Engagement and marriage between foreigners are constantly increasing. The Internet with the social networks and the various sentimental dating sites have naturally greatly expanded the possibility of making acquaintances also with the people who live in another country of the world. Some marriage agencies that are also online have specialized to get girls and foreign women to economically developed countries, bringing into them the blondes of Eastern Europe seem very popular but also the blackberries of South America.

The Women Behind The Term “Mail Order Brides”

Mail order brides are women seeking to enter the so-called “catalog marriages”, marriages between partners from economically different countries, which have come about through the initiation of a matchmaking agency. As early as the 18th and 19th centuries, European women emigrated to the United States. Today, numerous web catalogs, which are financed via low fees for the addresses, are open to finding partners via the Internet.



While in the 1970s mail order brides catalogs were mainly filled with women from Thailand and Vietnam, in today it is predominantly women from Eastern Europe. The cause, in addition to economic reasons, is a generally high proportion of women in the population on the example of Russia due to the relatively low life expectancy of men.

In South Korea, due to the low birth rate, women from Vietnam are specifically recruited, who in turn hope to improve their economic situation. In 2014, the budget for such advertising by the South Korean government was 107 billion won. In particular, the male rural population is addressed here; In 2013, more than a fifth of the marriages of peasants and fishermen were carried out with women from abroad.

In the best dating sites for relationships are mostly of the United States the matches are made between wealthy domestic men and women from poorer countries. Male users of such sites are often limited in their social skills, have difficulty coping with the increasingly emancipated role of women or have had bad experiences in relationships.

Estimates of best dating sites for relationships from a moral point of view differ in some cases significantly. While critics see proximity to trafficking and prostitution, advocates of legalization argue that cataloging is fundamentally an alliance based on mutual exploitation. Many family counselors criticize a clichéd stigmatization of the spouse as part of a perpetrator-victim structure under the suggestion that even in otherwise effected marriages love feelings often are not the main role in the decision to start a family.



Where To Find Best Mail Order Brides

On the best online dating sites like:

…and many others, partners from different countries get to know each other, who have got to know each other through the catalogs of marriage institutes. As a rule, men from rich countries seek out women, mostly from poorer countries. To this end, the women publish their photos in catalogs, with the help of which interested men can first make a pre-selection before it comes to a personal meeting.

Binational marriages affect all spheres of life. In Russia and other states of the former Eastern Bloc, for example, many female academics also try to find a spouse from the West. It also plays a role that women’s surplus prevails in some Eastern European countries. Women looking for a husband in wealthy industrialized countries (mostly Western Europe, North America, Taiwan, Singapore, or Australia) come from all over the world, often from the Philippines or Thailand, and from Central and South America. Since the opening of the former Eastern Bloc, more and more women from Eastern European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, etc. are becoming active in marriage tourism.



Mail Order Brides With Asian Flavor

Often husbands engage with the families of women and try to improve the situation in their home countries. The municipal administration of Udon Thani, for example, has recognized the Thai mail order brides marriages as an instrument of local economic development. From their bi-national expertise, married couples may start from business, tourism, commerce, transportation and, most recently, internet-based business process outsourcing with a focus on information technology. Best sites for dating women from Asia, for instance, are as follows:

The marriage arrangement between the countries of origin and the countries of marriage takes place in many ways. Before the establishment of the Internet, relationships developed not unlike pen pals. Through multimedia communication, such as through online dating sites, or by connecting with relatives and friends already married in Europe or North America, commercial intermediaries often only act as service providers, for example in travel organization or the lengthy process of obtaining visas due to the mistrustful attitude of the immigration authorities and, above all as an intermediary of postal addresses.

In the last few years, joint “mixed correspondence” between Korean farmers and young women from other Asian countries has increased. Marriages are generally combined by mail-order bride sites and agencies – a fast-growing activity – that describe South Korea as an earthly paradise. The girls have a rosy picture of the country where they will live, fed by television series that tell the life of privileged families of the middle class. Not the farmers, but the men they will most likely marry.



The intermediaries organize trips to Vietnam or China for the men in search of a wife. Once arrived, a number of potential candidates for marriage are presented to them. After the choice, the Koreans return home and begin the correspondence procedures, waiting for the future bride to arrive in the following months. This type of marriage moves from practical interests beneficial to both parties: the Korean farmer finds a wife (generally much younger, hardworking and obedient); the girl, coming from less rich areas, has the prospect of a better material life than she will ever have in her native land. For these young women, in fact, even the modest house of a farmer is a paradise: he has running water, electricity, television, and a refrigerator. All things that still represent a luxury in many areas of rural China and Vietnam.

Koreans have never loved marriage to foreigners, although it has become a consolidated practice since the 1940s, with unions between Korean girls and American soldiers. Since 1990, the practice of selective abortion has caused a serious gender imbalance. Only then did we begin to consider “mixed” marriages differently, especially avoided by Korean men. Data in hand, the turnaround was rapid, as well as high. In 2000, 3.5% of more recent marriages were with a foreigner, rose to 13.5% in 2005. In the following years the relationship has dropped, but remained constant: in 2009 about 10.9% of marriages (more or less 33 thousand cases) were with a foreign spouse. But the turnaround is what amazes most: last year, 75.5% of all mixed marriages were between a Korean and a foreign bride. About a third of brides come from China, Vietnam is the second “exporter” of brides. But women also come from Cambodia, the Philippines and Japan.

The Benefits Of Mail Order Brides

It seems that the benefits that are found getting engaged with foreign women, or “mail order brides”, as they are referred to, are different. The list of twenty advantages of getting engaged with a foreign woman – between the serious and the facetious – was published on the site beyonduomo.com according to which in many countries girls and foreign women “are much less complicated” but also “much more cool”. Among the advantages is the fact that “communication is more difficult and many unnecessary acts of communication are avoided” but also the fact that “in the course of the years, periodically, it gets out of the way”. Among the advantages of getting engaged with foreign women there is also the fact that regardless they think that “you are interesting” and “they never fully realize how much you are unlucky”. Marrying foreign women can also be convenient because you have “always a foreign country to go on a free holiday” and if “your country fails you can escape into hers”, this helps to “learn a foreign language much more easily” and of course “enrich your cultural baggage”.



But it does not end here. When you date or marry a foreign girl you will have however acquired important knowledge that will allow you to find another easily and you will never understand certain aspects of her culture: this will allow you to maintain a healthy distance. Also you can try new erotic experiences that you would hardly try in your country. The list of advantages of getting engaged with a foreign woman continues. It’s good news but you do not know why, as a foreigner, they find you sexy and intriguing. The last of the 20 advantages of getting engaged with a foreign girl is that when you split, you’ll never see her again.