Are you always afraid to try the approach with a girl? Would you like to rely on technology to make new acquaintances? If the answer to at least one of these questions is affirmative, do not worry: you’ve come to the right place at the right time!



With today’s guide, in fact, I’ll show you what I think are the best apps to meet girls. There are several you can rely on: some allow you to meet girls in your city and start chatting with them, others, even to find the people you’ve met on the street. Maybe you will not believe it but all the solutions I’m about to propose are free, albeit with some paid features. If you want to know more and you want to find out which are the best apps to meet new girls, make yourself comfortable and read the next paragraphs carefully. I’m sure you’ll eventually find the solution that’s right for you, thanks to which you’ll be able to make new friends and new encounters. Are you ready to start? Well, then I wish you good reading… and, above all, good luck for finding best dating sites for relationships!

You must always look at the world as a hunting ground: this means that you have to study the “morphology” of the terrain and the habits of your prey, to be able to grasp them and to take advantage of them. Of course, you must also guard against the competition, learning to seize the right opportunities when other predators are sleeping or otherwise engaged. In “real life”, it is very difficult to find contexts and situations with little competition and with victims willing to be captured: if you have read our initial premises, all this should by now be understood.

The subject changes radically if we consider the best new dating sites: in 2019 this is how you go hunting for singles, attending these platforms and getting to know girls online. The aforementioned portals are the best place to unleash your conquest techniques: this is because you know that inside them you will find many girls who are there for the same purpose. That is to know single guys, just like you!


The reasons that make these sites so interesting are many: they are easy to use, you can attend them at home in comfort, or use them from smartphones. Even when you are at the bar or in line at the post office, which allows you to optimize time and manage your energy correctly. If you want to deepen this discussion, we leave you the link to our ranking of the best dating sites!

Best Dating Sites To Meet Singles


If you are really serious about meeting top singles, go to a place called EliteSingles – the name itself speaks volumes about the quality of women there. It addresses who the service is targeting, the pros and cons it has, what it costs and what you need to know before you become a member. Ever since EliteSingles was launched in 2016, it has been controversial. Some have reacted with anger over the snobbish advertisements and there are even people added to the extreme attitude that believes that the service should not be available. But it is not about someone being more worthy than anyone else. It is about EliteSingles wanting to attract a certain type of singles and to do this, the service is marketed in a certain way.
Seen in the “Elite” part of the name, one can easily believe that EliteSingles is only open to a certain type of singles – but it is not. You do not need a certain income, you do not have to own three houses in three different parts of the world and you do not have to be a doctor or a lawyer. The only requirement to become a member is that you have turned 18. But among the members, there is a certain type of singles that are over-represented. If you are an unemployed 22-year-old, you should use another dating service. The singles who are members want to meet other people who are similar to themselves.


As with other dating sites, it is free to join and then the personality test is included. It is also possible to read the personality analysis, which is quite extensive and can provide exciting insights into one’s own personality. But in order to use the contact functions you have to be a paying member. While some dating services are very fixed, EliteSingles is more focused on personality and occupation. Elite Singles are aimed at well-educated singles who are 30+ and who want to meet someone for a serious relationship. According to EliteSingles themselves, the majority of the members have a university or college degree. It is therefore not for people who seek one-night stands or loose relationships. When it comes to sexual orientation, both straight and gay singles are welcome to join, but of course heterosexual singles are in the clear majority.
If you are a serious single who wants to meet someone on the basis of personality and is tired of the appearance fixation on many other dating services and on dating rogue 20s, EliteSingles may well be the right site for you. Prices are high, but since EliteSingles often have discounts, offers, and promotions, it doesn’t have to be as expensive as it seems. If, on the other hand, you are younger and are looking for more light-hearted adventures where the sexiest profile picture wins, other dating sites fit better.


be2 is based on making a “scientific” test and then being matched with other “sophisticated” singles in a serious way. If you pay for the service, you can also contact these matching suggestions. We basically think that the idea of being presented with a smaller selection of matched singles is good (thus reminds a little about one of the best new dating sites Once where you get a new single a day). be2 also promises that as a user you can decide which information is displayed for whom and the service, therefore, becomes less public than a normal dating site.
This portal is a place where singles, with a desire for a stable relationship, meet and get to know each other. However, the singles do not find each other through normal contact search, but be2 sends contact suggestions to each user. The portal also offers its users the opportunity to make an analysis of themselves, using a personality test. However, this is not as extensive as other portals in this category. Enter an email address and password so you can start with the test. This is relatively short and only takes about 10 minutes of your time. Then you arrive directly at the Members area and can take a look at your first contact suggestions. You will, of course, get new contact suggestions on an ongoing basis. You can then log on to be2 and always enjoy something new.
Did the previously proposed solutions not give results? Do not worry, there are valid alternatives. Below I will list other best dating site apps to consider to meet girls.



Where To Meet Russian And Ukrainian Girls?

LoveSwans: one of the best online dating sites for making new acquaintances and meeting girls. It is based on PPL system – you pay for the actual correspondence acts rather than having a subscription and get to meet the beautiful singles from Russia and Ukraine.

EuroDate lets you meet people in your neighborhood wherever you are in Europe, and chat with them. It’s free, multilanguage and boasts 100 million registered users worldwide.

… and Asian?

RomanceTale: one of the best online dating sites to meet Asian singles. Easy to sign up, inexpensive to use, the site gives you access to hundreds of thousands of beautiful Asian mail order brides; PPL payment system.

What About Gays?

GaysTryst: it is the one of the best dating sites for relationships for men who are looking for people of the same sex. It is one of the most popular services among users of the LGBT community and allows you to chat with other users and find people nearby. It’s free and in English. One of the best online dating sites!