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At a certain point of our time, we realize that it would be great if we found a person who would share a life with us no matter what happens next. Some people realize it at a very young age, other when they are rather mature and mellow. Inevitably we start looking for a partner and there is hardly anything else that is so exhausting than this search. I know what I am talking about because have been there myself but now I am happy to be engaged to a Filipina girl.

In the aftermath, I will be glad to share my knowledge of the charming girls coming from the Philippines so that you know how to treat them right and end your lonely days.

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Filipina brides – who are they?

Above all, Filipina brides are exotic beauties with conservative views about marriage and family life. They are warm-hearted and wise that makes them perfect wives and later mothers.

Key features of Filipina girls

Let’s take a closer look at the features that define their personalities.


Forget everything you have thought to be associated with friendliness and consideration. When you meet a Filipina girl, you can literally feel her heart warmth by the way she behaves towards you. It is not about a smile on her face or moves she makes but rather something spiritual. I can clearly remember the day I have met my bride and her altruistic nature stroke me instantly. Being raised in the Western world, I got accustomed to a certain extent of politeness that would not be comparable to the Filipino way of treating anyone even complete strangers. There is no suspicion about your intentions but pure hospitality and love just for being the way you are as a human being. It is one of the most crucial features that I would appreciate in my wife and mother of my children because being treated in such a way you can become the best version of yourself without any inhibitions.

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Excellent bargain skills

It is common to pay the exact price you see on the label while you do your groceries in an American shop. It hardly ever comes to my mind to start to haggle over a price because it is not the way it works. However, for my Filipina bride buying anything is an occasion to negotiate down the price of it. Either it is about getting some fresh vegetables or a golden bracelet. She is up to spend as much time as it takes to negotiate even 10 cents off the price. To my own surprise, I must admit that some of her skills might have rubbed off on me.

How they usually look like?

Nobody dares to call me a liar if I assure you that any Filipina girl is gorgeous. Although her skin is tanned and eyes are slightly narrower, she appears to have some caucasian feature like pouty lips. You can tell her from any other Asian girl.

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What kind of men do they prefer?

It is always hard to define what kind of men a certain girl prefers. Based on my personal knowledge and experience, I assume that Filipina girls gravitate towards natural and family-oriented men with whom they can feel safe.

Why Filipina girls become mail-order brides?

Although I have asked myself this question multiple times, I didn’t come up with any better answer than a personal motivation that differs from a girl to girl. Some of them just want to get married as soon as possible, others fancy the idea of being married a foreigner. There are plenty of reasons and it is always better to ask your crush directly if you want to know her reasons to marry you.

What are these girls good at?

  • Comforting their husbands
  • Making love
  • Organizing family life
  • Bringing up children
  • Cooking delicious and moreish meals

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How can You impress Filipina girl?

It may sound cheesy to you but be yourself. If you try to pretend someone you are not, it will ruin your relationship and cause damage not only to you but also your Filipina girl. Being a well-mannered gentleman has never been considered rude. On the contrary, it impresses girls and they naturally want to gravitate towards you. However, there is one no-go thing that comes to my mind when dating a Filipina lady. Under no circumstance brag about your salary or fortune. You may impress some western girls with your wealth but a Filipina will definitely not appreciate your lavishness and consider it rather offensive. My opinion is that their attitude towards money and wealth has something to do with a long history of colonialism that took place in the Philippines. Don’t get me wrong, you can still pay the bill for dinner and call her a taxi but do not exaggerate it with ostentatious meals or a limo.

Where You Can Find Your Ideal Filipina Bride?

I have been asked lots of times about how I found the apple of my applies to my adorable bride. In my case, I just took a sabbatical and flew to the Philippines. After teaching English as a foreign language for a while I met a girl that was different from any other girl I had met before in my whole life. She wasn’t underage as you might have thought because of the nature of my work at that time. She was a sister of one of my pupils. I have never regretted my decision. However, I understand that it is not an option for many lonely hearts who are busy with their work and can’t simply afford to spend even a fortnight away from all the obligations. Luckily for you, you can register on the website and meet some Filipina girls without endangering your career. It may feel awkward at first but do not hesitate to give it a go. After chatting and getting closer you will feel like you are meant for each other and then decide what to do next. Either you take a week off and fly to your sweetheart or you can invite her to spend some time with you.

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How To Choose The Best Filipina Mail Order Brides Site?

There are a plethora of dating platforms available on the Internet. I believe that everyone can find something to their liking, given such an abundance of options. Most of the dating websites follow a similar pattern. You have to register, complete your profile, upload a hot pic and start breaking the ice. Some websites may require that you pay a membership fee after a trial period, some are free of charge. I have noticed that the membership fee significantly improves the quality of services you get. Also, there is a lower chance of bumping into a con artist who wants to rip you off because scammers do not want to pay a cent for a monthly subscription. By and large, I would advise you to decide what you expect from a dating platform, make research of your own and then register for an adventure of a lifetime that brings you a Filipina bride.

Advantages and disadvantages of having Filipina wife

Every woman in the world has two sides of her personality because no one is impeccably perfect, although she may appear to be so at first glance. I came up with a brief list of the most common pros and cons of dating and marrying a Filipina girl so that you know what to expect from her.


Unconditional loyalty

It is more common for a couple to grow apart and eventually go separate ways after some years of living together. However, it is unimaginable for a Filipina bride to get divorced. She will she will do her best to keep the marriage functioning and consider the possibility of a divorce as the last resort. Personally, I admire such loyalty that seems to be fading away nowadays. Marriage is about support and mutual understanding. So when you want to run away and call it quits after a first quarrel it doesn’t look like a healthy marriage for me. I look up to my loyal bride and know that she has my back no matter what happens to us.

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Hyper love and protection

Some men might find Filipina girls to be over protecting and loving too much. It is indeed not rear for a Filipina wife to make sure that her husband eats well, sleeps well and simply enjoys every second of their marriage. To my mind, it feels slightly intrusive for us as western men just because we are not used to for being loved in this way and consider such a caring treatment without asking anything in return to be a bit obnoxious.

Short conclusion

All in all, Filipina girls are charismatic flowers with whom you can hit it off immediately. They are warm females who welcome you with their open arms not asking anything in return except for being loved. You don’t have to beat around the bush and can either register on a dating platform or fly directly to the Philippines to meet them. Although the first option sounds more reasonable, given the cost of the airplane tickets and related expenses.

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