In recent years the use of apps and mail-order brides sites for relationships and not only has seen exponential growth. This is undoubtedly an obvious sign of the times, in which more and more social interactions have moved online, but the migration from real life to virtual life has not necessarily made things easier. Indeed, to successfully use these services strategies are needed a bit different from those of real life, and for many people, the stress of adaptation to the new medium is a source of considerable frustration.

We must not neglect an important aspect like the one of the exclusivity of a dating site, that is to say, how much the service takes into account the needs of all those (many) people who are not looking for a strictly heterosexual relationship. So, if you fall into one of the many letters of the LGBT alphabet, you will need a dating site that offers the possibility to search for homo or bisexual partners and ideally, in a perfect world, even queer, trans, genderfluid, gender-flexible, etc. It seems like a simple thing, but then we find that even choosing the dating site suited to their desires is not a matter so obvious, in short, one is not worth the other. Websites like EliteSingles, Be2, BuddyGays, GaysTryst, LesbieDates and many more best online dating sites as quoted on the pages of our blog help you land the right partner for the kind of relationships you are looking for.



So, best online sites for dating, do they work? Can you find “high quality” women or even find a bride? Or are they all deceptive and you find yourself with nothing but disappointment? But most of all – if there are girls to be found at these online dating sites, can a middle-aged man manage to take one on a date? By now thousands of words have been spent on how to do it, but they are often purely theoretical concepts and not applicable in reality, so my goal has been to completely adopt the “seduction technology” manuals to online dating to attract quality women. Even more easily than at a bar, at a club or at parties. There is not enough room here to share the complete system, but there are some tips you can use right away:

Tip 1: Your photo makes a difference, but not in the way think

Obviously, the better you appear in the picture, the better your chances will be. If you do not understand which picture makes you look your best, put them on Hot or Not or any other site where women can vote on your photos and they will tell you which one is the best! But even more important is that the photo tells something about you. Do you know the saying that says that a picture is worth more than a thousand words? It applies very much to the game of dating on the best mail-order brides sites like LoveSwans, VictoriaHearts, LatamDate, etc. Women get 10 times more information from your photos than from your description. Do you want to tell her that you like climbing mountains? Leave the description alone and put a picture of yourself on a wall instead. Do you want to let her know you’re funny and have a lot of friends? Put a picture of yourself and your friends having fun on the beach. Do you want to transmit the image of a professional person? Put a picture of yourself in a suit and tie. A confused identity is not attractive, convey with words and with images who you are.



Tip 2: Do not look like you’re taking that website seriously

Most of the most beautiful women do not want a guy who turns on online dating sites (for her, on the other hand, it’s normal… one of the many quirks of life! So turn around: do not think about the time you spend on those sites as if you were at a job interview. Act instead as if you were a man who is used to having women interested in you, giving the impression that you are on that site “for fun” or out of curiosity “why not?”. You’re always positive and NEVER, ever, ever treat women in a condescending manner. With this general attitude, you can short-circuit a conversation after a series of messages with a phrase like “I thought to give a try to the best dating sites for relationships and see what sticks without too much hope, but you seem interesting – and then get to seal the deal by asking her for her number in a way that will sweep her off her feet: If you give me your phone number I’ll call you in 10 minutes “. Does it work? Obviously!

Tip 3: Take it out of the online dating site as soon as possible

Exchanging messages back and forth will not help you much: it fits into a very small part of her existence (especially if she talks to millions of internet guys who like her). So “capture” her to take it to other channels. Knowing her in the person, of course, would be the best option but sending SMS could be a good intermediate step next… as well as email, facebook or messengers would still be better to interact with a girl known only on an online dating site. In particular, it is important to do it with the most attractive girls who tend to use online dating sites for only a few days. Wait a moment longer and… you snooze, you lose.



Tip 4. Slay it with a vibrant convo

There are two ways to start a conversation. You can always use the same phrase that should be fun, witty or direct. This kind of initial joke will intrigue the girl and make her want to answer, it’s your way to hook her in the conversation. The second type of opening joke requires a little more effort because you should be able to come up with a different joke based on the profile picture every time you approach a girl. So for the first type of joke, you could say something like “the most beautiful smile I saw on Tinder” or “I’m sure you’ll tell it all the time but you really are a cross between [character x] and [character y] “. The second type is a bit more complicated so you’ll have to do more to add fun details. Take note of the details in your photo, what he is doing, if there is something funny behind him, etc.

Tip 5. Upload 5 Of The Following Types Of Photos

It is important that you upload at least 5 photos to your profile (this is the magic number) and there must be at least one for each of the following categories …

  1. You do not look in the direction of the camera (profile photo)
  2. You doing something sporty/crazy
  3. You with your friends (a group of beautiful girls and cool guys)
  4. You who smile at the camera
  5. You while you chillax

This type of photo always helps to seduce on Tinder and women creep to the right (equivalent to put “like”) more easily on your profile rather than on the profile of guys who show up in half-naked photos or while doing things not quite normal.



Tip 6. Make An Appointment The Same Week

Do not delay things. You MUST do everything possible to meet her in the same week in which your profiles have been matched. If you notice that she is very enthusiastic about you then try to come out that same evening. But you want to play a little more with her then give her an appointment saying something like “Sara, we have to see each other this week.” At this point, you could do a congruence test or simply say “we must meet”. At that point, you have to take the ball and set the day and time of your appointment.