You may have an apartment in the nice neighborhood, fancy car and everything else that is supposed to make your life happy. Yet you feel as if something crucial is missing. I felt like this myself and started to cruising for a bruising for a while that included some wild parties, reckless and promiscuous behavior as well as everything that lonely men from the well-developed countries do when they don’t know what to do with their lives anymore. Until I ended up reading a post of a guy who met a beautiful hot Thai woman who made his life content. Being a skeptical person, I gave it some time before actually trying out. Guess what, I connected with a lovely lady who changed my life once and for all. I came up with some random thoughts you may find interesting to read before starting your journey of finding a Thailand girl.

Beautiful Thailand Women For Marriage

Thai brides – who are they?

For starters, Thai girls are renowned not only for giving unforgettable massages but also for their attractive appearance. They are tiny and fragile girls with shiny black hair that you want to touch with your finger to feel its smoothness. These girls have been raised in a rather conservative culture and tend to follow the predominant expectations of becoming mothers at a quite young age. That is why most of them dream of becoming wife, which makes it easier for you to fulfill such an earthy dream.

Key features of Thai girls

  • Tiny and fragile body complexion
  • Femininity
  • Thick black hair
  • Tanned skin
  • Insatiable appetite for intercourse

How they usually look like?

Thai girls look natural and neat. As a rule of thumb, they are dressed in bright outfits and do not shy to put on high heels. All of it makes them strikingly feminine when you compare them to western girls who are rather reluctant to dress up on a daily basis unless it us a night out.

Key features of Thai girls

What kind of men do they prefer?

Thai girls fancy men who can bring them safety in the ever-changing world. Foreigners are coming and going every day and there is nothing else that girls wishes than to get some stability. Sure, you will get some extra points if you have already achieved something in your life like buying a car or paying off your mortgage. However, it is not something that makes a Thai girl love you. Show her that you are serious and mean what you say. It will not take long when she sees and favors you among other men trying to make her love them.

Why Thai girls become mail-order brides?

It is not big news that Thai girl who decides to become mail-order wives are coming from poor families, had no chance to get educate etc. It looks like the chances are little for them to progress on to a high paid job other than working in a bar serving for foreigners. That is why their best chance of escaping poverty is to marry a foreign man, who can offer her financial and social security. The average single male foreigner visiting Thailand meets that criteria simply because they managed to get a ticket there, although it is not that cheap to any western city.

Apart from that, foreign men are thought to be more faithful than locals that is why any Thai girl wants at least to try a relationship with one of them.

What are these girls good at?

  1. Being feminine and desirable
  2. Teasing you before trying out something new in bed
  3. Bringing you over the moon with some Thai massage

How can You impress Thai girl

How can You impress Thai girl?

Thai girls are no strangers to foreigners. You can’t can’t win her over with free drinks or expensive presents. To keep it short and simple, do not act like a typical western tourist who is suffering under yellow fever.

Thai girls have seen it before and grown weary of it. Be yourself even if it may sound banal. In such a way you have more chances to impress a girl of your dreams than following all of the advice you heard from your friends or strangers on the Internet. Do not waste your chance of winning a Thai girl just because you are self-conscious to be yourself.

Where You Can Find Your Ideal Thai Bride?

If you are looking for a serious relationship your best bet is to make good Thai friends first. When you befriend some locals and even manage to become close friends, the chances are higher that they introduce you into their social circles that inevitably includes girls. If you want to cut the chase, you can meet a girl through social activities like language exchange.

When it is not your case either, you can register on a website made for dating Thai girls. I decided to proceed with the letter option because the first one was not possible for me. Given my current job at that time, I could not call in sick for a day not even to mention a chance to indulge myself in flying away on an adventure to find a bride.

So I read some reviews and forums before I made up my mind about one dating platform that seemed trustworthy for me. Came up with a nickname, typed my email address, uploaded a photo, came up with an enticing description of my personality and did everything that a person normally does to register on a website.

Where You Can Find Your Ideal Thai Bride

How To Choose The Best Thai Mail Order Brides Site?

The Internet is filled with useful information about how to pick up the best website to find a Thai bride unlike girls coming from any other country. My best assumption is that such an abundant content is created because of nothing else but notorious yellow fever. Although it has nothing to do with a medical condition of your health, it is indeed not just a joke and lots of people have been there themselves. As a result, you have plenty of tips and do not have to make a fool out of yourself. I have spent long hours reading dozens reviews of dating websites until I realized that all of them has one thing in common. You can pick up any website because all of them are similar with only slight differences but should watch out for scammers.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a Thai wife

Marrying a Thai girl has lots of enticing benefits over marriage with a western wanna-be bride. However, you should not also forget about downsides that may be also waiting for you as your marriage develops itself. Here is a brief list of the most common pros and cons that you can expect.


Exotic lifestyle

Marrying a girl from an exotic country like Thailand brings lots of new things in your life from food specialties to sleeping habits. From my experience, a new culture has spiced up my life and I don’t feel stuck in a rut anymore.

Always happy

No matter how bad her day was, a Thai girl knows how to see the bright side of life. She won’t complain about her challenges with a foreign language or minor misunderstanding with her mother-in-law. To her mind, having a partner in love is more important than anything else in the world so she should stay humble and strong to overcome some quirks to lead a happy life together.


Sometimes men say they don’t marry a Thai woman because there are high chances of her being a professional

I want neither exaggerate nor generalize but the chances are high that a cute girl who sits next to you in a bar wondering about whether or not you like Thai food may be a professional prostitute. Given to popularity among foreigners, places like Pattaya are not where one can meet a wife because normally people come there to get some fun and leave their worries behind. Even on the Internet, there is still a possibility that a girl is not genuine. You should keep it in mind and do not be naive. I bet that you can tell a difference between a modest girl and a foxy prostitute who wants to rip you off. In particular, you can find out if a girl is uni educated, has a good job and so on that makes up a life of any regular woman who earns her money in the right way.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a Thai wife

Cultural differences

Plenty has been told about differences between western and Asian cultures resulting in contrasting mindsets. In particular, westerns are more distant and cold when they meet a new person whereas Asians are friendly and generally more easy-going about it. That is why your Thai girl is contrasting so much when you compare her to your ex-girlfriends. However, pardon me for being blunt, carefree partnership and overwhelming sexual attraction don’t necessarily mean that you are on the same wavelength with your sweetheart. Marriage is a relationship of a more complex nature than a holiday fling. It may not be exactly your case but there is definitely a bunch of stuff to think about before taking a plunge into marriage with a girl coming from abroad.

Short conclusion

By and large, Thai girls are seductive ladies, although they appear tiny and vulnerable at first glance. They will indulge you with some Thai massage if you treat them well but don’t even ask for it when you misbehave.

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