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Chinese ladies can be very beautiful, and there is no overriding this fact. Their exotic appearance, enigmatic grace, and sophistication make them almost ethereal – it does not come as a surprise therefore that millions of men from developed countries are pushing their luck in search of hot Chinese girls on dating sites with mail-order brides. I myself have been a member of a good handful of those, and I have a lot to quip on the issue at hand. Hope you will find my experience useful and my tips will help you bring home the Chinese princess of your dreams!

Hot Chinese brides – who are they?

Chinese mail order bridesTraditionally, the marriage institution in China was established for the sake of convenience and was but an arrangement between the families of the bride- and groom-to-be. And although the things have undergone an immense change, this tradition where parents’ will weigh in heavily is still very much perceived.

Key features of Chinese girls

Let’s agree from the beginning that within the nation, especially as multitudinous as the Chinese, characters vary. This said, there is still room for traditionally cultivated traits: in this particular culture, women are taught to be diligent, good at housekeeping and parenting, modest in appearances and somewhat prudent in expressing their sexuality, supportive and caring. A Chinese girlfriend from Asia may appear as reserved and withdrawn sometimes, but this does not bespeak her lack of affection for you.

How do hot Chinese women usually look like?

As far as the looks go, I don’t need to tell you what you already know: their slenderness of body and strikingly prominent facial features, topped with that uniquely oriental stare, could be the definition of perfection. But let us not be focused on what’s skin-deep.

What kind of men do they prefer?

Hot Chinese girls appreciate men who can be in charge. They are also a bit into the notorious “parent/child” type of relationship. They expect their partner to have excellent providing ability, planning skills and be ready to help around the house.
Never do something that your Chinese belle could see as “losing face”. While you cannot really put a finger on what it is about, the general advice is not to do anything that ruins your image of a solvent and successful alpha male. Oftentimes, being practical about your finances can land you in the dreaded “losing face” sitch. Beware of second market cars, cheap smartphones, casual looks on important occasions, etc.

Why do Chinese girls become mail order brides?

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Be prepared to enter a competition with a significant (Chinese women are demographically outnumbered by 33.6 million men) surplus of native wooers. It speaks volumes about the quality of these latter that “dating school for men” have been making a fortune teaching Chinese men the game. The quality of domestic beaus naturally factors in, setting the girls of China to push their luck as mail order brides. Other contributing factors are tough professional competition for local suitors, which compromises their breadwinning abilities, and government laws regulating family planning.

What are Chinese girls good at?

A bride from China is trained to become a good housewife by her parents. Girls here are expected to enter a marital relationship in their early twenties or even as teens, so by the age of 20, a woman is an experienced caregiver.
Will it surprise you if I say that Chinese girls are good at cooking… Chinese food? Home cooked, it differs drastically from anything you’ve experienced so far. If on top of having a soft spot for Asian beauty, you are a foodie prepared to travel for gourmet experiences, Chinese mail-order brides will make more than one of your dreams come true.

How can you impress your future Chinese bride?

Trust me on this one, you are already impressive coming from the West and being white. If you ask me, I wouldn’t tell you where this comes from, but it is deeply rooted in the Chinese esthetics that white people are “beautiful” as opposed to presumably “ugly” natives. Definitely, the beauty standards differ drastically from the European ones. You may well use this to your (enormous!) advantage.
Being solvent is a big issue with Chinese girls. They expect you to have a house and a car, a steady job, and a savings account. You can start off by paying for her on a date. Small (and not so small) tokens of your affections in form of gifts wouldn’t hurt either. But do not ever assume that you can buy her love. We are talking impressing here, savvy?
Family approval is of paramount importance to her. Make a good impression on her near and dear, and you are halfway to her heart. This said, be prepared to receive a stinky eye from her social environment – foreigners dating Chinese women are frowned upon.

Where can you find your ideal Chinese bride?

Chinese mail order wife

It may be way easier to arrange your life with an immigrant Chinese than an actual woman from China, for a number of reasons. But if meeting one is problematic where you live, or if you would like to go 100% authentic, knock yourself out choosing from a bazillion of beautiful girls from China listed on Chinese dating sites. As an alternative to actually traveling to the country and spending a good deal of time looking for a girlfriend or a wife to bring back home with you. If this opportunity is not on the table, read on!
I can personally vouch for sites like AsiaCharm, ChnLove, RomanceTale, and CharmDate. But the following are some tips on how you choose the best dating site yourself.

How to choose the best Chinese mail-order brides site?

Take it from someone who’s done his share of faux-pas in online dating and came out right in the end: read as many China dating sites reviews as you can before taking the proverbial leap. It is your lifetime partner, for heaven’s sake, that you will be looking for on those platforms, so get serious about checking out the security of the site – that’s for starters.
Next, find out as much as possible about the following factors:

  1. Is there a free trial period? As a norm, a dating facility offers between 10 and 14 days of a free trial period. You can have a look around and establish if the place has what it takes to qualify as one of the best Chinese mail order brides sites for you.
  2. How many registered members are there – and what is the male vs. female ratio? Not only should you be mindful about how many subscribers there are, but also find the information on how many of them actively use the network.
  3. Does a mobile app come with the deal? Unless you lead a thoroughly sedentary life and your current civil status is “married to a desktop”, you will want to have access to site’s full(ish) functionality when on the go.
  4. Does the site have decent usability? Is it up to date? You deserve the best. So bounce off any dating facility that does not come with great IT maintenance and customer support. Enough bumping around in the twentieth century.
  5. What is the functionality level of the site? Closely connected to the previous issue, this one is all about a million of small things that make your online dating life easier: match-finding, filtering by categories, the Tinder-flavored swipe function, a preset of pickup lines offered, smileys and whatever else your preference is.
  6. What is their policy on privacy, subscription termination, money returns? If a company knows that an unhappy user can up their sticks and take his money elsewhere, they are more consistent in delivering quality.

The good and the bad of having a Chinese wife

The good

Setting on a journey in uncharted waters to click home one of these ethereally beautiful Chinese girls, let me expressively support you in your quest: you are about to land one of the most caring and devout wives on earth. A Chinese woman is born and raised to be a great wife and the keeper of the home flame. They stick with you through all the hardships and are highly motivated to help you cope with problems (they may well be the cause of some, but more on this later!), they are great lovers and they are undeniably beautiful – as long as you are into Asian looks!

The not so good!

“Men rely on life, a wife relies on her husband” – this is a native proverb that speaks volumes about the upbringing and mindset of Chinese women. Hot Chinese mail-order brides will most probably expect you to provide for them. This has a lot to do with a deep-seated image of any westerner being “rich” by definition. Of course, this does not apply to everyone, least of all of the immigrant Chinese girls, but still, it is a massive trend.
Hot Chinese women can be quite emotional – again, everyone is different, I am simply pointing out that this feature is encouraged by the culture.
They have their set of expectations from relationships, starting from date 1 – marriage, kids, retirement plan. Ah, yes, planning – you need to do all of it. You’re a man!

A short conclusion

There is only one for everyone. It would be extremely wrong to have a bias about Chinese wives – or mail order brides; all of the above only applies to the extent that these are the traditional trends that are acceptable in the Chinese culture but can be perceived as a deviation from what is accepted in your Western homeland. Chinese brides are all cut different, you will have to deal with an individual and approach her as such. If you are serious about making it work with your Asian beauty, I am certain you have a lifetime of happiness – once you choose right!

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