Colombian Mail-Order Brides

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When you have been considering an idea of marriage for some time, you might have thought about finding such a wife that is always up to fun on the one hand but caring and loving mother to your children on the other hand. After living for a while in Colombia, I can tell you that a Colombian bride is exactly what you are looking for in a marriage. They are making great mothers who do not stop spicing up your marital life in the bedroom when children are sleeping.

Colombian brides – who are they?

What do you have to know about Colombian girls is that most of the rumors are indeed true. I have personally proved-checked them with my crush and later wife. So if you have heard that Colombian girls are renowned for their curves, passionate dancing moves and cooking skills all around the world, you are right. However, foreigners keep saying that there is a no more jealous wife than a Colombian one that some men find rather repulsive. So it is better to not give your spouse any suspicion that you are cheating on her or having intentions to do so.

Key features of Colombian girls

  • Curvy figure
  • Latina appeal
  • Close family bonds
  • Frankness
  • Extreme jealousy

How they usually look like?

Colombian girls are always looking stunningly hot. If it may sound like a dream for a free man, when you get married you will get green with jealous rage whenever you see your wife showing off her hips. However, you can accept your wife’s attractiveness and let her show it off knowing you are the only one man she has chosen from the plenty of others.

Why Colombian girls become a mail-order brides?

Given the fact that she wants to have a family of their own, there is no better way for a Colombian girl to start one like registering on a website where like-minded people gather. Think about it yourself, mail order bride websites are clear when it comes to intentions of their users and it is appealing for a wanna-be wife coming from a family-oriented Colombia.

What are these girls good at?


For a Colombian girl, everything spins around family and its well-being. She gets all the tricks and support from her mother so that she maintains healthy family relationships.

Cooking hearty meals

Although these girls are having much more to offer than just delicious meals, their cooking skills are miraculous. They can whip up a moreish snack within a matter of minutes faster than any takeaway delivery service.

How can You impress Colombian girl?

Appreciate family values

You don’t have to be notorious narco like Pablo Escobar and have an ostentatious lifestyle to get attention from a girl you find attractive. Although he was quite popular with females, girls in Colombia are more into family-men who do everything to make sure they need nothing. Choose your words and moves carefully so that they resemble your serious intention of starting a family. Once a girl sees and feels it, you will win her heart.

Don’t be shy to dance

Forget about being that person who does not dance at any party because you are afraid they are too shy and do not want to get laughed at by their peers. After meeting your Colombian wife, you will have your personal dance teacher whose hips’ moves will leave you no other choice but to join the dance.

Where You Can Find Your Ideal Colombian Bride?

There is no need to go to Colombia when you want to start looking for your wife. Luckily to you, you can just register on the website that matches Colombian girls with western men, spend some time customizing your search, chat for a while and meet one in person. Personally, I have lost the count of all dating websites connecting lonely hearts from all around the world and try my best to reasonably select one for myself. By reasonable I mean to come with a ratio consisting of the available time, financial resources and expectations you have about your wife.

How To Choose The Best Colombian Mail Order Brides Site?

It is normal when you start asking yourself with the website is the best one available on the market. Practice shows that it is better to read some users’ reviews first to get an idea of how it is all functioning and avoid being scammed.

Advantages and disadvantages of having Colombian wife


Getting a close-knit family

There is nothing else in the world that means as much as a family to any Colombian girl. They will go an extra for their families who will do exactly the same when necessary. Maintaining such a close family tie takes some energy and efforts. Prepare to go to a party, birthday, wedding, christening, Christmas or Easter celebration and meet all your extended family.

It may be a bit shocking to always meet with all the relatives having no time for your nuclear family but you will get used to it after a while and learn how to appreciate it. It is worth to mention that Colombians are warm and friendly so that they will treat you well especially when you do the same in return.

Never get hungry

Colombians are generous when it comes to food. All parties include lots of preparations and serving plenty of meals. No more need to order a takeaway when you want empanadas or churros, your wife will cook the most delicious meals you have ever tried and if she is not in the mood, her family definitely has some leftovers from the party they want to share with you.

Learning a foreign language

Given the fact that English is not really widespread in Latin America, it is better to start learning Spanish. However, you should not learn Spanish in a conventionally boring way by taking a course or cramming foreign words and grammar into your head immediately after you read this statement. You will have multiple occasions to improve it in a casual way while meeting with a family of your wife or her friends. So you can be sure that it won’t take long until you become fluent. As they say, if you want to learn a foreign language there is no better way than to fall in love with a native speaker not to mention a marriage with one.



Well, it speaks for itself, isn’t it? You might have heard stories about some Latina girl being obsessed with checking upon her man all the time. Given to their culture, Colombian men are prone to be promiscuous because there are so many beautiful girls and they feel like a child in a candy land who wants to try as many candies as possible. So keep it in mind when talking to with any other woman when your Colombian wife is by your side.

Personally, I would be careful with words and would not even slightly flirt with anyone else except for your wife. Just to give you an idea, you should also be careful when doing something casual back home like making jokes in the family especially when it comes to female relatives. Any other women are considered a threat who can ruin your healthy relationship so it is better to maintain trust between each other and deter from a casual chit-chat with a hot girl or winking at a waitress.

Short conclusion

By and large, Colombian girls are curvy ones with a verve and enthusiasm to start a family. With them, you will never starve and learn how to dance, although you used to think of yourself as a clumsy person. Prepare for meeting the whole extended family and become friends with them so that they see that love for your Colombian wife extends to them as well. However, you should also be careful when it comes to speaking to any woman other than your wife because she can get extremely jealous and it is not the kind of person you would like to be with. After reading all of this inside knowledge, you are ready to start an adventure of finding a hot latina wife and I wish you luck to find the only one right for you.

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