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When you are floating on cloud nine after reading a vampire novel or spend hours binge-watching vampire movies, it is high time to consider an option of finding yourself a proper Romanian bride to satisfy your urges. Your mum will be definitely over the moon when you finally start living your dreams and leave that blood computer screen to rest. Leaving the corny jokes behind, Romanian girls have much more to offer than just vampire looks and behavior. Being surrounded by them for a long time in my life due to work relocation, I know a thing or two about them and be more than happy to share my knowledge with you so that you can seduce one of them to live happily ever after.Meet Gorgeous Romanian Brides.

Romania brides – who are they?

Our planet Earth is bursting with beautiful girls who are into vampire culture and living next door from you. Why would you care for a Romanian one? They are authentic, duh. European girls are only read up on vampire cultures, unlike Romanian hotties who have it in their blood. Okay, enough with vampire puns, brides from Romania are beautiful girls who are indeed strongly influenced by the culture around them but are modern in every way. They go to parties, travel and if they are lucky, go to school instead of spending long hours over their cauldrons making potions.  Neither they are gypsies who are lurking for a man’s soft spot to rip him off.

Key features of Romanian girls

  • Natural Beauty
  • Modesty
  • The authentic and rich folklore
  • Prone to believing in superstitions

How they usually look like?

I won’t lie when I tell you that Romanian girls look hot but not in an artificial way that can be enhanced with tonnes of makeup. They are simply born this way. It is common for a girl in Romania to have a bunch of long, dark hair, curly eye-lashes along with a blush and rosy lips. Unfortunately, most people confuse Romanian girls with Gypsies who have very little in common. These girls are no way dirty or homeless queens of the streets.

Shining beauty of Romanian Brided

What kind of men do they prefer?


The more official you are dressed, the better. Try to forget about your t-shirt and jeans, they don`t make a man out of you. Better buy yourself a couple of suites so that your Romanian bride will treat you as real businessmen and master of life.

Mature and reliable

Do what you say and don`t throw your words just to impress her. In Romania, people take every word seriously and can accidentally jinx you when you fail to keep your promises.

Why Romanian girls become mail order brides?

All of us have our own reasons for making any decision that can influence our lives. Romanian girls are no different. It may be a fantasy of her meeting a foreigner to go in a kingdom far-far away that she used to have when she was a little girl. It may be professional ambitions and aspirations to be by a man who is clever and proud to be solvent. They may be thousands of reasons for her to make this decision. However, no matter why they decide to become a mail order bride, you should appreciate the mere chance to meet them and make your life brighter with their presence.Find main reason why Romanian became internet brides

How can You impress a Romanian girl?

You don’t have to be Dracula and bleed your sweetheart dry just to get her attention. Being raised in a country where this famous vampire originates, she will such attempts dull and tasteful. So no. don’t even think of dressing up as Dracula and take away that fake fangs you bought in a trick shop until they make a fool out of you and ruin your date.  However, there are some aces that you can hide up your sleeves to impress a girl of her dreams.

Be careful about what you wear

It is always a good idea to look smart and neat. However, in Romania, it is not enough to impress a girl. A friend of mine toles me a story that once he made a mistake going out to a club wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. It is how we casually get dressed when we prepare for a night out in a club like Berghain in Berlin, right? But my friend was unlucky that night. No girl wanted to talk to him or come near him but giggled behind his back. Then a man approached him and was kind enough to reveal a secret. In fact, in Romania, no one treats you like a man if you are not properly dressed. Especially Romanian girls who only fall for freshly ironed suits that you would rather wear to a business meeting rather than a club. Keep it in mind when selecting an outfit for a night out.

What Romanian  women prefer in men

Stick to your words

Like any other girl from Eastern Europe, Romanian hotties are looking forward to meeting a mature man who can stand up to his words. For example, if you are in the mood of planning the futter and your tongue slips promising your wife to build a house and plant a tree, she will take your words seriously and expect you to do so. No way she is going to mock you and underestimate your aspirations with a smirk on her face as it may happen in the Western world where women tend to be more sharp-tongued and take everything with a pinch of salt.

Advantages and disadvantages of having Romanian wife

It will not be an exaggeration to state that Romanian girls and any other Eastern European girls have lots in common. Nevertheless, they have unique positive and negative sides of their personalities that influenced by the country they have been raised and nurtured.


Natural Beauty

Well, I think that advantage speaks for itself. These girls need no make-up to be beautiful. Personally, I am fond of their dark and thick hair that can make me crazy.


There is a veil of mysteries surrounding a Romanian girl. This land is steeped in legends that make your fantasy run wild. Imagine being raised here hearing those story each and every day. What is more, chances are really high that somebody in her family tree was or is a witch capable of some superpowers. So no need to come up with an idea for a role play.  Intrinsic characteristics of your hot Romanian sweetheart can arouse wonder and curiosity that definitely spice up your sexual life.


Sensitive to superstitions

Being raised in a mysterious land, surrounded by wanna-be or actual witches inevitably influence a mindset and lead to certain misjudgments. Every little detail is taken as if it is a premonition of disaster that can be prevented from happening. Take for instance sitting in the table corner or letting your Romanian crush to sit there. She will be devastated because it means for her that she can never marry. For a European mind, such beliefs are considered rather outlived and primitive. But God forbid you to break a mirror and make up an excuse that you can buy a new one in IKEA. No new mirror can make life good again because the bad luck will follow your couple for seven years of mischance and sufferings without any chance to break a vicious circle and stop it.

Short conclusion

In a nutshell, Romanian brides are famous for their natural beauty and mystery surrounding their country. With them, you will never get bored but may grow weary of their numerous superstitions the abundance of which can simply make you mad one day if you don’t learn how to treat them properly.

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