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When words manga, tofu, sushi, bento box do not just ring the bell but capture your imagination completely, you are definitely into Japan. Given the fact that it is rather a remote country, it is challenging to reach your destination and the Internet becomes the only source of information for you to spice up your imagination. However, with the dating platform, you can also come together with locals and even consider a possibility of finding yourself a Japanese wife so that you can try out all the Japanese things you could only dream about.

Japanese brides – who are they?

Japanese brides are hot girls coming from a set of islands in Asia who are renowned all around the world because of the manga.

Key features of Japanese girls

  • Tiny and fragile figure
  • Radiant skin and cute blush
  • Tenderness and consideration for a husband
  • Allegedly low libido
  • Submissiveness

How they usually look like?

Given their culture, it is not a surprise that Japanese women always need and smartly dressed. If you have ever watched manga or binge watched a self-help show about cleaning on Netflix, you have the idea of how a Japanese girl look. To give you some hints, they always look cute, smartly dressed and well-mannered.

What kind of men do Japanese Girls prefer?

They tend to prefer conservative men who preserve the traditional values of family and upbringing of children. So keep it in mind when picking up a topic for conversation and make sure she gets that your intentions are serious. For example, it is one of the oldest tradition for a man to be a breadwinner and cover any expenses. If you go on a date, do not propose to go dutch otherwise you are frowned upon and considered not to be traditional.

Why Japanese girls become mail-order brides?

Like any other girl, a Japanese one is no different when it comes to dreaming about family life. That is why the reason for becoming a mail-order bride is simply to start a family of her own and live happily ever after.

What are these girls good at?

If you end up visiting her home, you will get the feeling of what they can do perfectly. Japanese are great at keeping things in order, given the tiny space they have. That being said, if you end up living together, you won’t be expected to do any of the household chores because your wife will be the best one here.

Where You Can Find Your Ideal Japanese Bride?

Luckily to you, the good news is that you don’t have to embark on an adventure coming to Japan and pay through your in the process. Instead, you can pick up one of the many dating platforms available online and register there to find your dream wife originating from Japan. Personally, I have lost the count of all dating websites connecting lonely hearts from all around the world and try my best to make my choice of it as reasonable as possible. By reasonable I mean find something that resembles an idea of value for money and your time you can invest in the search. Think about this way, on the one hand, you can either find and register on a well-known website who provide their services for various countries and outline your interest in one specific region while customizing your search. It is just simple math: the more users, the higher are chances of landing with the most suitable wife that is meant for you. On the other hand, concentrate on a local distributor who features Japanese local wives exclusively. In this option, you don’t have to waste your time on making any local specification in your search unless you are specifically interested in a certain region of Japan itself.
By and large, it sounds reasonable to come with a ratio consisting of the available time, financial resources and expectations you have about your wife.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a Japanese wife

It will not be an exaggeration to state that Japanese girls and any other girls coming from Asia have lots in common. Nevertheless, they have unique features that set them apart from the rest of the Asian rivals.


Natural Beauty

Well, I think this advantage speaks for itself. Legends have been told about tiny and tender Japanese girls. It is better to see it with your own eyes than to describe it with words. What is more, these girls apply hardly any make-up but prefer products only to preserve their natural beauty. Personally, I am fond of their dazzlingly pale skin along with cute blush.

Considerate character

Japanese wives are renowned for their nurturing character and flexibility. They will go an extra mile to please their husbands either when it comes picking up a dessert to eat or sex pose to try. Unlike western women, Japanese women do not have to battle with their men about what is the right thing to do, they just trust their husbands and follow the lead.

No ulterior motive

You might have read that Japan is one of the wealthiest countries not only in Asia but in the world. That is the very reason why you don’t have to worried that your hot Japanese crush is only interested in your money and wants to get a one-way ticket away from her country.



It seems like being submissive is encrypted in the DNA of any Japanese woman as a result of cultural standards. Namely, any woman is companions to a man and not only expected to do anything her beloved husband wishes but also not disobey him that equals to disrespect. If you have experience with dating European women, such submissiveness of a Japanese lady will strike you. You don’t have to convince her that your decision is the only right one or spend lots of time battling over any issue that spares your relationship from a drama. The question is whether you can be comfortable with it or not. Some men do not feel comfortable with the idea of being a king who gets anything he wants from his wife at his whim. However, it is also possible that you find it adorable and extremely practical that any of your wishes is literally taken as a command.

Lower libido

It is being broadly discussed on the internet that Japanese girls are not into sex than the western men can expect them to be. Well, let’s be honest that our vision of sexual preferences in Japan is mostly based on the knowledge of hentai manga. However, real sexual life is more diverse and at times even complicated than a bunch of meticulously sketched stories. It is said that Japanese women are intimidated of sexual violence that is featured in certain hentai anime. Moreover, they tend to think that men crave to hurt them just to satisfy their pleasures. As a result, they are not so flexible or cheerful when it comes to having sex. Some men with a high libido can find it disappointing but if you are not keen on sex yourself, having a companion with low libido can be actually a good idea.

How To Choose The Best Japanese Mail Order Brides Site?

It gets personal when you start considering the option and picking up the best site, which promises you to find the best mail order bride possible. You may either spend long hours reading the reviews comparing various dating platforms available on the internet or select any random website that pops up in your google search. Everything is up to you when it comes to making a choice. However, you should always keep in mind what exactly you are looking for in your relationship and how much money you can spend on the membership subscription to any mail order bride platform along with the time at your disposal to spend on the chitchats and all that comes with it. From where I am standing, the best idea is to customize your choice and make it as specific as possible, come up with a lump sum of money you are ready to pay for a membership and pick the most suitable site covering your needs.

Short conclusion

To sum it all up, Japanese brides are famous for their natural beauty, tiny figures as if they were precious figures made of porcelain. You can eat your favorite sushi and tofu, watch anime or read manga with your future wife. However, the benefits are not limited to the mentioned ones. Highly likely that your relationship with a bride coming from Japan will be functioning healthy because any of your wishes are taken as commands. Consider also how sexual life is important for you before jumping into a relationship with a Japanese woman because they tend to have lower libido comparing to western women.

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