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I could go on ad nauseam about the allure of Russian brides, but I assume that if you are already here looking for Russian dating sites reviews, you don’t need to be convinced. What you need is some tips from a fellow-addict (yep, I’m in the same camp!) who’s actually had some experience of dating Russian girls both online and in person. So here are my ideas about what women in Russia are about, what they expect from you as a man in your life, what are the long-term perspectives and, most importantly, how not to get scammed on Russian dating sites.

Russian brides – who are they?

Key features of Russian girls

As I sit here nibbling on my pen and trying to cram the abysmal number of qualities Russian women have in common into several awfully generalizing and stereotyped sentences, a movie with Nicole Kidman is haunting me. She plays (rather convincingly) a Russian mail-order bride. Not a bad choice of actress to represent everything a Russian woman is: tall, beautiful, enigmatic, affectionate, delicate and sexually liberated. This is my (very biased and highly subjective) opinion, and I am certain you could throw in a good dozen other traits that are typical for wonderful creatures populating a small stretch of land between Finland and Japan.

Key features of Russian girls

How Russian Brides usually look like?

If I were to give one generic definition to the way most women from Russia look, I would say, their looks are of model quality. It might well stem from the fact that they have this extremely multi-ethnical background, which scientifically steps up their genetics. It is impossible to go beyond this definition because you do realize that Russia is a huge country that lies in two parts of the world at the same time. According to 2010 census, it is home to 7 ethnical groups. This will give an idea about how diverse Russian brides be in their looks.

Still, if we assume that you have a soft spot for ethnical Russian mail-order brides, I would not err too horribly saying that they are tall, mostly slender or fit, sporting hourglass figure and naturally fair hair combined with a light complexion and predominantly blue eyes.

What kind of men do they prefer?

There is never “one size fits all” answering this kind of question. But I would assume that as human beings looking to arrange their life with a worthy partner, they seek reliable, mature, affectionate and caring male to fill in the shoes of a partner.

At the same time, it is a given fact that women from less developed countries are looking for financial stability they can achieve through marriage.

Why are Russian women looking for marriage with a foreigner?

This, again, is highly individual and largely depends on the girl’s background, to be more precise, her social status, education, the history of previous relationships, etc. Financial insecurity of domestically available suitors makes those latter a non-viable marriage material.

Political, demographical and social situations in the country do not sit well with the majority of people of both genders I met in Russia, so feel free to factor these in.

Russian brides benefits

What are these girls good at?

For starters, Russian ladies, as well as Ukrainian, are good at driving western men crazy! They cope excellently with grooming and styling themselves – save for some downright freakum-dress moment, but presumably, you will not approach anyone dressed like that with any serious intention.

Russian brides seriously try to make the best of their classroom English, so I guess I could say they are good at trying to communicate with you in your mother tongue. Hey, this is already more than you’ve done so far to learn to communicate with her in the language of Pushkin! When did you last time brush up on your Russian?

Russian girls are also good at cooking. They will generally make a good housewife if you hand around long enough to ever need that part of her CV.

How can you impress a Russian girl?

In terms of impressing a Russian woman, the situation has very much changed within the past 10 years thanks to globalization. Save for the cases when your Russian belle comes from a remote province, she will not be impressed by your citizenship – the likes of you are thick on her ground.

Impress a Russian girl

If you are genuinely looking to make an impression on a Russian woman you pick from the litter, focus on impressing her as a person, not a representative of her ethnicity or nationality. This approach is the only healthy start that will foster a fulfilling relationship with a future.

Where Can You Find Your Ideal Russian Bride?

Meeting beautiful Russian girls is possible a) in Russia (surprise!); b) at a social event for expats – find those using expat websites for Russians (another surprise!); c) sifting through the best Russian brides sites (well… you feel me).

Ideal Russian Bride

While I personally prefer traveling for dating, I do realize that it is my job situation that makes my schedule so flexible and requires a physical presence in the country of my interest. If the second option is not your cup of tea either, you will definitely win by taking a plunge into the online dating pool. But extreme caution should be exercised when you do.

How to choose the best Russian mail-order brides site?

The number of mail order brides dating sites is up to the wazoo, but those will as often as not charge you for every mouse click. I would highly recommend that you register with a western dating service like AnastasiaDate, DreamSingles or LoveSwans in search of sexy RuBrides. Set your preferences to filter off other single ladies out there (sorry, Angelina Jolie!), and wait for the bot to come up with more matches than you can shake a stick at.

Best Russian mail order brides site

This said, there are still some decent dating platforms with strictly Russian mail order brides. I would recommend sites like FindBride, USSR Star and VictoriaHearts. They offer free membership before you commit to becoming a paid member. Personal verification is tight. They make sure the girls in their profile actually represent themselves. I’d say, among the rest of the offer they stand out for making a decent effort to provide security for subscribers.

Avoid everything that looks fishy to you. If you have to make excuses for their site bumping around in the 90s by the looks of it, or that their textual content is all in bad English, up to your sticks and go. They are reeking in the money they make from paid members, and the least they can do is provide adequate site maintenance and hire good writers.

Never, ever share credit card details with any users of the site. Do not send money to girls either, no matter how far into a virtual relationship you are. And whatever you do, do not become a PPL (“Pay Per Letter”) swindle.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a Russian wife


Given that your love story unfolds according to the best case scenario and you two tie the knot, you will be a happy husband of a woman who is great-looking, affectionate and attached to you – for the sake of her taking away from the harsh realities of her own country, if not for something else. Russian wives are great housewives and mothers, they are most likely to get on with your family and friends thanks to their outgoing personality, and friends for a lifetime.


Some Russian girls are just too high maintenance. It is true that she was a lot of eye candy when you first met her, but you never actually cared to think how much money was riding on the issue. Apart from that, not many more things come to my mind. I had my issues with Russian girlfriends, but those stemmed from intrapersonal difficulties that in their turn were results of things unrelated to their national traits.

Disadvantages of having a Russian wife

The short of it

The message to take home here is landing yourself a beautiful Russian bride is not so much of a problem, as long as you are discrete, honest with yourself and with your matches. Do not forget the basic rules of informational safety on the Internet, and brace yourself for becoming unbearably happy!

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