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The day has come and you feel like you are ready to settle down. Yet all the women around you seem not exactly what you are looking for and you rather crave something exotic for the rest of your life. I have been there myself and can tell you that you are experiencing something called yellow fever. Don’t be worried it can be treated quite easily because there is no better cure than find a Korean girl who wants to become your bride and later wife.

Korean brides – who are they?

Although all women share some similarities, there are some quirks that are special given to the culture of their upbringing. To give you an idea of Korean brides, I have come up with a list of thing I find distinguishing.

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Key features of Korean girls

You know that a girl is Korean when her skin is glowing with freshness, her voice is getting higher whenever she is excited and she is constantly on her phone posting everything she does during the day.

How they usually look like?

Normally a Korean girl looks literally like a little girl no matter how old she is in reality. Some say it is due to high beauty standards that are oppressive in Korean society, others claim that it is just in their DNA to look forever young. You have to decide whom to believe. Personally, I believe that the real reason lies somewhere in the middle. Korean girls take lots of efforts to look stunningly fresh and dazzling, even when it requires to undergo some surgical treatments.

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What kind of men do they prefer?

Like any other woman, a Korean one prefers mature men who stick to their words. Nothing surprisingly new for you. However, if you are more into young girls, prepare to put up with her obsession over social networks. So the young generation requires you to be patient and understanding when it comes to posting everything online and wondering why there are not enough likes.

Why Korean girls become mail-order brides?

I have been asking myself many times why Korean girls want to become mail-order brides but couldn’t find an abundantly clear answer. It looks like each girl has her own personal reasons to become a bride. Don’t be shy and ask your crush directly about her reasons. After all, you have to learn how to trust each other and share your concerns and inhibitions.

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What are these girls good at?

  • Being fresh
  • Looking cute
  • Updating social media
  • Soothing their husbands
  • Appreciating family ties

How can You impress Korean girl?

It is not that hard to impress a Korean girl if you are ready to share your personal life with a bunch of other strangers that follow her on social networks. Take her for a dinner to an unusual place where she can take pictures for her profiles to make other envy her. Buy her a huge bouquet of flowers for the same very reason mentioned above. Stay creative and impress her with little yet the unusual thing that can make big news for her social media audience.


Where You Can Find Your Ideal Korean Bride?

Good news is that you don’t have to sell everything you have and buy a one-way ticket to South Korea to marry a local bride. Although some people do follow such a pattern, there is also another more convenient way to find a perfect Korean match without leaving your comfort zone. What is more, all coach potatoes will like this option among the others. To make it work you need a laptop, a wifi connection and some free time. That is what it takes to register on a dating website that connects Korean wannabe brides with men coming all around the world.

You will spend some time learning the ropes of how the dating sites are functioning but talking from my experience it won’t take long until you feel yourself an expert in the field of international dating.

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Think about it this way, you don’t have to make a fool out of yourself anymore thinking about how to attract the attention of the girl you find attractive or breaking your head when considering how to break the ice between you two. Most of the dating websites organized in a user-friendly and often provide a set of icebreakers to help you start a conversation. Then it will all go with the flow and you find the only one meant for you after a while.

How To Choose The Best Korean Mail Order Brides Site?

Given the abundance of options available on the online dating market, you may feel clueless about which one of them to pick up. On the one hand, you can try some of them you find interesting before you settle down with the one that is more comfortable for you. Most of such websites offer a free trial period so that you can see if it suits you or not really. Thus, it doesn’t cost you a fortune to try as many websites as you wish to compare them. On the other hand, you can cut the chase by reading an informative dating review that depicts all the benefits along with downsides in an understandable manner and makes up your mind about the most suitable option. If you ask me, I did both. I read tonnes of reviews, registered on various websites until I found the one that seemed to be the most credible and offered me value for money. If you recognize yourself in me, you can try it out. However, I must warn it takes lots of time and energy when you try each and every website connecting Korean beauties with western men. When I look back, I would modify my search a bit so that I read some reviews and select a bunch of websites instead of vetting each and every one.

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To my humble opinion, it is more than enough to read some reviews and pick up two of the dating platforms so that you don’t spread yourself too thin and save your energy to rather concentrate on the communication with Korean girls.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a Korean wife

Owing to my experience and knowledge of Korean girls, I have created a brief list of their quirks so that you know what to expect. It includes both their perfect and not so perfect sides.


Neat and well-groomed

Korean girl buys lots of skin-care products to make sure they look perfectly at any time. Their husbands are indeed pleased to look at their wives and call them the apple of their eyes. It is always a challenge for me to find out their actual age though. Because all of them appear to me as-as lovely schoolgirls. So if you want to find out how old they are, there is no other way but to ask them directly.


In general, Korean girls are getting a reasonably good education. They can speak a foreign language quite fluently and most of them let it be English. Don’t treat them as dull dolls with anything in their head.

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Obsession with plastic surgeries

Almost every girl I have met during my stay in Seoul has undergone a certain plastic operation to enhance her beauty. Some of the most popular surgical treatments include making cute dimples on the cheeks, juicy lips and sharp jawlines or chins to name but a few. They do look stunning as if they were cut out in marble by a genius sculptor. However, it is a bit disappointing to know that they are indeed undergoing some treatments not by an artist but rather by a surgeon who meticulously created their unparalleled beauty. If you happen to read some shocking stories floating on the Internet about a guy who married a stunning girl but was completely surprised when he saw his first born child who looked like neither of the parents and shares more in common with a monster from some comics than with his mommy or daddy. That man ended up using his wife for ugly children and it is not a situation any of men fancy to have. What you have to remember, no one wants to be ugly or less beautiful than other girls especially when you are coming from South Korea. The culture of beauty is extremely oppressive and whenever you get a chance to talk to your spouse to assure that you like her the way she is born with warts and all, aren’t you?

High pitched voice

If you had a chance to hear a Korean girl when she is excited, then you do not any further description. Her voice is so strikingly high that it feels like it can pierce through you like a knife. Although it is absolutely natural and common for Asians, such emotional voice can slightly disturb a European or any other western man.

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Short conclusion

To sum it all up, Korean girls are shy beauties who spend a great deal of time to look gorgeous for their husbands. They appear as lovely schoolgirls at any age who laugh out loud with their high voices. Be sensitive when it comes to appreciating their beauty because they have been raised in a society with highly burdensome.

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