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German brides – who are they?

Mail-order brides are ladies who wander in search of a man of her dreams who could not only become her lover, friend, partner, and spouse but also could improve her social position. The notion has appeared in America on the time when ladies had to send her pictures per post or through a priest to men in Western America, where an industry was developed and most men were wealthy but single. The traditional name of the service is saved, but today it has nothing to do with ordering. Modern German mail order brides are ladies who allow men to earn more and pay her living.

German Mail Order Brides

Key features of German girls

German ladies are openminded and openhearted. Today most of them are concentrated on their careers and forget about the role of beauty and femininity on a daily routine. They can have thousands of tasks for a day but not a single one for her personal life. Therefore dating platforms are becoming more and more popular. Here you can find a person and get enough information about her or him before the first date.

How they usually look like?

German women are getting more and more beautiful with age. The average look of 40-60-year-old women is a stylish, fit, and neat. They wear simple but qualitative clothes, use makeup to highlight the best facial traits, they can color their hair and often pierce at least one part of the body except for ears. Young ladies are various. Many of them are neat and can seem cold, but when you talk to them, you quickly acknowledge that they are not very emotional, but non-the-less sincere, openminded, kind, and honest as other ladies.

What kind of men do they prefer?

Reliable, independent, carrying and loving men with similar interests who they can build a great team together. Yes, German women can seem mercantile, but it leads to stability, harmony and happy life. They want you to respect her choice, will, and ambitions. If she wants to go on a trip alone, she won’t ask you for the allowance. Honesty and respect always make a good partnership.

Preferences of German brides

Why German girls become mail-order brides?

Today, in the middle of the feminine waves, when ladies refuse to get married, get rid of their beautiful hair, and study gender researchers, there are other hot German girls, who would like to keep the social roles and become a good hostess and wife for her husband. These are ladies whose main life values are family and children. They often work in early-education institutions and enjoy every minute of their workday.

What are these girls good at?

  1. German wives are good at building a fights free partnership where love, honesty, and respect are the main priorities. They can build a great atmosphere at home where she for no price gives up her interests such as painting, dancing, singing, good music, and others. She will bring her guitar, start dancing while cooking or make a room for painting.
  2. They are great in dividing personal space. Men will never have troubles coming home late or putting his favorite music. They appreciate the interests of each other and try to avoid any fight.
  3. They are great at dealing with stress and avoiding fights. If you are dreaming about a life with a woman who never fights, have a career, and plenty of interests, German brides are the right choice for you.

Benefits of German mail order brides

How can You impress German girl?

The part where you are trying to impress beautiful German girls can be not easy. You should be prepared to invest plenty of time and efforts. Ladies in Germany are demanding and you should be prepared for doing your best for her. By doing the best means being yourself, honest and interesting, develop yourself and show your interest to her. That simple it is. No room for games or intrigues. Direct and simple.

Where You Can Find Your Ideal German Bride?

The tricky thing about getting along with hot German women is you never know what’s on her mind, at least on first two or three dates. She can be nice to you and keep in mind that there are other fish in the sea for now. Even intimate relationships don’t mean a lot for them in the modern world. Or she can be concentrated on her study and career without planning to build a relationship. She can be nice but cold and you will hardly discover the reason for that.

While losing confidence in face-to-face dates, other guys prefer to look for spouses at dating sites with European women. The good thing about them is you always know that there is a good reason for a girl to create a profile there. It means she wants to build a meaningful loving relationship but appreciates her time too much to waste it for meaningless dating and random people. Dating services have nothing but privileges:

  • The safe time
  • They refrain you from meeting a person with intentions that differ from yours
  • They allow you to use filters and find people with the same interests in a few minutes
  • Covers the whole of Germany and Europe so there is no need to travel for an affair

How To Choose The Best German Mail Order Brides Site?

Best German mail order brides sites are not easy to find. For security reasons it is recommended to learn:

  1. How to recognize a scam account.
  2. How to avoid personal information leaks on the internet.

There are no mail order brides because Germany is a country with stable social support for its residents. However, there are traditional dating platforms where you can find a person you like in a few clicks.

Imagine you would like to find a coffee for dinner in the city which is new for you. You have several options:

  • To walk down the streets, enter every place and choose the one you like the most.

Pros: you have a chance to stay in the first place and be happy with it.
Cons: you can end up walking a few hours with no results and buying a donner.

  • You can ask a friend where to go.

Pros: no need to research and rely on someone else’s decision
Cons: you and your friend can have different preferences or he doesn’t know you well enough to give advice.

  • You can use a platform online.

Pros: you can find a place fast and meet all your requirements on price, location, and food preferences.
Cons: no

The similar situation happens with dating platform. You can hope to meet someone at work, in the cafe, in the park, or in a night club, or you can ask a friend to set you up with someone. Or you can take responsibility for your own happiness and register at a dating platform. Many hot German brides are there.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a German wife


  • You cover the whole of Germany or Europe in your search, not only your home city.
  • You can find people with similar interests in a few clicks.
  • Certain German dating sites gather people with similar intentions, be it a search for life-long love or another affair. No need to guess it.


  • There are various risks online
  • It still requires time, efforts, and money
  • It is necessary to take responsibility for your happiness back from faith

Short conclusion

Hot German wives are looking for reliable men online because they appreciate their time and efforts. They find it safe and efficient. Here you can find a partner with similar interests and values in a few minutes which can take years offline.

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