Want to find out how to conquer a girl with text messages on best new dating sites? Do you want to better understand how to give it your best shot and be successful? Well, you’re in the right place, but first, you need to understand the question though! Obviously, you cannot conquer a woman only with messages, but they can be a part of a woman’s conquest.

1. Do not send many messages.

Do you want to know the first rule if you want to conquer a girl on the best online dating sites? The first rule to conquer a girl with messages and chat that I have learned from years of experience is that you need to write the minimum necessary to ask her out and be successful. Probably in your head, a voice will cry “No! I cannot be too direct, she will reject me, I’d better warm things up a little.” I’m sorry to have to tell you, but if you’re interested in a girl you have to try and get to the point as soon as possible. The idea of being funny first for months, making her laugh and then asking her out is a way to get her approval and to make sure she does not say no when it’s actually the best way to get you to say no and fall in friend zone. Do not make the mistake of embarking on long conversations that make you turn and run without ever getting to the point. Just be efficient and effective: the right technique at the right time, this is what will ultimately make you seduce her. In fact, you must know that the messages create a problem, that is the fact that always feeling is very simple. Yeah, you got it right, if, on one hand, this can be positive, during the attraction phase it could cause you a lot of problems. In fact, now mobile phones allow us to get in touch with a person as soon as we want to. But it also destroys the tension due to waiting that increases the desire towards the other person. Think about it for a moment, if you could see and hear a girl only a few days a week, would not it increase in you the desire, the desire, and the passion compared to when you get in touch with her every single day? How many times have you heard of women who still thought of the same man after a long time that they did not see him or that they were not there anymore? As you can see, that makes you feel enmeshed and you want people often go against the attitude of crossing paths so many times. You must know this: the intensity of the connection we feel towards the other person is not only the result of the amount of time we spend in the company of this but also the amount of time we spend thinking about them. So before you get back to the phone my advice is: use the bare minimum.

2. Think well before sending the first message.

As you well know, the first message is the most important message. Although objectively you cannot know much from a person from a first message, in reality, a woman makes an opinion of you very quickly, this because of 2 main factors:

  • Messages are very limited in presenting a person and a woman is based on a few data elements, so since you want to frame what you are immediately it generally does not wait a dozen messages to briefly get an idea of you.
  • Many men write to her and this leads you to be “one of many”.

Here your goal is not to sell yourself to her, this would only bring you to appear in such a way as to please her, and you would only fall in the result of wanting to be liked by her. Game over. Instead, use a naturally masculine expression of your personality. In other words? Your goal instead of in the first message is simply not to make big mistakes, that’s all, this will already make you different from everyone else. And to make sure that the odds of response on her part increase, behave in a natural and masculine way from the first message (or better, from the first messages).
Let’s move on to practice and see some examples to understand how to deal with the first messages (and also those to follow) to impress her.
Tell her that you are clearly interested in getting to know her better (and then inviting her) to find her beautiful.

  1. Write the first thing that goes through your mind.
  2. Take your time answering her.
  3. Write to her and then forget about it, get busy with your life.
  4. Test her interest by daring and aiming to arrange an appointment with her.
  5. Ask for explanations if she tells you something with a second hidden meaning.
  6. Keep things light and vibrant.
  7. Be sincere with her even if your mind is screaming not to do it.

It’s not okay:

  1. To think more than 10 seconds what to write to her (do not bother to think about what to talk with her about!)
  2. To think you wrote something wrong because you don’t get the answer immediately and then fix it with a second “nicer” message to look for her approval
  3. Think of doing something bad if you react in a way waited to write too much (more than three lines of chat) for fear of not being misunderstood.
  4. Talk about everything but your date and how you like her
  5. Send photos or messages proving that you have a beautiful and rich life to show her that you are valuable (and then get angry if she does not answer)

3. Do not always be available for her.

That this advice may seem like a way of pushing her away but in reality it is different, it is a desire for her to hear back from you created thanks to your masculine energy. If you want to conquer a girl with messages and chat, what you need to do is start focusing on your life and see if she fits your lifestyle. And not vice versa. If she writes you and you are doing things or you are taking some time for yourself: do not answer immediately! You’re busy! Why should you? I know it’s hard! Fake it till you learn the hang of it, it is essential to learn to attract and conquer girls via messages on the best online dating sites. You’ll be afraid of losing it at first, you’ll have an urge to respond impulsively and chances are you’ll make a lot of mistakes and answer. No problem, you learn with time. Put yourself in her shoes, however, she is interested in a man who cares first of all about himself, his relationships and his life and not a man who puts it on the pedestal and who is willing to let loose everything that is important to him alone to have her approval. So if she calls or writes, ask yourself: am I doing something important? If it were a stranger calling me right now, would I answer or call them back later? You have therefore understood that this strategy is not only a technique of seduction, but it is also much more, it is a way to train your emotional independence and then finally your masculine energy.

4. Do not get caught up in emotions after a chat.

After a convo with a girl on best dating sites, you should immediately forget the conversation and return to your life. A mistake that is made by a lot of men is to overthink things, especially when she does not answer. They enter the loop riddled by thoughts like: “It took her so long to answer, she wrote me that, inserted this emojis, did not insert emojis, what do I write to her?” Stop right there. A mentality like this only brings you agitation. Thinking of a girl more time than you actually speak to her creates only a sense of attachment that makes you more anxious, more averse to risk and therefore less brave, less independent and as a result, less attractive. For example, you can deliberately decide to focus on what is happening around you, maybe doing something that requires your commitment and dedication. This trick is very powerful because it takes you away from certain harmful mental patterns and allows you to focus on your life. So it is not only useful to conquer the girl with messages but also for you, for your psychology, to feel better, to be more manly. Another powerful trick is to do something that you physically commit to. In other words physical activity. Any. That will help you stay on the spot, distract yourself and reconnect with your masculine energy. Finally, another way to get back on the “tracks of your life” is to go out with male friends if possible. Male friendships are those that allow you to stay connected with yourself and your masculinity and at the same time feel supported.

5. Test her interest by asking her out!

Why is it important to test the interest in conquering a girl with messages and chatting? Because best sites for dating can be profoundly diabolical much more than interactions in real life. When you write to a woman via a message and try it with her, it is very easy for you to get caught up in a suspension situation without you being able to close things with a girl. The reason is that once you have got a girl’s approval, it is difficult for them to take any action that would put them at risk of losing it.
But I remind you that if you talk to her, it’s because you like her, you want to go out together on a first date and you want to go to bed: not because you want to be a pen friend, is that clear? So start testing the interest a woman has for you. Be direct and clear and see how she reacts. If her interest is high then go on until she tells you “yes” or “no” clearly, if her interest is low (she does not answer, she’s cold, tells you she’s engaged) then let it go. Your purpose here is precise to test her real interest.