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The charm of Asian women is legendary; their skills as lovers and wives are no less famed throughout the lands. Is your mind made up about choosing your life partner from the scores of beautiful single Asian girls? Knock yourself out with the options, because the number of Asian dating sites is comparable to that of flowers covering the magnificent Lotus Fields of Tonle Sap.

Asian brides – who are they?

Key features of  hot Asian Women

As a foreigner and presumably a white male, what personal traits and quirks do we expect to meet in Asian mail order brides? This largely depends on the specifics of the country you envision your future partner to come from. But the ubiquity of universally attractive Asian features is undeniable, the virtues of oriental women spanning devoutness, affection, care, diligence, and modesty.

How do they usually look like?

Beauty of Asian BridesIn an attempt to single out the most striking common features of Asian belles are high cheekbones, shapely lips, smaller nose, (usually long) naturally straight dark hair and hypnotic stare. Their bodies range from slender (typical for the East) to curvy, but I already dislike the way this begins to sound. Hot Asian women are as unique as women from the rest of the world, and you will find enough eye candy material to catch your attention – before you embark on a long journey of discovering the person behind the looks.

What kind of men do they prefer?

It is hard to generalize, but let us proceed from a fair premise that Asian brides are looking for the same universal values in their partner as the rest of us dwellers of the dating pool. Honesty, responsibility, consideration, and openness are always a good place to start. Traditional for every Asian country is a role of a man as a provider and protector, so you should be ready to fill in those shoes if you aspire to achieve harmony in the relations with your future Asian bride.

Why do Asian women become mail-order brides?

Here again, everyone has their own motivation for joining online dating space and looking for an overseas husband. Economics is a powerful drive behind this step for the most, and something tells me that his bit is not an eye-peeler. But we should not assume that a girl’s desire to migrate is the basic rationale behind her profile. Personal preferences play a decisive role – just as many Western men are smitten by the refined way hot Asian women look, girls from the East may have a thing about Caucasian guys. Other reasons may be as mundane as widening the net. But more common still is a combination of everything above.

Appearance Asian Brides

What are these girls good at?

Asian brides are famed far and wide for their abilities as housewives, entertainers, conversationalists, and caretakers. They make good mothers (and good daughters-in-law!). They are very family-oriented, and so most mail-order brides from Asia will most likely be good at establishing cordial and respectful relationships with your relatives.
Do not have any expectations from Asian dating pool other than those that you already have for your future partner: it will take work to find an individual who meets them!

How can you impress an Asian bride?

In the land where males are still seen as main providers of the family, it takes economical independence and solvency to make an impression on a girl. You should always offer to pay for her on a date. If she declines, make sure that she does not do so just to test you. Failure to insist may be fatal.
Be ready to show that you can take responsibility for both of your futures and handle it like a man.
Speak about your own family and ask questions about hers. In the majority of Asian countries, women still expect their choice to be blessed by the elders of her family.
Be yourself. You cannot beat the magnetism oozed by a man who is confident in his own skin.

Where can you find your ideal Asian bride?

If you are not prepared to spend a significant amount of time living abroad and having first-row access to a smorgasbord of beautiful Asian women, try finding one locally. This is of course only an option if you are not specific about where your future partner was born and raised.
A fresh idea that could actually save you a lot of time, money and efforts associated with traveling to meet Asian mail-order brides is to register on a mainstream dating site with good filter engine. Try
CharmDate, RomanceTale, AsiaMe – they all offer decent filtering power that allows you to choose race and background of your matches.
If nothing of the above seems like what you would like to go with, choose from the best Asian mail order brides suggested in the following paragraphs.

How to choose the best Asian mail order brides site?

Approach to choosing a dating platform seriously. After all, any dating website worth registering with costs money, and you don’t want to pay for anything short of stellar. You need to do extensive research before starting your membership, and as a reward for your assiduity, You`ll have high functionality, add-on features, access to crème de la crème of the most beautiful Asian brides, excellent matching bots and great customer / technical support.

But most of the research we have done for you. You can read here, on, reviews about the most recommended and popular mail order brides sites with women from Korea to the Philippines

What are the signs of a good site? It can be:

  • highest ranking by active members on third-party platforms Asian dating sites reviews;
  • the decent number of active members;
  • their search tool is simple and effective.
  • excellent communication features;
  • quick and simple registration;
  • high level of security;
  • translation services.

Advantages and disadvantages of having an Asian wife

If everything goes as planned, you will hear the wedding bells ring sooner than you think.
What to expect when Asian brides become Asian wives?


Many Asian girls plan to enter marriage and see it as their life goal from the day they learned to think. Imagine that all of this devotion and care will be at your service. Asian wives teem with virtues: they are a pleasure to look at, they are hard-working and caring, loyal and supportive. They are also prepared to follow the lead of their husband as a part of their religious tradition, even if they are not religious.
Asian women practice modesty and humbleness save for very rare exceptions. If you embrace a position where your family is exposed to a great deal of social publicity, an Asian wife will take on a job as your PR manager.


As a major setback to your relationships with an Asian girl who becomes your wife, I would quote cultural and religious differences. It is a great start if your interest in hot Asian women stems from the fascination for their culture, or comes along with it. But what if it doesn’t?
Also, when you marry an Asian woman, you marry her entire family, or so it would seem. Relatives of Asian wives can be really intrusive by Western standards. Find a way to assert your boundaries from day one. And never, ever meet the girl’s parents if your intentions are as not serious as heart attack.
Finally, there is this typically Asian prudence in sexual behavior, even in private and with the man they love and are legitimately wed to. But love conquers all, does it not?

A short conclusion

Approach the relationship with your future Asian wife as a unique experience. It is a personality behind the term that you will build your marital life with. Learn to compromise and solve problems based on the way she is, not the baggage of her origin. But by all means, consider her national traditions and respect her convictions – this will help you receive love and respect in return!

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