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When searching for a partner that God meant for you to meet, you want to have access to the best options that are out there. In any event, you want to be sure that your chances of finding a true soulmate as a devout Muslim are equal to those available to non-religious singles. If spiritual alignment plays an important part in your personal life, and it is hard to imagine that it doesn’t – as long as you are serious about your belief – finding strictly Muslim dating sites is a challenge. But it is still doable.

Muslim brides – who are they?

As a Muslim man looking for a worthy partner to start a close relationship with, what features do we aspire to find in a woman?

Key features of Muslim girls

Arguably, the most characterizing feature of Muslim women of any age is their chastity, respect for men and elders in their life, diligence, humbleness and spirituality. Daughters in Islamic culture are raised with deep understanding of their role as future Muslim wives. They see their life’s purpose as a nurturer of the family and the keeper of the home, which is the predominant idea that factors in during shaping of their future personality.

What kind of relationships are traditional for the Islamic religion?

Dating within Muslim religion is regulated by a rigid set of rules. Those are the guidelines governing more than just romantic relationships: by and large, they are determinative of one’s spiritual identity. Partners within the couple should build their connection on deep mutual respect and care, with clear gender roles as the basis. Such meta-framing entails a myriad of smaller, but no less important things: they span everything respectful attitude means to a Muslim person, be it a man or a woman.
Extra-marital sexual relationships are a deep-seated cultural taboo. Dating is a subject to approval from family’s elders and the immediate social environment of the couple. Going against the grain here is going to trigger an avalanche of consequences that will be anything but helpful in the process of forming the bond.

Why do Muslim girls become mail order brides?

Finding the right partner within your religious space is of paramount importance. I have personally known couples who had a lot of common in matters outside their faith, but dating with someone who does not share your core beliefs is never an easy start, and I am inclined to say that such relationships are doomed from the very start.
For Muslim singles, online dating creates an opportunity and sets a background for meeting a person whose convictions are aligned with theirs. By putting up her profile at a dating site that helps you filter matches by religion, Muslim girl achieves just that: she can be certain that her values will be respected from date one, and that she herself will be understood and treated according to the norms of her faith.

Where can you find your ideal Muslim bride?

One foolproof way of knowing that you will have shared spiritual values within the couple is to look for relationships online, guided by numerous Muslim dating sites reviews. This method has an unbeatable advantage of letting users filter the eventual matches by faith and even sect within a religion. You will actually be able to tell much more than that looking at a person’s profile. Age, values, convictions, aspirations, sense of humor, personal traits and quirks – all of this information can be deduced from browsing profiles on a matching platform. It does not substitute a meeting in real life, but you will protect emotional chastity of your date and your partner by not asking out someone just to discover irreconcilable differences in your outlook.
Starting a profile on a social network for Muslim singles does not eliminate the necessity to have your eyes and your heart open for other opportunities offered by real life. Continue looking for the one God meant for you among your social connections, this will widen the net for you and increase the chances of your choice being approved by your family. According to civil state statistics, socially accepted couples have much higher survival rates.

How to choose the best Muslim dating site?

If you are not a novice in the game of online dating, you must have heard of While not being specifically developed to help people within Islamic religion meet one another. But the site provides this wonderful feature that lets you sift through profiles, and unlike many other sites out there, Tinder and OkCupid included, those filters actually work and you will not a match outside of your religion popping up.
Other proven places I can say for sure work for meeting beautiful Muslim girls,,,,,, – just to name a few. Your options vary from site to site, as well as the price, while you can join many Muslim dating sites for free.
When it comes to choosing among the best Muslim dating sites, the price is not everything. You cannot really say that you landed the best deal at the cheapest one, because it might be arranged so that at the end of the day you will lose more in terms of time and efforts that it will defeat the very purpose of affordability. The opposite is also true: top-charging sites are not necessarily the best.
There are some key points to pay attention to: How secure the site is? How accurate are they about identity verification and personality questionnaire? Is there a mobile app? How usable the site it? How many registered and active members are there? Ideally, a site should offer a trial period. I suggest that you don’t register with a site until you are satisfied with the answers to every question above.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a Muslim wife


If you happened to have met a girl who was raised in a good family where Islamic traditions were honored, consider yourself a lucky man. Muslim brides make perfect wives. The advantages of Muslim wives are numerous and very much obvious to any religious person. But I would like to start off by saying that Allah is love, and a woman brought up with Allah in her heart is full of affection, tranquility and wisdom, which is always a good start.
Muslim wives are caring and nurturing keepers of the flame: the flame of your fireplace, the flame of devotion, the flame of serving her husband and her family. You will never be disappointed in choosing a deeply religious girl to wed. But let your heart and then your mind guide the hand that you offer to your future partner in life.


If, on the other hand, you are not an adept of Islamic culture and still consider marrying a girl from a Muslim family, be prepared to face many disadvantages of your choice. You have next to no chances of being accepted by your Muslim bride’s family and friends, being an outsider. This will weigh hard on your wife’s perception of herself and her purpose and dramatically go against everything she has been shaped to be.

Sum up

I would like to conclude everything written above with a beautiful piece of wisdom from a notable figure in Islamic tradition, an activist and a TV personality Ahmad AlShugairi: “The man dreams of a perfect woman and the woman dreams of a perfect man and they don’t know that Allah created them to perfect one another.” May these wise words guide you, and you will find peace and tranquility on this road that leads you to finding everlasting love to hold in this world and in Jannah!

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