How To Confirm Photos Of Mail Order Brides – Avoid Being Scammed

Mail Order Brides

I know a lot of guys out there want to know how to really confirm the photos of the lady they are talking to are real people. I have heard of many horror stories and I think the biggest reason why some men get scammed is because they fail to perform the proper due diligence.

mail order bridesI just want to let it be known that I am not here to scare you. There are thousands of couples every year that get married through international dating agencies. So yes, you can get real legitimate mail order brides.

Having said that, where there’s money involved, then there are always scammers there to try and take away your  hard earned cash with deceit, lies and fraud.

But good thing for you, I will teach you two sure fire ways to really confirm the photo identity of the woman you are chatting to and who you might be considering as a mail order bride.

Also, I have provided three simple due diligence steps for you to take to reduce your chances of being scammed.

Due diligence – How to check if the photos of the mail order brides you’re talking to are real

Here are some basic things you can do to check if you’re really talking to the person who claims to be talking to you:

  • Personalized greeting - Ask her if she can write on a piece of paper a simple message that you told her to write, it could be like “Yo it’s me! Anna!”, then get her to send you a photo. It can be anything, as long as it’s personalized but also spontaneous, this means she won’t be able to fake it that fast.
  • Series of photos over different times – Sometimes scammers use a series of photos taken during the same time period. This might be able to convince you that she’s a real person who has a lot of photos, but if you ask her to show you more photos of her in different places wearing different things, and she’s not able to, then it might raise some warning flags.
  • Ask her if she has pets – If she has pets, then ask her to take some photos of her hugging her favourite dog or cat. I mean if she really loves pets and it won’t be too much to ask for her to take a photo of her with it right?
  • Check her photo – If you want to check if the girl you’re chatting to might be a scammer, you’re welcome to visit this site: to see if she’s been scamming other people online

Technique 1 – Google Images Confirmation

In order for this method to work, all you need to do is have the lady’s photo graph, either the URL or a downloaded copy will do. Then these are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1 - Go to:

Step 2 - Click on the little camera image that is beside the search button, look at the image below indicated by the red arrow.

Step 3 - After you click on that little camera image, you’ll get an option where you can either copy and paste the URL of the photo of the girl you want to check, or you can upload a photo of her if you have a copy. The screen should look like the one you see below:

Step 4 – For the purposes of this demonstration, I copied and pasted a URL of a well known Russian scammer into the “Paste image URL” section of the search field and clicked on the search button.

The results are shown below:

As you can see the image of this girl appears on a number of dating fraud and scam websites. So it’s pretty clear that if you chat to a girl who uses this image, then it is highly likely that it’s a fake photo, heck it might not even be a girl that you’re talking to!

Disclaimer - You should understand that, though sometimes real scammers steal the photos of legitimate brides from their profiles, then use it for scams. So this method is not 100% fool proof. That is why I recommend you also use the technique that involves SKYPE that I mention below to double check your suspicions, so that you don’t accuse the wrong person of being a scammer!

Technique 2 – Skype Video Chat

If you really want to see the girl that you’re talking to live, then the fastest and most direct way is to task if she has SKYPE. If she claims she doesn’t then you can show her how to set it up and install it without a hitch.

Skype installation takes like 3 minutes and is really easy.

If she refuses, then you might ask her questions about why she’s hesitant, you could say “don’t you want to see who you’re talking to?”.

I mean, any one who is serious about engaging in a long term and meaningful relationship would not object to having a look at the potential partner they might spending the rest of the lives with right?

If that’s too much to ask from her, then you should be really wary about the identity of the person you’re chatting to.

Conclusion about mail order bride scams

Remember, there are a lot of scammers online, scamming people through mail order brides online is just one of the many methods that they use. Now, having said that I don’t want to scare you into thinking that everyone is a scammer.

This is not the case, and there are thousands of happily married couples who have met each other through mail order bridal websites online.

But this information is provided here to ensure that you are NOT scammed so that you’ll be able to find the love of your life, regardless of where she’s located.

If you want to know which mail order bride website that I recommend, then make sure you check out the agency that I recommend on the right side of my site. Click on the ads and you’ll get to chat to real Russian women (or women from Eastern European nations, such as Ukraine) who are not here to scam you. These ladies are 100% legitimate (most of the time), but you also need to do some due diligence for yourself.

Good luck!

Mail Order Brides

Remember, ALWAYS do your due diligence before spending money. Here's a guide to double check if the photos you are seeing are real, click here: how to confirm the photo of your mail order bride.

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