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The challenges of finding a lifetime partner haunt people across race, age and yes, faith. There is no fast track to love, but still, many dating sites keep on offering it. I am a “been there, done that” guy who can say for certain that it takes considerable personal investment and a great deal of luck to find that special someone with whom you feel like it was meant to be by God. Most of the Jewish dating sites reviews focus on discussing features of various platforms for singles, while I would like to offer a slightly different approach. I will dwell more on expectation one may have about Jewish brides, possibly busting some myths here; outline the options for online dating within our religion and characterize Jewish wives in an unbiased way.

Jewish brides – who are they?

When describing the role of women in Judaism, one should begin by saying that in this religion, the very Jewishness is passed down by females to their sons and daughters. Another peculiar aspect of female seen through the eyes of devout Jews is that righteous women garner greater praise than righteous men. Next on, husbands are bid to respect their wives more than they respect themselves.

Key features of Jewish girls

Apart from that, a devout Jewish woman is a holder of such timeless virtues as cordiality and warm-heartedness, greater faithfulness as compared to that of men (Israel was redeemed thanks to the righteousness of its women), they possess intuitive (“raw”) knowledge and the innate ability to discern good from bad, and divinity.

What kind of relationships are traditional in Judaism?

Whichever relationships a Jewish man seeks to enter with a woman of his faith, they are imbued with the most profound respect for her that is dictated to him by the doctrines of his religion. While it is culturally acceptable to go out on casual dates and get to know different people to finally find the one who is right for you, the ultimate goal for any religious person is a marital relationship.
There is a notion of “family purity” reinforced by women through their appointed female consultant yaotzot. With the help of a responsive spiritual guide, a woman keeps her family honorable in Jewish culture.

Why do Jewish girls become mail order brides?

With so many religious practices to follow and such profound commitment to her spiritual ideas, it would be highly problematic for any devout Jewish woman to enter a relationship with a man outside her faith. By joining a dating network, Jewish mail order brides get a fair chance to find a man within their faith. This said, I am certain that there is no “one size fits all” answer to the question as for what makes Jewish brides join online dating pool, and every single of them is an individuality with her own reasons to do so.

Where can you find your ideal Jewish bride?

As a devout Jew, I feel it is a challenge to meet a person whom I like and who understands the things that are important to me about my faith. But dozens of dating platforms with what seems to be scores of beautiful Jewish girls are an ideal place to foster relationships based on deep understanding of the time-honored practices of Judaism. Do they, indeed, live up to their promises?
It is a matter of tradition for Jewish singles to meet one another through parents and other relatives, acquaintances of their parents, or at religious gatherings. However, the one person who is in God’s plan for you may not be in your immediate social environment. Taking into account that you are actively leafing through Jewish dating sites reviews, it may well be that the one who was meant for you awaits you among Jewish brides in online dating space. What if the very idea to continue your search for the significant one was sent to you by the All-Mighty?

How to choose the best Jewish dating site?

Jewish online dating space is something that has existed since 1997 with the advance of JDate. It ranks high on my list, because the site is awesomely automated, meaning that the matches that it suggests for your are picked with obvious attention to detail. The males to females ratio are skewed in favor of the beautiful sex, which is also fine by me.
JDate’s main competitor among the best Jewish mail order brides sites is, easily, TheJMom. This is a great combination of time-honored traditions of matchmaking done by parents with the modern take on it. They actually engage parents in finding the best matches for their single kids. And who can find a better JeeBoo for you than your own mother? Alright, I am being a bit sarcastic about it, but the idea is truly magnificent, taking into account how important family blessing is for Jewish singles.
You can go ahead and try, a dating space that has been around since early naughts and has stepped up its game quite a bit as of late. This is one of the few mainstream sites out there that offer filtering matches by their religious convictions.
Other noteworthy players in the business of Jewish mail order brides are WorldOfJewishSingles, JRetroMatch (yes, it is as quirky and totally cool as it sounds), SuperTova and TotallyJewishDating. As you can see, the options are plentiful – choose the flavor to your liking, the safety of every site mentioned here has been proven by time and use!

Advantages and disadvantages of having a Jewish wife

I could not stress enough the importance of the role a woman has in a Jewish family and genuine respect that is paid to her as a part of the culture. Not without a reason are women in Judaism so highly regarded!


Jewish brides are raised in the traditions of tzniut – modesty and discretion in everything they do, but mostly, this applies to the way they dress and wear their hair. Orthodox Judaism goes even deeper with that, regarding female singing voice as a sacred feature of hers that should not be overheard by men who are not her husband or her relative. This should give you a pretty accurate idea of how honorable Jewish wives are – and this not being any hindrance to their excellent education.
Other traditional virtues of a Jewish wife are diligence and faithfulness, excellent qualities of a mother, being able to provide care and nurture of the highest quality to her family, as well as being a safeguard to her “family purity”.


They are too awesome. Seriously, did you expect me to list the drawbacks of having a Jewish wife? Even if I was knowledgeable of any, I would not pass this information on for the fear of my dear mother and God. In this very succession.

A short conclusion

The importance of finding a spouse within your faith, the one whose beliefs, values and practices are as strong as yours, is laying a fundament to a happy and fulfilling relationship that lasts for a lifetime. You should never settle for any less than that, and I hope this message comes through in every word I have written above. Mozel Tov!

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